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We were practicing for a cultural dance in our school.Students of the dancing crew were to come to school with muftis in our school bags for us to change when we are done with schooling hours to enable us practice.

Everything was going well, I was part of the Igbo dance crew.I was the youngest in the dancing crew.Sure, I won’t allow them intimidate me with their seniority.Then one day, something happened.

We took off our shoes to get ready for dancing.Something was smelling and every one perceived it.My shoe was smelling……… no, someone’s shoe was smelling.Because my shoe was very huge and had a crocodile design.Everyone started looking at me and my ‘poor shoe’I knew what they were thinking.Na this small girl shoe dey smell!

Even the instructor was looking at me.I was sure, despite the look of my shoe.It wasn’t smelling.“Let’s smell everyone’s shoe” Mrs. Vivian said looking at our head girl – Senior Divine.

My heart ran 200 meters’ race and jumped into my stomach.Senior Divine was sniffing the shoes like a dog.Then all of a sudden… She threw my shoe away……. No……not my shoe.It was someone else’s.It was Amanda’s shoe.

The smell was oozing out, not from her shoes, but from her socks.It smelt like hell.I wanted to puke.Everyone covered their nostrils.Finally, my name had been cleared.It wasn’t my shoe that was smelling, but it was my senior’s socks.©Nma Ewere.
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