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The Freedom of Association is one of the most glamorous provisions of the Constitution, which should not be treated with levity at any particular point in time. Man is a political animal and his most potent and powerful weapon lies in his Armory of Association.

Sebastine Okoh

In the field of politics, powers are being acquired through the Principle of Majority, which is highly influential in decision making and as a matter of fact, no single tree has ever made a formidable political forest since the inception of time.

As proud and committed members of the All Progressive Congress (APC), I believe that every one of us is saddled with the responsibility of mobilizing our numerous and teeming members and supporters to formally register with the party in order to identify with her in all the processes for effective representation.

It’s pertinent that as the APC Party Convention, which is scheduled to hold sometime in 2021 approaches, party members and supporters should be sensitized on the scheduled APC Members Registration Exercise and encourage everyone to formally pencil down his or her name as a “Progressive”.

Individuals or groups that previously perceived any form of marginalization should see this Registration Exercise as an opportunity to re-establish their interest(s) in the party as stakeholders, by the mass-mobilization of like minds to register with the party, so that there will always be a “backup” number, whenever there are contentions of interests.

For instance, the issue of sponsorship and imposition of wrong candidates by certain party chieftains can be checkmated since we can lend our voices with our membership cards. In other words, our membership of the party avails us a stake in the party and authorizes us to elect leaders of our choosing.

In this regard, we can also contend with them with our votes as registered and eligible party members whenever they want to hatch their intentions of hijacking the party structures, as well as party policies in order to take unjustified and unprogressive control of party affairs.Fortunately, our dear party, is at the threshold of kick-starting an era of excellent political strides via some machinery overhauling and structural adjustment and as the party metamorphosis into greatness, it’s expected that the forthcoming Party Convention and other internal party events and activities, from the Wards to National Levels, are well decided to the satisfaction of all and sundry. This, I strongly believe can be achieved, if we all are empowered as members, by registering and possessing our Party Membership Cards. Every one of us must make our stakes in the party count by registering and influencing many others to do likewise, so that they can become acknowledged party members. This is one major way by which we can beat our chests and confidently say that “We belong to the ruling party”.

In conclusion, I want to use this medium to practically encourage and urge everyone of us to heed this clarion call and join this great voyage of reformation to make our party great again.

Go, register and obtain your cards as members of the All Progressive Congress.

The best is yet to come!APC!Next Level!

Sebastine Okoh
Source: Ika News Agbor

Comrade Davison Ojie excelling in farm work, says he will do better with govt loan

This time the country is calling on Nigerians to embrace farming and other areas likely to help in the economic diversification and create a fertile ground and enabling environment for a robust economy; many farmers in the rural areas with high productivity rate appear to be unknown and unrecognized despite the huge contributions they are making towards the economic advancement of the nation. Majority of them have contributed immensely to the economic well-being of the nation without being known while others are still contributing their quota but yet are not still recognized.

These crops of farmers are locked up mostly in the rural areas, producing food for the nation with their crude implements which majority of the masses could attest to. They work in the sun and in the rain with little or no recognition at all. And in the process, they still employ workers whom they pay from their meager earnings. This is the irony of the whole thing.One of such farmers is Comrade Davidson Ojie, of Ute-Okpu kingdom in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. He is a farmer not to be pushed aside when it comes to recognizing farmers of repute at least in his area in Delta State, for he has been able to contribute his quota to the agricultural development of not only in his place but also, the entire state if not the nation as a whole because his produce are carried by his customers to far away North and other parts of the country.

A native of Ute-Okpu in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State, Comrade Davidson who was born as an Agriculturist for over 40 years says he has all it takes to place his area on the map as one of the food baskets of the nation if then necessary assistance he seeks from the government is given attention. As a reputable farmer, he has to his credit today, a large expanse of land measuring over five hectares with over 3,000 fruit-bearing palm-trees beautifully lined up on the land, forming boulevards of sort. With over 25 workers on his pay roll, some in oil-milling section, some involved in cutting of palm fruits from the palm-trees, while others are involved in the clearing of the bushes in and around the farm to keep it neat and free from dangerous reptiles such as snakes. The pick-up drivers who conveys the palm-fruits, palm oil produced, the end product, and other yields from his farm to places they are needed, also form part of the staff list.

All these workers are on his pay-roll. “ I have been helping in the area of employment, food production as I’m also into mass production of cassava and yam, but yam on a lower capacity. I pay all these workers for their labour because as the saying goes, a labourer deserves his wages. This is the reason why I’m calling on the government to come to my assistance. If I can get N5 million from the State government it will go along way in cushioning some of the harsh times I’m facing. I am eager to contribute my quota to the national economic development. I want my place to recognize as one of the producing zone of the state if not in the country. That is why I need government assistance in the direction.”

This farmer producing 80 jerry cans of palm oil on monthly basis and produces cassava in large quantities which is lift out from his large expand of farm on almost weekly basis. With this high production profile, the farmer no doubt deserve a place in the list of farmers to be considered for whenever such consideration is to take place.

QUOTE: “I am not soliciting for loan because I want to marry more wives. I want to expand, I want to expand my farm and contribute my quota in helping to ensure Nigeria joins the league of food-exporting nations of the world. You can see why I am asking the State Government to come to my assistance by giving me loan. I hear some farmers do get this loan. The government should please help me to get the loan. I remember there was a time either the State or the Federal Government registered its interest in producing oil in large quantity for the sake of exporting to other nations of the world. If I am encouraged to by being given loan to beef up my production capacity, I believe my own contribution will go a long way. Thank you very much.”

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Source: Ika News Agbor
Ika News: Comrade Davison Ojie excelling in farm work, says he will do better with govt loan

Yellow fever outbreak

Yellow fever outbreak: Ika political office holders should carry out fumigation and immunization exercise – Egbonimali

An American based Nurse and vocal online personality, Egbonimali, has called on Ika political office holders to carry out fumigation and immunization exercise in Ika land. Egbonimali made the call during the week through a recorded On-line video.

The Agbor born scientist in the On-line video record blamed Ika political office holders who despite their levels of education and exposure are not taking the issue of health care seriously.

His words, “I am not happy that our people are dying on a daily basis back in Nigeria due to a recent yellow fever outbreak in Ute-Okpu and Idumuesa. This should not be happening when we have educated political office holders of Agbor and Ika extractions. Yellow fever disease can easily be handled if our political office holders sponsor the fumigation of our environment and the immunization of our people. The health of our people should be taken seriously by both government and our Agbor, Ika political office holders. Posterity will not forgive us if we jettison the idea of quality health care system for our people.

He further said, “This month makes it ten years of the sad collapsed tank incident at College of Education, Agbor that led to the untimely death of five children and pupils of the school. Unfortunately, no single public report on the incident. This keeps happening and at the detriment of our people. It’s time we start doing the right thing and tell our people that we care about them. Our political office holders should understand that yellow is currently ravaging our communities of Ute-Okpu and Idumuesa. They should fumigate Ika land and immunize our people now without any hesitation.

Nwokolo Okoh Ebonka Chuky Dandy Elekeokwuri
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Source: Ika News Agbor
Ika News: Yellow fever outbreak