Monday, September 21

Tag: Gary Guittard

All You Need to Know About Chocolate And How It’s Prepared

The precious bar of chocolate has come a long way in quality and complexity. Here’s a leading on how it’s prepared, and how to pick the best and most socially produced. You think you know everything you need to know about chocolate? For instance: The higher the percentage of cacao, the more bitter the chocolate, right? The term “single origin” on the label indicates that the chocolate expresses a particular whereness. Americans spend $21 billion on chocolate every year, but just because it's been eaten a lot of it doesn’t mean we know what we’re eating. And misinterpretation at the store can make it unnecessary hard for chocolate lovers to figure out which of the myriad, jauntily wrapped bars crowding the shelves are the best to buy, in terms of both taste and ethics ...