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The entire members of Concerned Agbor Citizens, CAC, rejoice with Mr. Godwin Ifeanyichuku Emefiele, Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria, as he turns sixty years today. The people of Agbor Kingdom in particular and Nigerians in general are grateful to you considering the painstaking efforts you ploughed to generate fiscal policies to stabilize the economy of the nation in these difficult times.

Your midas touch manifests in the support for farmers and agribusiness, small and medium scale businesses, prudent foreign exchange regime as well as development of infrastructures in several sectors including education.

We are specifically elated that the cherished trait of our people devoid of nepotism finds huge relevance in your daily actions and utterances. You have boldly made the entire nation the centrepiece of policies and programmes of the CBN under your watch.

Not many Nigerians especially in the banking sector will envy you as the job is well cut out for you. You had to work your sucks off to ensure that Nigeria pulls out from economic recession twice within few years.We are aware that the string of successes you have recorded did not come cheap. Hard work, patience, attention to details and ability to dust off shenanigans of destractors are your cherished guiding principles.

We join every person that wishes the best for our country to pray for you. We are confident that at the end of your tenure, President Mohammadu Buhari, will give you a pat on the back.

Happy birthday to Agbor great son.Signed

Mr. Echi Obue (JP)—–ChairmanMr. Williams Eghebi—Secretary
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PFN inaugurates Ime-Obi unit executive amidst thanksgiving to God

It was an exciting day, July 10, 2021, for members of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Ika South chapter as they officially inaugurate newly elected executive for its Ime-Obi unit.

The inaugural ceremony was held amidst great joy and thanksgiving to God at Christ Faithful Vessels Evangelical Ministry Inc. in Agbor and was well attended by great men of God, officials of the FRSC and the Chairman of Ika South Local Government Council, Hon. Sunny Tatabuzogwu who was ably represented by the Council’s Secretary, Mr. Aluge-Obia Kainji.

The PFN Ime-Obi Unit executive sworn-in include: Prophet Ojeifoh Festus as Chairman, Apostle Agbatutu Oghenerukevwe as Vice Chairman, Pastor Igumbor Nelson as Secretary and Pastor Igumbor Kelly as Treasurer. Other unit officers are Pastor Ugbeze Nosa (Assistant Secretary), Pastor Divine Anthony (Financial Secretary), Apostle Eluma Onyisi (Programme Director), Pastor Where Obi (Discipline Officer), Pastor Mrs. Mary Nimfa (Welfare Officer), Rev. Omezi S. E. (PRO 1), Apostle Ochei Ifeanyi (PRO 2), Rev. Chinedu I. (Prayer Secretary), Pastor Joseph Benedict (Data Base), Rev. James Ihenonye (Assistant Prayer Secretary) and Pastor Emeri Michael (Auditor).

Also, members of the women’s wing executive that made the list are; Pastor Mrs. Ojeifoh Grace as chairperson, Pastor Mrs. Agbatutu Esther as Vice Chairperson, Pastor Mrs. Kelly Igumbor Helen as Secretary, Pastor Mrs. Igumbor Roseline as Treasurer, Pastor Mrs. Osonye Helen as Financial Secretary, Pastor Mrs. Chinedum Favour as PRO while Pastor Mrs. Onwuanishia Ngozi and Pastor Mrs. Igumbor Julie were elected as Advisers.

In a sermon centered on “The benefit of unity” had Apostle A. S. Eboigbe charged christians to speak with one voice, positing that there are much to achieve when things are done in unity.He enjoined all to show love, fellowship together in other to build the church and subsequently build the nation.

He concluded by congratulating the new executive, advising them to work as one indivisible body.

Why administering the oath of office on the executive, the Ika South PFN Chairman and General Overseer of Power of Faith Pentecostal Ministry, Rev. Joseph Uche Ejiniwe, applauded the well organized ceremony.He commended the guests for honouring the organization while acknowledging that PFN Ime-Obi Unit is the grassroot of the organization.He further explained that PFN being a well structured organization, has its chain of operations from the National to the state, province, local government and the unit, adding that the process was for an easy flow of her responsibilities.

Meanwhile, he congratulated the new unit executive, encouraging them not to relent in defending the faith in Christ Jesus. He also prayed God to increase them from strength to strength.

The Secretary to the Local Government Council, Mr. Kanji while conveying the message of the council Chairman, said the council is filled with men and women of Christian faith, adding that the Chairman who is also an evangelist, requires their prayers for him and the executive to function more effectively.

He disclosed that much development is ongoing in the local government in terms of cleanliness and infrastructural development, and in the same vein handed the chairman’s promise of doing his best for Ika South to move forward.

