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In a recent publication on social media platforms by Fred Latimore, executive assistant on communication to the governor of Delta State and member of the “Ibori political dynasty” that has enslave Deltans since 1999 till date. said: he, “looked around and still cannot find any political leader in the Niger Delta region and by extension, Nigeria, who have been unjustly victimized like the national leader of South-South politics and former governor of Delta state, Chief James Onanefe Ibori, the Odidigborigbo of Africa”

Honestly, I don’t understand Fred, How? which south south? Are you saying Ibori is not a thief? Are you saying Ibori is been victimized?Ibori be victimized by who Fred? Did Ibori not confess to the crime that he committed same is that victimization? was the evidence on ground not a prove beyond reasonable doubt that Ibori is a criminal? Fred you don’t sound like a lawyer, I’m disappointed. What do you understand by the word “victimization” you are so annoying Fred. shuo, wetin be this? How can you be calling black white? even when is glaring to the blind.

This is the reason. I, always have issues with Fred Latimore, he’s character is not worthy of emulation, by any one who seek to make positive impact in society. Only those who are “criminally minded” will see a criminal like Chief James Ibori, who looted our common wealth as a roll model in society, this is so sad. I’m highly disappointed in fred for defending criminality.

Fred Latimore, pray for your own children to end up like James Ibori, don’t mislead the young generation to believe that Ibori character is inline with democratic principle’s that is obtainable in civilized society or worthy of emulation.

Fred Latimore, what you are doing is “sycophancy of the highest order.” This is the level of sycophancy and praise singing which promoted and elevated James Ibori’s ego to become power drunk and ultimately caused and contributed to his failures in totality

How happy are you. Fred Latimore, seeing Delta State loss the pounds your role model chief James Ibori looted? I, know of course, you are excited about it, because if not, you won’t be defending the criminal and shameful act of James Ibori. Well, I’m not surprise in your primitive and uncivilized action towards the defense of Ibori you guys are birds of same feathers.

Fred Latimore, you, your boss “Gov Okowa” some Deltans and the entire “Ibori Political Dynasty” said. Chief James Ibori is the greatest governor deltans have ever known in the history of Delta State.

You said Ibori developed the state and even went as far as defending Ibori that he never stole our money “Deltans funds”.

Fred Latimore, today the entire world is seeing the greatness and legacies that Ibori left for Delta State, the pounds, euros, dollars and nairas that Ibori looted and laundered out of Nigeria are the legacies you are emulating continue on that path, you are, an adult, responsible for your action by God grace very soon you will end up like your role model Ibori.

Fred, you may be afraid to tell Ibori the truth but someone have to say it anyhow.

Fred Latimore, you and the entire Ibori Political Dynasty is a big disgrace to Delta State. How do you guys feel being alive to witness billions upon billions of naira that you stole from Delta State be repatriated and use for the development of Nigeria while Delta wallow in under-development?

Fred Latimore, you guys, did not just caused yourself unimaginable pains, but also brought absolute humiliation to Deltans in general. Deltans are ashamed to have had Ibori as a Governor.

Fred Latimore, today where did corruption lead Ibori politically? Ibori use to be very great and was a voice in Niger Delta and indeed Nigeria. How great is Ibori today Fred Latimore? Where is the voice of Ibori today in national discourse Fred Latimore? You see, penny wise, pound foolish.

Fred Latimore instead you to hide your face in shame learn from the great fall of Chief James Ibori, you are busy celebrating and defending Ibori on social media platforms. What an irony! I shame for you Fred Latimore. Wetin?

Can Ibori boldly contest as a president of Nigeria today? If weren’t caught, surely he would have. This is how sudden the fame of all criminals in Delta State will end. Your boss is next inline immunity is just the saving grace for now we have more than enough evidence to send him to prison like Ibori. Fred Latimore there’s no justification for looting so be guided.

May Delta State receive sense as they loose the Ibori loot so that they will not support criminals and looters from the Ibori political dynasty going forward.

Godwin ObireChairman Concern NigeriansFor Better Nigeria (CNBN)
Source: Ika News Agbor



The Freedom of Association is one of the most glamorous provisions of the Constitution, which should not be treated with levity at any particular point in time. Man is a political animal and his most potent and powerful weapon lies in his Armory of Association.

Sebastine Okoh

In the field of politics, powers are being acquired through the Principle of Majority, which is highly influential in decision making and as a matter of fact, no single tree has ever made a formidable political forest since the inception of time.

As proud and committed members of the All Progressive Congress (APC), I believe that every one of us is saddled with the responsibility of mobilizing our numerous and teeming members and supporters to formally register with the party in order to identify with her in all the processes for effective representation.

It’s pertinent that as the APC Party Convention, which is scheduled to hold sometime in 2021 approaches, party members and supporters should be sensitized on the scheduled APC Members Registration Exercise and encourage everyone to formally pencil down his or her name as a “Progressive”.

Individuals or groups that previously perceived any form of marginalization should see this Registration Exercise as an opportunity to re-establish their interest(s) in the party as stakeholders, by the mass-mobilization of like minds to register with the party, so that there will always be a “backup” number, whenever there are contentions of interests.

