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WOSPI reaches out to Over 100 widows in Ika Land

—Promises empowerment

It was indeed a moment of joy and celebration as over one hundred widows benefitted from Women of Substance Progressive Initiatives, WOSPI, a non-profit organization based in Nigeria and in Diaspora. The ceremony took place on Tuesday, January 26,2021 at Convent by Wandam Street Boji-Boji, Owa.

It was described as unprecedented one and first of its kind WOSPI is an apex Non- Governmental Organization, whose mission is to put smiles on faces of widows, less privileged ones and people in needs. Without mincing words, its impacts is so remarkable ,to the extent that their presence drew women from within and outside Ika land to give them palliative and also promised to empower them in any vocational skill of their choice.

In their kind nature, they distributed rice and cash to the women,as a way of giving back to the society.

While addressing the gathering, the General Coordinator of the Organization, Princess Dandison stated that their coming to Ika land is to help the widows, the less privileged ones and people in needs.

In Nigeria, there is a lot of people that needs help. I feel so bad when I see women suffering. This group is a NGO organized by some women to empower the less privileged ones in our society. Today, we are in Agbor to empower people that are in need. We have done such thing in Imo and Enugu States respectively.

I told my people that we can’t continue to be giving people palliative but let us empower them and encourage them to have vocational skills that will enable them to be self reliance. Today,we are giving out palliative and to support it with cash.

In our next gathering, we promised them that the Governor’s wife and other Honourable Members will be in our midst.“We want to set up a vocational skills to engage these our young women to learn hand work. We are also going to empower them with the tools to work with. For our old women, we will place them on salaries. By so doing, they will be able to stand on their own to empower others in the society”, she reiterated.

Also speaking, the Diaspora Coordinator of the Organization, Mrs Rose Aliahagu averred that it is a good thing to be in their midst this day.In her words, “If a woman can stand by herself, nobody will mesmerize her, rather she will be valued any where in the society. Nigeria as a whole, we believe mostly in spiritual things, which I know that it exists, but we can’t only depend on that, rather we should build our lives on love. Women don’t love themselves. If we can help our fellow women, there will no more suffering. Let us help our selves, so as to stop the suffering of women in the society. Empower yourself and children, so that they will not depend on any body.

Whatever you are given to do, do it properly. We should love ourselves, so that we can live together as one happy family.Vocational training is good, and as such, any one that wants to engage in it, we will sponsor it for her.

Also, the Delta State Coordinator of the Organization, Mrs Florence Kingsley said that the essence of their gathering was to put smile on the faces of the widows and the less privileged ones by giving them palliatives. She mentioned that they have been in United kingdom for a while but newly arrived Nigeria and today first of its kind in Agbor”.She enjoined the widows to always pray to God, remembering that God has not forgotten them. She added that they are out to assist them in any capacity, so as to raise a society, where women can stand without demanding from their husbands.

On her part, Mrs Lucy Okpuzor, who spoke on behalf of the women expressed gratitude to God and the Organization for their kind gestures towards them, positing that they have indeed put smiles on their faces, praying God to prosper and grant them their heart desires in all areas of life.

The women in a group photograph with the leaders of the organization

The Organization used the medium to call on well meaning individuals, Private sector, government, sons and daughters of Ika land to assist them, so as to execute their plans. For more inquiry call: 08166078754, 09054750407 and 09019244251.

Cross section of women at the ceremony

Mrs. Florence Kingsley giving out palliative to one of the women

Mrs. Rose Aliagwu and Princess Dandison
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