It was indeed a very successful ceremony which climaxed with special renditions in honouring God, taking of group photographs and pep talk on safety rules by the FRSC representatives.

Executive members of PFN, Ime-Obi Unit in a group photograph with some LGA executive
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Ika News: PFN inaugurates Ime-Obi unit executive amidst thanksgiving to God

Addiction And Its Impact

Addiction is a bad habit . Once addicted, it becomes very hard to stop; only by the special grace of God .Those people who are addicted to alcohol is a serious matter. Some persons prefer drinking of alcohol to eating of food. They drink alcohol as if there will be no tomorrow. They are so addicted to alcohol that when they are broke (no_money)They resort to drinking on credit. Addiction to alcohol had made some persons behaving foolishly Imagine a man after getting drunk, staggered home.His wife was at the door, seeing his wife ,he voiced out “Madam, your face looks familiar, ‘have forgotten where I once met you”. Angrily, his wife draged him into the house . you see what alcohol addiction can cost. What of those who are addicted to smoking of cigarettes, after eating if they don’t smoke cigarettes, it seems as if they have not eaten anything.

They smoke anything smokeable because they are addicted to smoking! Again this me, too much of it, may look foolish. Am mentioning of persons addicted to sex They have sex indiscriminately. Be it, male or female, these persons lack self-control and discipline for sex. They can have sex anywhere anytime; because they are so addicted to have sex. Even, some married men who are so addicted to sex, whenever they are in the mood and it happened that their wife were not around, they shamefully do it with their daughters. Instances abound. On the news, a man was reportedly to have been having sex with his two little daughters. This shows the extent of addiction and associated bad habit. Some women with high level of libido and are so addicted to having sex; often pay young boys to have sex with them once they are in uncontrollable mood to have sexual satisfaction.

The worst are those addicted to taking of drugs. It leads them doing things unimaginable not palatable to the society. My coming up with this topic was as a result of a true to life story on how addiction can go .So relax and read on!

Mr Amose and his wife, Vero (not real names) live in Asaba. Mr Amose is a tricycles (keke) rider and his wife manages a provision store along Nnebisi Road.And she is a Nursing mother .It happened one afternoon that Mr Amos rushed home to take cassava flour (Garri) and because there was no milk in the house at that particular time to’ go’ with the garri, hiy wife, asked him jokingly, if he would like to use her breast milk?

The husband, Mr Amose accepted and right from that day. It becomes a habit for him to be using his wife breast milk each time he wants to soak garri. He eventually got addicted to using the wife’s breast milk, which was mean’t for their baby for soaking garri instead of the normal milk. Now you can see that addiction impact in anything is bad! So be moderate!
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Ika News: Addiction And Its Impact


Cairo Ojougboh and his followers should retrace their steps, support Omo Agege’s efforts in building Delta APC

In this online interview he granted Ika Mirror from Canada during the week, the Agbor born legal luminary cum politician Barr. Festus Ofume, a leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Ika Federal Constituency has commended the leadership prowess of the Deputy Senate President of Nigeria, Senator Ovie Omo Agege and the efforts he is making towards achieving victory for the APC in Delta State come 2023. Ofume has a Bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B) from the University of Benin and a Master of Laws degree (LL.M) from the prestigious Osgoode Hall Law School, York University in Toronto, Canada is also an astute business analyst with many years of experience acquired from both North America and Nigeria. He was one time the Delta State chairman of Young Democratic Party (YDP).

Excerpts: Please may meet you sir?Thank you for the opportunity to grant this interview. I’m Mr. Festus Ofume, a practicing lawyer based in Abuja with offices in Lagos and Abuja. I’m a member of the All Progressives Congress, APC. I’m from Ward 6, in Ika South Local Government Area, Delta State. Politically and before joining the APC I was the Delta State chairman of Young Democratic Party (YDP) and her governorship candidate in the 2019 governorship election.

As a stalwart of the All Progressives Congress in Ika South, how is the party doing in your local government at the moment? Generally, in Nigeria the APC is doing very well as a party and Ika South is not an exception. APC is waxing stronger by the day. Recently, you can see the massive defection of members of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to the APC. The defection is happening everywhere including Ika South. APC is taking over everywhere in Nigeria. In fact, I can tell you without mincing words and you can take it to the bank that Ika South is APC irrespective of the fact that PDP is currently the ruling party in the state. The body language and movement of the people of Ika South have shown that they will support no other party than the APC. In the next few months,we are going to witness a serious defection of members of PDP into APC. We are harnessing them and we have assured them that APC is where all progressive minds belong. We are peace loving people. We believe in good governance and true democracy.

