Monday, November 23


Menace of SARS in Ika land

Agbor people, Chief Dr Yomi Oduselu Hassan, ikaland, Politics, SARS, Special Anti Robbery Squad, Top News
The Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) constitute nuisance in Agbor and environs with their illicit activities ranging from illegal stop and search of individuals or their phones, vehicles and demanding cash from their victims. They even go as far as escorting some of their victims to any nearby ATM to make withdrawals ranging from ten thousand to a hundred thousand naira or more. This broad daylight extortion of citizens is at best embarrassing and inhumane as they have been known to impound vehicles of many who refused to part with their hard earned money.They have even been known to go into shops and without presenting search warrants or properly identifying themselves, ransack goods and other valuables in search of incriminating items. The hapless shop owners can do nothing but lo...