For instance, the issue of sponsorship and imposition of wrong candidates by certain party chieftains can be checkmated since we can lend our voices with our membership cards. In other words, our membership of the party avails us a stake in the party and authorizes us to elect leaders of our choosing.

In this regard, we can also contend with them with our votes as registered and eligible party members whenever they want to hatch their intentions of hijacking the party structures, as well as party policies in order to take unjustified and unprogressive control of party affairs.Fortunately, our dear party, is at the threshold of kick-starting an era of excellent political strides via some machinery overhauling and structural adjustment and as the party metamorphosis into greatness, it’s expected that the forthcoming Party Convention and other internal party events and activities, from the Wards to National Levels, are well decided to the satisfaction of all and sundry. This, I strongly believe can be achieved, if we all are empowered as members, by registering and possessing our Party Membership Cards. Every one of us must make our stakes in the party count by registering and influencing many others to do likewise, so that they can become acknowledged party members. This is one major way by which we can beat our chests and confidently say that “We belong to the ruling party”.

In conclusion, I want to use this medium to practically encourage and urge everyone of us to heed this clarion call and join this great voyage of reformation to make our party great again.

Go, register and obtain your cards as members of the All Progressive Congress.

The best is yet to come!APC!Next Level!

Sebastine Okoh
Source: Ika News Agbor

PDP Ika South Begins Tour Of Electoral Wards

The tour of electoral Wards in Ika South LGA by the leadership of PDP in Ika South kick-started today.The Party entourage was led by the LGA Chairman of the Party, Mr Jude Onya.

Other stakeholders of the Party in the Chairman’s entourage includes Rt Hon Barr Victor Nwokolo, Hon Festus Chukwuyem Okoh, Hon Barr Victor Okoh, Hom Sunny Ogwu, Rtn Peter Idion, High Chief Godfrey Atuke, Dr Donald Peterson, Dr Amechi Ehimatie, Sam Nwa Igumbor, Chief Philip Igumbor, Chief Dr Philip Okwuada, Chief Denis Araro, Hon Collins Bello, Chief Isioma Okonta, Godwin Ezedom, all LGA Party Exco members, political appointees and so many other party chieftains too numerous to mention.

In each Ward visited, the Party Chairman expressed appreciation to the members of the party for their wonderful performance during the past general election, the súccesful party Congress and for their maturity and patience during his period of absence.

He maintained that what is required from all members and stakeholders of the Party is an expression of undiluted loyalty to the Party and to the Governor of the State.

He reiterated that the Governor of Delta State, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa has used the instrumentality of the State to bless the good people of Ika South in the area of sumptuous political appointments, construction of very many roads linking many communities, human capacity development programs that has absorbed thousands of our youths and women and skill acquisition packages with starter packs for benefitting persons.

In his words, Mr Jude Onya emphasised that the Sen Okowa administration, in the history of the several administrations in Delta State has surpassed their records with good and people-friendly policies.He therefore demanded that all members of the Party in Ika South are duty-bound to comply with all the directives handed to the Party from the Governor as he is and remains the leader of the Party in the entire State.Other persons that made remarkable speech today were Rt Hon Victor Nwokolo, Hon Festus Chukwuyem Okoh and Barr Victor Okoh.It is on record that party members, leaders, aspirants, appointed and elected Government officers and stakeholders from all the 4 Wards visited today turned out in their very large numbers to welcome the party leadership on the tour

From right: Hon Mrs Patience Agboma, Mrs. Bridget Irubor, Hon Friday Naihoma & Hon Sunny Tatabuzuogwu
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Ika News: PDP Ika South Begins Tour Of Electoral Wards

Egun charges PDP Ward executive to be forthright A senior citizen

Egun charges PDP Ward executive to be forthright A senior citizen and member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Ward 6, Ika South Chapter, Mr. Peter Egun, has charged the Ward executive led by Mr. Friday Kiweze, to be forthright in their leadership.

Egun gave the advice while speaking at the Ward enlarged meeting held over the weekend.

He highlighted that in as much as gossip can not be ruled out of politics, Kiweze led administration should device a mean to properly handle matters presented before them and most importantly ensure that Justice is served.

The eloquent speaker and pragmatic political icon, also advised the ward Chairman, Mr. Kiweze, to show capacity and at all time handle issue concerning the party with wisdom so as to enable him write his name in gold while encouraging unity in the party.

The crop of people you see today in the party made you and your executive. Therefore, you must strive to do better than to your predecessors, respect the people and humble yourself.

We the senior citizen of the party are retiring soon and would be replaced by you and your team, but ensure that you learn positively from us to enable you build the party more stronger.

Ward 6 is strong politically today, was because of Hon. Collins Bello. So endeavour to look after the members and also go after any lost sheep as all member are important to the party.

We will continue to pray for you while you do your best to render selfless service to our great party, PDP, ” he said.

Mr. Peter Egun
The post Egun charges PDP Ward executive to be forthright A senior citizen appeared first on IKA Mirror Newspaper Online.
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Ika News: Egun charges PDP Ward executive to be forthright A senior citizen