Why is APC in Ika Federal Constituency divided?The APC in Ika Federal Constituency is not divided. We are one family and especially in Ika South. We have one APC where every member belongs. What you are see happening in Ika South is a situation where some group of persons who are known as political jobbers are trying to hijack the leadership of party without following the due process. This set of people have shown to us that they do not believe or understand due process. We are not like that in APC. These persons came from nowhere and want to destabilize the peace and unity of APC in Ika Federal Constituency. We have told them clearly from the beginning that there is no place for them in APC. They are not part of us. They are business people who are using our APC platform as a tool to achieve their selfish aim. The real members of APC are doing their best to grow the party. We are not deterred because we know our real members. Those agents of destabilization do not stand anywhere. We don’t have faction in APC in Ika Federal Constituency.

Recently, Hon Dr Cairo Ojougboh was declared the maximum leader of APC in Ika Federal Constituency and one of the leaders in Delta State by his followers. How true is the declaration? I was surprised when I heard the news from the media that Hon Dr Cairo Ojougboh was declared the maximum leader of APC in Ika Federal Constituency. I have been asking our party leaders and executives both at the Federal and State about that position and nobody seems to know where that is coming from. The position is alien to the APC leadership at all levels. The truth is that in APC we are process oriented people and we respect hierarchy. Hon Dr Cairo Ojougboh was at the House of Representatives to represent Ika Federal Constituency and as an APC member we accord him that respect. The party also have recognized other leaders like Barr Felix Morka, Hon Doris Uboh, Hon Hilary Ibude, Hon Kingsley Noye Philips, among others. For instance, Barr. Felix Morka (Chief Servant) is a pioneer leader of APC and back bone of the party in Ika South. So, to hear that some group persons under the disguise of APC came together and declare Hon Dr Cairo Ojougboh as the maximum leader of APC in Ika Federal Constituency is the highest level of rascality. I asked where did that idea come from?. To me it’s an overzealousness and it should not be. However, everybody is free to say what he or she wants to say,but, all we know is that in the APC Constitution there is no provision for a maximum leader.

Why has the Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ovie Omo Agege not working together with Hon Dr Cairo Ojougboh,Chief Great Ogboru and Rt Hon Victor Ochei? The Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ovie Omo Agege is the APC leader both in Delta State and South South. He is a good leader who is always making sure that APC moves forward. I don’t know where people are getting the information that he is not working with everyone in the party. Omo Agege is an open hearted leader who is dedicated in building and strengthening APC in Delta State. His office is open to all members of APC. Those who are genuinely APC members are seriously working with Omo Agege ahead of 2023. Large percentage of the successes we have recorded in Delta APC today could be attributed to Omo Agege’s leadership. So, the likes of Hon Dr Cairo Ojougboh, Chief Great Ogboru and Rt Hon Victor Ochei should join hands with Omo Agege to build Delta APC as the invitation is still very much open to them. There is only one APC in Delta State of which Senator Ovie Omo Agege is the leader.

What is your take on a recent interview where Hon Dr Cairo Ojougboh lambasted and called Senator Ovie Omo Agege as a maze snatcher? I’m very disappointed in the manner and approach of Cairo Ojougboh. We expected a leader of his status to be able to address matters based on issues and be very objective in his political utterances. In trying to score points, we must not be negatively destructive. If Cairo Ojougboh wants to assert and assume leadership in Ika South and Delta North, he should show his report card of previous leadership to the people and let the followers decide on whether or not he has merited their loyalty. The time of sentiment has passed. So if a stranger provide a fatherly care and love to me, he is my father irrespective of where he comes from. As I have earlier stated, APC is made up of peace loving people who believe in due process. Senator Omo Agege is number five person in the leadership hierarchy of Nigeria and number one in Delta State as far as APC is concerned. Therefore, anyone fighting Omo Agege either in Delta State or in South South does not understand leadership procedures. APC has not done her party primary for 2023 election and I wondered why people are thinking Omo Agege is the governorship flag bearer of our party in the state. If Ojougboh, Ogboru or Ochei are interested in the governorship seat in 2023 they should talk to Deltans on their selling points and stop fighting Omo Agege. My advice to Ojougboh and his followers is that they should be dealing with issues and not persons. They should stop being personal in party politics. It might interest you to know that I from the same Ward with Ojougboh and from family basis, he is my father but, I must call a spade a spade. Even if he is my father, Ojougboh has erred. His followers should advise him. If tomorrow he becomes vice president of Nigeria we will all respect and support him based on the position which is clearly what the Senator is enjoying.. Today, Omo Agege is the Deputy President of the Nigerian Senate, it is normal to give him the due respect and support his vision for the party in Delta State. It is the right way to go.

