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Set in the 16th century when countries were divided into city states and minor kingdoms, existed a castle…And she was left all alone in this room.Locked up…

They never cared about her.And on this fateful day.She was starved and locked up in a room…Then she ate her flesh…

Savoring the taste of her flesh and blood…And she left…Her soul left her body.Roaming about in the castle.She hunted them.In their sleeps and in broad daylight.She hunted them…And she cursed!

One hundred years later,A hunted castle chronicles the life of Aliya.And I walked back home, on this lonely night.The night was cold, as the black clouds obscured the stars and moon.And a fierce breeze whistled through the quiet street.Using the back door, I sneaked into the houseIt is then I notice something I haven’t probably noticed on till now.

The room!The stench!Then I opened the room…Edgings of this room seemed to have completely fallen away.Ivy had spread on the bed, patchily dead.It hung on the mirror like a tangled rat tail.And on the other side of the wall was colour.‘Blood red’Suddenly, I hear the creaking of the door.And a shadow passed by the mirror.Everywhere becomes dead silent.The room becomes frosty, and I can barely see anything.And I see a figure.

I walk towards it, but it is only a mirage…Or my imagination.And it becomes silent again.As I retrace my steps…The windows fly open.

The fierce breeze blowing in pieces of paper“And in that day when the deaf shall hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity and out of darkness.I shall be awakened.

I shall be you, and you shall be me.I shall live through you, and you shall obey my command.Every breath, every action will be ours.And you will never depart from me”As I read it, I felt this kind of new energy surge into every part of my body…

I felt reborn.I retraced my steps back to the door.And I caught a glimpse of something.My reflection in the mirror.

Never in the annals of the world did I ever think I would see a sight so disgusting.Piercing green eyes.

A smirk at the corner of my lips.Bloody nose.Inky black hair with blood dripping down it.But…Fleshless skin.Maggot seeping bones.

A reflection that wore darkness like girls wear little black dresses.A reflection that didn’t choose darkness, but was chosen by darkness.A reflection that changed my life forever.

©Nma Ewere
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