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Change Of Environment

Passing by different streets and a new set of people in a different environment.

Going into the heart of Owa – Ekei.I meet a totally different world across Old Lagos Asaba Road, Agbor.On entering the school compound, I saw strange pairs of eyes starring curiously at me.

‘Who’s she?’, ‘where’s she from?’, ‘why’s she here?’…I could here through their whispers.“That last class is your class” the Principal said.Wasn’t she going to take me there and introduce me!Before I could say jack, she was already into her office.I walked heads up, straight to the described class.Avoiding their peering eyes.

On stepping into the class, all heads turned to me.Like time had stopped.Everyone turned their eyes to look at the new student.I prayed for the ground to open and swallow me.I didn’t know where to sit as everyone scanned me with their eyes.“Hello; hi, am Mary.

What’s your name? you’re from Mary Mount right?” a girl with glasses said to me.“I’m Nma and yes am from Mary Mount” I replied in a tensed voice.“So welcome to our school” she said raising her hand to shake me.“You’ll be sitting there.”

She pointed to the seat at the extreme.“And that’s your seat mate Joy”I almost melted as I walked to that seat, praying not to miss my steps and fall down.Immediately I sat down, a man who might be in his early thirties walked in, and we all greeted.“So, we have a new student here.”He pointed at me.

“Kindly come and introduce yourself”God please help me. I gasped before I stood up.Welcome to Monyei Memorial Foundation School.

©Nma Ewere.
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