Do you see APC overcoming her internal crisis in the state before 2023?There is no crisis in Delta APC. What people are not getting clearly is thinking that PDP is still relevant in the state. PDP may be the ruling party because it has produced the incumbent governor. APC however, is the strongest political party in the Delta state. At the moment, APC controls two out of the three senatorial districts we have in the state. This is to tell you how strong our party is in the state. With the level our party is right now in the state you can imagine what is going to happen in 2023. The coming together of Senator Omo Agege and Senator Peter Nwaoboshi is already victory for our party. We are very happy because the untiring efforts of Omo Agege is yielding good results for our party. The mantle of leadership is upon Omo Agege to deliver Delta State in 2023. Therefore, if he fails, we fail, if he succeeds, we succeed. While Omo Agege exercises his constitutional and party rights, we should support him in complementing the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari to move Nigeria forward.

What is the hope of your party in 2023? APC is a goal in 2023. We are taking over governance in Delta State. The evidences are everywhere. We are seriously engaging people on issues, what APC stands for and the failures of PDP. The PDP failed in Ika South, Delta State and Nigeria in general. Our people have said NO to PDP and YES to APC. I congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari and all APC leaders and stakeholders for giving us people’s oriented political party to ride on.

What message do you have for APC members in Ika South and Delta State ?My message for APC members in Ika South and the entire state is for them to remain resolute and committed. They should be vigilant, so as to know the enemies of the party and put them where they belong. I’m using this medium to call on all APC supporters and members in Ika South and Delta North to work with our leader Senator Ovie Omo Agege so that we can achieve what is good for us in 2023. They should also avail themselves of the opportunity of the ongoing Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) continues voters registration exercise. Our voting cards is our voting right and strenght, hence, we should take the INEC exercise seriously. Above all, we should keep giving our leaders the necessary support and encouragement they need. Together, we are going to achieve our goal of enthroning good governance and true democracy in our state in 2023.
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Character Leadership

Growing up in Nigeria in the early 80’s and 90’s was very difficult. I and my peer relatives did not have much of a childhood experience because we were tasked with adult responsibilities at a tender age. We were taught leadership qualities which has translated to greater responsibility and accountability in our adulthood. At thirteen years old, I migrated to America for greener pasture. I strongly believed that the daily living skills and leadership responsibilities bestowed upon me propelled me for success in the States.

I recently visited Nigeria this past March and stayed for approximately one month. I had an opportunity to meet new people, develop new relationships and reacquaint with old friends and family. Every single individual had a story to tell. Many of their stories were told in a sorrowful voice and all expressed disdain for the country they love. In the little time I spent in Nigeria, I had a story to tell. My experience wasn’t very positive but I choose focus on the positive aspects of my journey. As I listened attentively, the major issues identified were social injustice, social inequality, lack of economic mobility, security concerns and most importantly the inhuman inhabitants. Many echoed the sentiments that their elected officials have failed them. The outcry has left many Nigerians in despair and state of melancholy.

Nigeria obviously has myriad of issues that has stunt its growth as a continental or global power. We have the resources to be great. I recalled reading the great American novel, That Used to Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back (2011) by Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandebaum. The authors detailed the values that made U.S. a global power and steps on how it can regain its global status as world superpower. I was inspired by this novel because it reminded all Americans who they were, what they have become and how they can overcome.

After reflecting on this book, it brought nostalgic memories on the principles that made Nigeria the “Superpower of Africa.” In my initial interview with Mr. Augustine Ekamagule, I mentioned that Nigerians need to go back to their forgotten Root. I later volunteered to provide a monthly article on Character Leadership. I would like to thank Ika Mirror Newspaper from the bottom of my heart for providing me the platform to reach the unreachable. I hope that our presently elected government officials will read this article and reflect on their leadership and develop a plan of action to improve their leadership practices. Through educational reform, Nigerian citizens, its youth and children can learn character leadership as we pray and hope for a better future.

“Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal”.(Northouse, 2013, p.5)

This particular article focuses an important leadership trait: Accountability. In my survey questions of what leadership is…. there were distinct responses to leadership attributes. Interestingly, all leadership traits were positive in nature. If people attribute positive traits with leadership or what leadership should be then why are so many leaders exhibit negative qualities? While the microscope is always on our elected government officials (rightfully so), I will have you remember that leadership is everyone’s responsibility. There has been many leadership theories or ideologies. However, the one thing they all have in common is that great leadership requires Personal Accountability. Our society has developed the thought process revolving around wealth acquisition and the ambition to acquire wealth is by any means necessary. We don’t care if we kill, maim, steal or betray our brothers and/or sisters to acquire wealth. Parents no longer question their children’s source of wealth. Instead, parents glory the wealth and the evil act continues to manifest across within our community and nation at large. Many political figures who are trusted in leadership positions have perpetuated the culture of self-centeredness and greed. Things have spiraled out of control and Nigeria is headed in a downward spiral.

