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Emergence Of An Embraced Leader

Mr. Chiyem Ojei, also known as, Yori Yori is undoubtedly relevant and on top of his game as a grassroot politician. He is a die-hard loyalist of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. He has been consistent in contributing to the success of the party and he has displayed an unalloyed support for his people in Ika South Local Government Area. He has proved that politics goes beyond seeking and holding top political office.

His political and philanthropic disposition has shown that a good politician is one who contributes to the well being of his people. The constituents in Ward 9, Ika South Local Government can attest to his capacity, directing and channelling developments to them as well as helping the less privileged to maximize their God given talent by reactivating their innate development with every opportunity that presents itself.

He has at every even point proved that a good politician is one who at all times attends to the problems and seek the progress of his immediate and larger people.Mr. Chiyem Ojei who is fondly called Yori Yori has immersed himself in discourse and engagement with individuals who have the experience to influence empowerment of his people.

In the same manner, the former Youth leader of ward 9 has given himself and his resources to help those who are less privileged, lighting up their World both within and outside his ward and local government. On several occasions, his views were sought by political and communal leaders to on key issues.

Before the Pragmatic ward 9 Councillorship Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party indicated interest to run for the ward councilorship seat, he had utilised his leadership position among the youths to organise the party’s activities,His love for the youths has been demonstrated in his dealings as a Youth Leader. Issues concerning the youths elicit passionate, incisive and brilliant response from him. This passion about the youths is however not new. Since his days as a Youth leader to this day where the poeple clamoured for his legislative representation, he has always surrounded himself with young, brilliant and committed ladies and gentlemen of his local Government.

Perhaps, the most symbolic representation of his love for the youths came when he saw the gap between the leaders and the LED which was a message to the people that the candidate would give adequate posts, space, say and recognition to the youths, and all and sundry if elected Councillor.

He has also spent more time with family, friends and the good people of the ward years even before he became a politician, giving himself to serve and advance Democratic ideal.That is why in his first publicized declaration, the entire people and other parts of the local Government of Harmony, turned out en – mass to welcome their hero, political champion and most influential personality, giving him all desired support to launch and set the pace for advancement.

It was a day which was only reminiscent of how people usually rejoiced, having him agree to serve as a representative, knowing fully well that his entrance will bring about all inclusive representation.

He has been an advocate of the need for genuine reconciliation of members, rebranding of the party, rejuvenation of the structures, review of political and democratic ideal.If there is a politician who is worried and want to advance the well being of the good people of ward 9, which even at their top ranking politician are not seeking, proffering and discussing solutions, but rather still engaged in politics as usual, gallivanting and fawning over the subject of who will get what post, it is Yori Yori.

At every point, he would engage this writer about how it seems illogical for anybody to just be thinking about his ambition and how to run for office when the ward herself is sliding into the abyss.As this consummate politician, businessman of high repute, husband to a cerebral woman, father of four lovely children, one can only wish him all the best in his political advancement.

Agboje Chuks
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