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And she stood in all her glory.Her skin; rough.Dangerously beautiful.And her height inherited from her ancestors.Very common.

Yet always captivating.Popularly known for her fresh wine.Good delicacies.And her ever nutritious oil.Used in every home.Yet her price keeps increasing.And sometimes decreasing.But always constant.Her roots rigid.

Body always relaxed.With her ever swaying hands.Indulging that fresh air never found in an air conditioner.From her swaying hands down to her rigid roots.Always useful.

From her juicy fruits down to her relaxed body.Always delicious.From her costly price down to her cheap price.Always constant.With her hands I make my broom.Her fruit, I make my oil.My cream.

And ‘that African delicacy’.Her body, I make that juicy wine.And my edible mushroom.And in all her glory, I make my money.Finally, she calls herself;THAT FLOURISHING ‘PALM TREE.’©Nma Ewere.
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Change Of Environment

Passing by different streets and a new set of people in a different environment.

Going into the heart of Owa – Ekei.I meet a totally different world across Old Lagos Asaba Road, Agbor.On entering the school compound, I saw strange pairs of eyes starring curiously at me.

‘Who’s she?’, ‘where’s she from?’, ‘why’s she here?’…I could here through their whispers.“That last class is your class” the Principal said.Wasn’t she going to take me there and introduce me!Before I could say jack, she was already into her office.I walked heads up, straight to the described class.Avoiding their peering eyes.

On stepping into the class, all heads turned to me.Like time had stopped.Everyone turned their eyes to look at the new student.I prayed for the ground to open and swallow me.I didn’t know where to sit as everyone scanned me with their eyes.“Hello; hi, am Mary.

What’s your name? you’re from Mary Mount right?” a girl with glasses said to me.“I’m Nma and yes am from Mary Mount” I replied in a tensed voice.“So welcome to our school” she said raising her hand to shake me.“You’ll be sitting there.”

She pointed to the seat at the extreme.“And that’s your seat mate Joy”I almost melted as I walked to that seat, praying not to miss my steps and fall down.Immediately I sat down, a man who might be in his early thirties walked in, and we all greeted.“So, we have a new student here.”He pointed at me.

“Kindly come and introduce yourself”God please help me. I gasped before I stood up.Welcome to Monyei Memorial Foundation School.

©Nma Ewere.
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We were practicing for a cultural dance in our school.Students of the dancing crew were to come to school with muftis in our school bags for us to change when we are done with schooling hours to enable us practice.

Everything was going well, I was part of the Igbo dance crew.I was the youngest in the dancing crew.Sure, I won’t allow them intimidate me with their seniority.Then one day, something happened.

We took off our shoes to get ready for dancing.Something was smelling and every one perceived it.My shoe was smelling……… no, someone’s shoe was smelling.Because my shoe was very huge and had a crocodile design.Everyone started looking at me and my ‘poor shoe’I knew what they were thinking.Na this small girl shoe dey smell!

Even the instructor was looking at me.I was sure, despite the look of my shoe.It wasn’t smelling.“Let’s smell everyone’s shoe” Mrs. Vivian said looking at our head girl – Senior Divine.

My heart ran 200 meters’ race and jumped into my stomach.Senior Divine was sniffing the shoes like a dog.Then all of a sudden… She threw my shoe away……. No……not my shoe.It was someone else’s.It was Amanda’s shoe.

The smell was oozing out, not from her shoes, but from her socks.It smelt like hell.I wanted to puke.Everyone covered their nostrils.Finally, my name had been cleared.It wasn’t my shoe that was smelling, but it was my senior’s socks.©Nma Ewere.
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Nigeria has a very fertile soil.Am 100 percent sure of it.

Also Nigeria is divided into States and the States have Local Governments.There is one State that has Delta as its name, and this State has a town named Agbor under Ika South Local Government Area.Just opposite a Street- Dr. Whyte by Express –that express is one of the trunk A Roads we have in Nigeria.

There lays a Street named Ewere Okonta Avenue.The road to that Street is very bad, that if you are coming, bring a towing van along with you to tow your own car at the entrance of that Street that is if the towing van does not get stuck before you reach the junction.There is no electricity in that Street.

In that Street, the fourth house on your right hand side is where I live.A Toyota Highlander is always parked in that compound. The compound is not fenced.But anytime I step my leg, there is something that always catches my attention.

Although, I have been living there for over nine years of my life, but it just keeps drawing my attention.Do you know what that is?Now find out……………………….

THERE IS ONE BEAUTIFUL SMALL PLANT INSIDE.Do I even call it a plant…? No.IT IS A TREEE, ALTHOUGH A SMALL ONE.“IT IS A GUAVA TREE.”There are two guava trees in that compound; a tall one and small one.But then, it is the small one that catches my attention.Probably because am small.When it was still at a small stage growing, I never liked the guava.It had a skinny stem, and I could see the ugly roots.Not only that, it did not give me shade like the taller one did.Not that I hated Gods creation, but it just looked so miserable.Poor guava……

How I wish I knew it was going to be this beautiful…But now, I see its root, they are rigid, its stems are pompous and it leaves are evergreen.

Not to talk of its fruit, it is firm to touch with red insides, and its taste, I cannot explain.And today, just like every other day, I step into the compound, and it smiles at me……………………No condition is permanent.

©Nma Ewere.

Nma Ewere
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