The essence of transformational leadership is the ability to elicit Powerful Questions. The questions we all have to ask ourselves are:How did we get to this state of apathy?How and when did the Giant of Africa shrink?How did we become the most corrupt nation in the world?Where do we go from here?

As in any change process, one must admit there is a problem. The politicians who have the executive and supreme power to enact change have turned a blind eye because they are the biggest culprit and must be culpable for the mishaps in Nigeria. The question is that if you have a problem, who is going to change it and if not now then when? I believe it’s time for all Nigerians to take Personal Accountability. We all have potential for leadership and many of us are leaders in many capacities. Your values have to reflect your actions. We must pledge to love each other, to put our neighbors first, to build our communities. The government has a greater responsibility but it all begins with each and every one of us. We must strive to hold ourselves and others accountable!

Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill to name a few did not fall from the sky. They exude desirable qualities that influenced their followers. They were transformational leaders. Nigeria needs transformation from old to new, from corruption to scrupulous, from darkness to light, from fixed mindset to growth mindset, from hate to love, from stagnation to creativity. Leadership is the key to transformation. If we want change in Nigeria, we all must demonstrate what that change looks like. We must refrain from criminal activities, dysfunctional behaviors, and form coalitions that will empower Nigeria to great heights. Nigerians must refrain from hope that a leader will fall from the sky. Leadership is learned, it is practical, it is transactional and most importantly it is transformational. We know better, therefore, we must do better for our nation to prosper and flourish.
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Ika News: Character Leadership

My Intimate Experience With Lula, The Ethiopian Girl

The order day I was going through my little library at the corner of my bedroom and saw one of those post cards sent to me in the good old days and remembered the good time I shared with Lula, the Ethiopian girl. Infact, you will enjoy reading it.

I arrived Addis Ababa ,the Ethiopian capital, precisely 11am local time in the winter season,on my way to Bombay, the airport was chilled, even the tarmac bus that conveyed us to the arrived hall ,seems as if it was shocked with ice block so cold. After going through custom and immigration formalities we were issued with transit visa then checked into the Ethiopia hotel, having settle in the hotel room,I phoned the waiter to get my lunch, the waiter was quick in attendance.While eating my meal, I internally peeped through my window to the road over looking the Ethiopian Hotel. The road was busy, once, I could see people in different attires milling to and fro, they were smartly dressed and some of them notably the youths wore American jeans and jacket, looking gay and happy.

After taking my lunch, I strolled around the hotel, I met some people and chatted with them. This people were happy to know that I came from Nigeria. Of course,FESTAC-77,still lingers in their minds. That festival really made Nigeria great. As I continued my walk ,I sighted a pretty girl as she alighted from a taxi,she was gorgeously dressed, putting on a flowery blouse neatly rocked in a pink skirt, she was holding a few note books and as she walked towards me I saw that she was a paragon of beauty, gracious from hair to toe. Her steps were perfect, walking as if on a deck of ship.

Good afternoon baby! I drew her attention. Hi, she replied and asked, are you from Kenya?, at the same time pouring out captivating smiles. Oh,no am a Nigerian, I told her. Am pleased to meet you, am Lula, a school teacher, she said to me as she placed the note books on her cheat, Ah! That a lovely name and am Kingsley .Am on my way to Bombay, it’s my first time in Ethiopia, am on transit, do you care knowing my place,? she asked. I accepted her kind gesture. As we walked along like newly wedded couple, she unfolded all about her family, saying, we are five in my family, my dad, my mum, my two brothers and I, the only girl. My father is an engineer with the Ethiopian Airline, my mother runs a restaurant down town and my brothers are in college. It’s splendid! I see you have a happy family, I voiced out. Thank you for the compliment, she replied, running her hand gently on her hair. We reached her home, the compound was adorned with beautiful flowers.

She led me into the sitting room, then brought two bottles of cold beer and placed one before me. As we sip on, we discussed sweet nothing words,she even asked me, if I can take her to Nigeria. As our chat was becoming more interesting, she raised her glass of beer and made me drank from it, and resting the glass of beer back to the table,then she wrapped her hand around my neck and gave me passionate kisses that lasted for about three minutes. Really she was good at it. Withdrawing her mouth from mine,she stood up, held me by my waist and showed me to her room,this is my room, feel at home, she voiced out at the same time unbottoning my shirt and pair of trousers. She so did it in a grand style,that in no time I was naked as the day I was born. And in few sounds she had as undressed also exposing her perfectly shaped body which I could mightily put as 36,28,38(figure 8).in such explosive and sexy mood,she slot in a sentimental music and began caressing me all over.

