Friday, September 18

Rt. Rev.Mosignor Dennis Arimokwu

Mosignor Dennis Arimokwu

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Ika Heroes DiaryMosignor Dennis Arimokwu Born on the 22nd of March, 1941 into a well known and highly distinguished family of Mr. and Mrs. Arimoku Okoh as “Ten Thousand Dennis” Etuokwu was the fourth child among six siblings. He grew up tall and strong. His birth ushered in much joy in the family. Dark complexioned and bulky, his survival caused no concern for his parent and siblings. He was loved by all. He found joy and friendship in his nuclear community and he grew up in the warm cuddling of parents and elder siblings. He grew up in the presence of disciplined and hard working parents who provided the needs of the children as they where large. That was his world and he got all he craved for. In no time he began to exhibit uncommon skill and his memory was “photo magnetic”. In no tim...