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New Arum of Ile Nobu who escapes with police handcuffs

-Prince Paradise

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Prince Paradise Global Concept, PPGC and owner, Prince Paradise Estate, Emuhu, Comrade Prince Emmanuel Okonye, has said that Chief Ifeanyi Ikem,the Arum of Ile Nobu is out to destroy his estate. Prince Paradise who spoke in an interview at his office in Agbor on Wednesday, March 1, 2021 called on the Nigerian Police to investigate Chief Ifeanyi Ikem, Arum of Ile Nobu for running away with its handcuffs.

His words, “I am Comrade Prince Emmanuel Okonye, the Chief Executive Officer, Prince Paradise Global Concept(PPGC)Limited. By the grace of God, my company is building the first estate in Ika land. It is located at Emuhu, in Ika South Local Government Area, Delta State.“The bottom line of all the accusations against me by Chief Ifeanyi Ikem,the Arum of Ile Nobu are null and voidI call it illiteracy. This is the time for every well meaning son and daughter of Ika nation, particularly the Dein of Agbor, His Royal Majesty,Dr Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekwuzi 1, to step in. They should not keep quiet and allow people to import an unknown culture to Agbor and Ika land in general. Ika land is a very peaceful place,so, we should not allow hoodlums and criminal minded people to destroy it.

On the recent attack on his estate, Prince Paradise said, “Recently, a group of people from Umunede are trying to practice what is called “Deve system”, in Ika land and I advised, this is the time for every son and daughter of Ika land to wade in, to stop the “Deve” system currently ravaging our land. My estate has no boundary with Umunede people, it’s in Ika South Local Government Area while Umunede is in Ika North East where I hail from. So, if we want to start by brotherhood, Umunede is more like a brother to me than Emuhu. My estate p is located at Emuhu. How can a group of boys come to me and asked me to settle them after living my comfort zone in Dubai to support development at home?. I took it upon myself as a challenge to come and develop my father’s land.

Rather than our people at Umunede to appreciate,they are fighting me, saying that I should settle them before I can do my project. They are not agents to the land I bought for the estate neither are they the owners of the land . They first started with a fake facebook account to attack my person and my companies, telling everyone that Prince Paradise Estate is fake, that it is a scam, that no one should transact business with my company. Fortunately, the good image I have, and with the trust people have in me, those false accusations couldn’t hold water. They are boasting that if I don’t settle them I will not be able to build my Estate .They are not Emuhu or even Ika South boys but, I wondered why they are fighting me.“Late last year, the same Umunede boys came and destroyed my property. I didn’t do anything. I searched for them and have a meeting with them.

They told me that I should come and settle them, that without the settlement I can’t go on with my project. Then I told them we are brothers, why should I be settling you, they didn’t give me any response because they are not a committee by government.I didn’t see any reason why I should be settling them. This was why I said that the Dein of Agbor should step in because those Umunede boys boasted that they own Emuhu, that Emuhu is a tenant to Umunede. That is a very strong word that can cause a tribal war in Ika land if nothing is done about it.

They said I should come and see them but, I didn’t see any reason why I should be settling them. I warned them to stay away because I am not dragging land with any body. The people who sold the land to me are Emuhu people and I have Emuhu people as my neighbours. The issue is that why are they not fighting those my neighbours. They are interested in Prince Paradise Estate because it’s a company, and a huge project. I have bought land from the indigenes of Emuhu not a community land.I begged them that even if they are not selling they should please sell to me because we need enough space for the Estate. They sold to me and all of them that sold their lands to me are all alive and they are not having issue with anybody. Unfortunately, the Umunede boys have been trying every means to bring down PPGC image.

We thank God they have not succeeded. The more they are planning to tarnish our image, the more we are moving forward.So far, they have destroyed my property worth about two million naira,but I didn’t say anything. The second time they came they attacked my people and robbed them, taking their working tools along with them.I kept them quiet ,then the third time the damaged caused by them was worth millions of naira, including my Lexus Car.

Continuing, he said, ” For the latest attack, as soon as they heard that we have started tarring the road,they came and destroyed things,beat up many people in the site which is attempted murder .So, what will I do?.I have to protect my investment because they’ve boasted that if I take the matter to the police they will not be arrested. Really, any time I reported to the police ,they usually feel reluctant to go for arrest, they find it difficult to enter that zone(Idumu Ile) because they know it’s a troublesome zone.

So, I forwarded my petition to Police Zone 5, Benin-City where their arrest was effected. Surprisingly, they resisted arrest to the extent that the Chief Ifeanyi Ikem, Arum of Ile Nobu ran away with police handcuffs.They said that the police cannot take their Chief away,so they started shooting at the police.The police men were professionals, they have to run for their dear lives.I was surprised to read on the newspaper that I attacked Arum.It’s not an attack but an arrest by police officers from Zone 5.

On the woman that was shot, I felt that it was a trick by Arum and his boys, they shot the woman not the police. The cartridges they displayed explained that better. If it’s really true that they survived attack from Prince Paradise what they need to do was to go to the police, report the case and asked for my arrest. I am always available. Why are they running from the police. The traditional ruler of Umunede, HRM Ezenwali Agadagidi 1, is aware of what is happening. He has done his best to settle it, unfortunately, the boys have no respect for him. Those boys don’t have respect for their King. They want to import an unknown culture to Ika land, that will not happen, we will not allow it to happen in Ika land .We are doing what we are doing peacefully. Therefore, we are going to resist any attempt to destroy our good work.On the issue of court case, my company sued Samuel Nwaneri, Solomon Ugbebor, Innocent Onwuegbuzie, Stephen ChimaOf Idumu Osoba and Osegbene in Umunede for 1billion naira for damages and defamation of character after they have told the public that Prince Paradise Estate is a scam . On 2nd of March we went to Agbor high court but they were all absent in court and only sent a lawyer .

Dollar man and Pero called and said they are going to assassinate me for developing Ika South without coming to settle them with “Deve”, that I will not last more than this year because they are going to kill me. I have my evidences and the police is already trailing them and they are on the run.

Comr. Prince Emmanuel Okonye
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Ika News: New Arum of Ile Nobu who escapes with police handcuffs