After the marathon show, I pulled away from Lula who was now resting on her back on the bed with her legs wide apart, looking at her perfect body,I ran my head through her hairs and kissed her warmly then said to Lula, you are good,I enjoyed your love making,I did also enjoyed you as well, she said remarked .

The next day Lula was right on time at my hotel and as the airline bus that was taking me to the airport began gliding off, Lula looking dejected, she was waving weakishly and only managed to voice out saying, remember to send me post card Kingsley as soon as you get to Bombay. I assured her that I will and I did send her a post card immediately.

I arrived Bombay airport, there after we maintained communication through post card for some time. During my sojoun abroad, I made friends with German girls, Russian girls and Indian girls. Even, Ireke ,the German girl I was to marry because of the love we shared. Her photograph is still placed conspicuously on the wall of my bed room. Of all these girls,non could match Lula, the Ethiopian girl in her bed- matic process.I pray wherever Lula may be,she should always be her humble self and still remain sexy.
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Ika News: My Intimate Experience With Lula, The Ethiopian Girl


Since he was sworn in in 2015 as the executive governor of Delta State, Senator Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa has left no enlightened person in the state in doubt concerning his concept of governance. He has defined his purpose, which is to make a difference by impacting positively on the state and the people, on the principles of justice, equity, and fairness. In doing this, he has thus far, tried to engage experienced and high calibre professionals in his cabinet. He has also ensured that, as much as possible, the different parts of the ethnoculturally plural state are accommodated in political and other appointments.

Then, in the critical area of physical infrastructure, the empirical evidence on ground is that of equity. On road construction in which he has visibly demonstrated unerring focus and great commitment, there are areas yet to be covered, but keen and nonpartisan watchers of the development pattern can predict with some precision that those areas will ultimately become part of the infrastructure revolution.

Our focus here is however on the establishment of three new universities in the state. These are at Anwai, Agbor, and Ozoro. On the surface and given the huge and ever- rising numbers of candidates of Delta State origin seeking varsity admission, the establishment of three new varsities is most commendable.

But as a Delta indigene I am concerned about the financial and cost implications of establishing three new varsities at the same time. Although I am not part of the government of the state, and hence I am not in a position to know the financial strength of the government, I have been part of the varsity system in Nigeria long enough to have a fair idea of what it takes or what it should take to run a university and ensure that minimum national standards are maintained while aspiring and working towards minimum global standards.

That the three new varsities are but an upgrade of existing institutions does not in any way mean fiscal resources would not be appropriated for their basic infrastructure needs. The new varsities will have to employ the required academic and non-academic staff. There will also be administration comprising the office of the vice chancellor, the registry, the bursary, works and services, etc, etc.

One would have thought that the government of the state would have expanded infrastructure and facilities at the Delta State University, DELSU , Abraka, to enable it to increase the number of students it can admit. Anwai campus should have been allowed to continue as a degree-awarding college of DELSU. Again, the polytechnic at Ozoro should simply have been made a campus of DELSU.

The College of Education, Agbor would appear to be the institution richly deserving of the upgrade it was given. That would have meant two autonomous Delta varsities instead of the four the state now has. The College of Education, Agbor should simply have been transformed into a conventional university with the following faculties, education, arts , sciences, agriculture, social sciences, and management sciences. Education students would then choose their core teaching disciplines from the other faculties.

The point here is that the state ought to have considered one additional autonomous varsity at Agbor and ensure that it is expanded and equipped to annually admit a significant number of eligible candidates. Many countries in Africa do not have four public universities!

For a government that is committed to all-round development of the state, establishing three autonomous varsities in one fell swoop would be a critical financial challenge. The state has been battling with payment of long outstanding retirement benefits to deserving ones. There is also the problem of healthcare delivery.

If the decision to establish three new varsities was not a decision cast in iron, the government may consider a review, that the state can have a credible public varsity system that the government and people of the state would be proud of, and that the status of the varsities may not in the future be reviewed and thereby generate political dissension and wrangling and community agitation.

JGN Onyekpe, PhD, FHSN, teaches History at the University of Lagos, Akoka.
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Nobody can fix Nigeria except God

Bishop Promise Dibie

The Right Rev’d Dr Promise Dibie, JP is the Diocesan Bishop of Christ Army Church of Nigeria, The Greater Light Diocese with its headquarters at St Peter’s Christ Army Church of Nigeria at 6, Umudein Lane, off Umudein Street, Agbor, Delta State.In this exclusive interview with Ika Mirrorin his Bishop Court in Agbor, the indigenous and famous Bishop, author and educationist talked about his background, education and service in the vineyard of God. He also spoke on state of the nation and why Nigeria cannot be fixed except God intervenes.

Excerpts:May we meet you sir?I am The Rt.Rev’d Dr. Promise Dibie JP, Diocesan Bishop of Christ Army Church of Nigeria, The Greater Light Diocese with its headquarters at St Peter’s Christ Army Church of Nigeria,6, Umudein Lane, off Umudein Street, Agbor,Delta State. Christ Army Church of Nigeria is the First Indigenous Church in Africa. I am from Alisimie, Agbor, headquarters of Ika South Local Government Area. I was born in Kaduna. My late father, Ven. Bernard Dibie was a civil servant. He retired from the Nigerian Port Authority. I did my primary and secondary school education in Lagos after my father was transferred from Kaduna to Lagos. I had a Higher School Certificate result before I gained admission into Edo State University(Now Ambrose Alli University)Ekpoma where I studied English Language . I did my National Youth Service Corps in Rivers State College of Education, Port–Harcourt. After my NYSC programme I taught briefly in Agbor as a teacher before leaving for Abuja where I became a part- time lecturer at the University of Abuja . I was working in that capacity until God called me to work fully in his vineyard.I resigned my appointment in 2016 and obeyed the voice of God.

Was your late father, Ven. Bernard Dibie the founder of Christ Army Church of Nigeria?My late father was not the founder of Christ Army Church of Nigeria but, he was the one who brought the church to Delta State. Christ Army Church of Nigeria was founded in 1916 by late Garrick Braide, a Nigerian from Rivers State . The church headquarters is in Bakana, Rivers State. We have over nine hundred branches in Nigeria. Agbor is the Diocesan headquarters of the church in Delta State.

Why did you take the risk of quitting the teaching profession for a clergy work?The Lord said I should resign and I obeyed Him. Before my resignation from the teaching profession, I have published over twenty books .At the moment, two of my books are used in Delta State both at the secondary and university levels. One of my books was dedicated to the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Delta State, Peter Mrakpor,SAN .

How has it been since your resignation for a full time ministry work?The Lord has been doing His great work. Since my ordination as Bishop, I have been able to build the church cathedral. I influenced the tarring of the church road through Hon Ndudi Elumelu. He worships here in Agbor with us. The church also has street light, installed by individuals and not government.

You appear simple and not flamboyant despite your connections in Nigeria.What do we attribute that to?Empty drums make noise . I am not an empty drum. I am the vessel of God . I have a good background, education and exposure. When I was at the university I wrote the history of Agbor. The first person of Agbor extraction to achieve that feat.I have been to over sixteen countries of the world to preach the word of God.

What is the challenge of working fully in the vineyard of God?There is no challenge that couldn’t be surmounted because the Lord has given us the grace to do this work . I am not a hungry Bishop. The good Lord has provided for me all that I want to succeed in life and ministry.

Do we have hungry Bishops?Yes some people open church because of what they will eat . To such people, how to satisfy their stomach is everything their ministry represents.

Are you a member of Christian Association of Nigeria CAN?Christ Army Church of Nigeria is a member of CAN. But, I don’t attend CAN meetings. I have my reasons for that decision .

As a famous Bishop,how cordial is your relationship with the Delta State Government ?I am a Bishop and not a government official. The only relationship I have with government is that some of its top officials worship in our church. Outside that, I don’t relate much with government.

What is your take on the moral decadence among youths in Nigeria today?We have failed as parents, church or government. We have all failed to live up to our responsibilities of building good homes for our children . Some of us were not brought up properly . When the home, church or government fails, what do you expect in the society? . If you don’t make heaven hold your parents, church or government responsible . Again, some of us that are men of God don’t tell our members the truth. As teachers of the gospel we must always tell our members the truth .God judges the heart but, Christianity must be transmitted in such away that you transmit it to others .For instance, as a Bishop how will you feel when you see me drinking in a beer parlour? What will I tell my members?. Therefore, as spiritual fathers, parents or leaders we must live by example.

What do you think is the way forward ?We should go back to the old time religion .Those old days when whatever our parents said were correct and final.In those old good days you dare not challenge your parents on anything.We were disciplined.

Unfortunately, today, reverse is the case .Today , everyone is seeking after money .If the devil gives you a cap, he will take your head . There is no free gift from the devil .So, we have to go back to the old religion where hard work, discipline and honesty were upheld . The new pattern of life most of us are enjoying is not taking us anywhere .The youths of this present generation don’t want to work but,they want to enjoy .If you make money your watchword , you will not get it .Don’t pray for money, pray for connection. It is the connection I have in Jesus Christ that is helping me to succeed in life and ministry.

You said you have published twenty books so far ,what drives your writing skills?I am always in touch with people . I was very young when I started writing . I like writing. I write on ideas and issues. My writing skills are imbedded in me . I have done a lot of publications. I was a Chief Examiner for West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) for over twenty years. During the period, I prepared WAEC questions in English Language all over Nigeria.

Do you have a role model?Jesus Christ is my role model because He has never disappointed me and He will not disappoint me.

How do you relax?I like enjoyment. If you don’t relax, when you collapse and die your members will run to another church. I always take care of myself very well.I don’t play with my health, I take very good care of it.

Please can you tell us more about yourself?I am a peace-loving man.God has blessed me. I love discipline, hardwork and humility. I don’t like flamboyant lifestyles. I don’t like pride. God needs people with character. If you have anointing, and no character you will surely go down. Anointing without character is useless. Heaven is looking for those with character. If you have character you are blessed.I am not proud because I am from a home where we cooked rice once in a year. I went to school on barefoot. During my growing up days who were you to eat egg and sardines outside?If you were seen or caught eating egg or sardines, the entire village will summon you for a meeting.Who were you to attend night parties?. In our church in Lagos those days you dare not miss a service. I played organ. Each time I played my Dad loved it, he appreciated me with ‘Itoror'(Kobo) each time I performed very well.

How is your marriage life?I am married with two children, a boy and a girl. My wife is the regional manager of Access Bank Nigeria PLC, Anambra State. I love my family.

What is your advice for Nigerian Leaders?Do we really have leaders? I don’t think we have sincere leaders in Nigeria!

So what is the way out of the leadership problem in Nigeria?Nobody can fix Nigeria except God. Our political leaders are all enriching themselves to the detriment of the people. It is bad to amass billions of naira when your fellow Nigerians are suffering. Presently, in Nigeria, there are no jobs for our teeming unemployed graduates and no functional infastructures. I have searched round, unfortunately,I am yet to see who will fix Nigeria. We are not honest in our ways. Nigerians were not at home the day God created honesty. Nigeria will not move forward until we embrace honesty and serve God diligently with the whole of our hearts.

Recently, you were sworn in as Justice of Peace by the Ministry of Justice, Delta State.Can we say the new title will spur you in your service to God and humanity?We thank God for the honour from the Delta State Government through the Ministry of Justice. I am also a Jerusalem pilgrim. I am a peacemaker, I make peace everywhere I go.In most of my books, I preached peace. I pray that peace will return to Nigeria. Let us build peace in our homes,in the church and in our country. Let us put our hope in God. Finally, let us be truthful in our daily lives. 
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Ika News: Nobody can fix Nigeria except God

The Rt. Rev’d Dr Promise Dibie Sworn-in as JP

The Rt.Rev’d Dr. Promise Dibie ,Diocesan Bishop of Christ Army Church of Nigeria,The Greater Light Diocese with her headquarters at St Peter’s Christ Army Church of Nigeria, Number 6, Umudein Lane,off Umudein Street, Agbor, Delta State, has added another feather to his cap as he was sworn-in on Monday, March 1,2021 as Justice of Peace by Justice C.N Ogadi of the Agbor High Court through the approval at Delta State Ministry of Justice. The historic event was witnessed by family members, church members, friends and other loved ones.

The Rt.Rev’d Dr. Promise Dibie JP, Diocesan Bishop of Christ Army Church of Nigeria, The Greater Light Diocese is a respected and widely known Prophet and Man of God whose ministry has impacted positively on many Nigerians.

The Kaduna born Deltan is a Bishop par excellence whose prophecies cut across different spheres of life including politics. He is an educationist, author of over 20 books, the most recent titled, “Seeking After Power” being the one that was launched in February this year by the Commissioner of Justice, Hon Peter Mrakpor SAN.He is also a great preacher and philanthropist.
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Ika News: The Rt. Rev’d Dr Promise Dibie Sworn-in as JP

Isoko Isioma felicitates with General Leo Irabor as he becomes Nigerian Chief of Defense Staff

A young and vibrant businessman, Mr Isoko Isioma, has felicitated with his uncle, Major General Leo Irabor,on his well deserved appointment as Chief of Defense Staff by President Muhammadu Buhari. Isoko who is the Publicity Secretary, Ika Children in Diaspora expressed joy and gratitude to President Buhari for finding General Irabor worthy for the appointment.

While expressing hope that General Irabor would leave up to the expectations of Nigerians,he wished him well in his new appointment.

Major General Leo Irabor

Mr Isoko Isioma
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Ika News: Isoko Isioma felicitates with General Leo Irabor as he becomes Nigerian Chief of Defense Staff