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In Ika, an Obi is regarded with religious awe. “He forms yet another link in the hierarchy of society which passes from men to Obi, to ancestors, to gods and up to the Supreme Being.”

In the olden days, the Obis of Ika guarded their supremacy very jealously. No one within the kingdom was allowed to rival them in prestige or pomp. For example, it was a crime for the ordinary mortal to wear clothes resembling any of the Obi’s, build a bigger house than his, use his medicines or watch him eating. He had great magical power and was feared by all his subjects. The Obi was supreme. His decisions had a divine authority, and there was no appeal. He had the power of life and death. He would order the deposition or execution of Chiefs. He would command his people to till the royal fields and repair, or rebuild the palace and his commandment was urgent. He could appropriate the major game animals killed by hunters, and he exacted a penalty from any household, a member of which had been responsible for causing a virgin girl to become enceinte. He could take as a wife, not merely any unmarried girl he pleased, but the wife of any of his subjects. If two suitors quarrelled over a girl, the Obi might settle the matter by appropriating the girl himself. His servants bared their shoulders, and women, their breasts before him. His wives were guarded and attended to by castrated domestic men. Offenses against him were punished more severely than those against ordinary people. People never spoke to him without going down on their knees, and at times touching the ground with their heads.

He was said to be confined to his palace. His subjects treated him with differential respect. He ate alone. The parings of his hair and nails were secretly buried, for if some evil-minded medicine-men were to get hold of them, they might work them into a charm against the Obi’s health or life. He appeared attended to by a crowd of naked serving boys, some carrying ada, ebeni and other insignia of royalty; the greater part of the nobility and gentry also followed in the train. In those days, such public appearances were on rare occasions during important ceremonies when the people rejoiced at his appearance.

Like in the olden days, the Obi is not merely the head of the kingdom but he is the symbol of its unity. In him is unified all aspects of political system and the tenets of his kingdom’s religion. He is the head of the Idibie; he controls the diviners, the Iheren, the Omu, the priests, the witches, the magicians and all cults in the kingdom. As he is believed to be the nearest to the spirits, he is believed to have more powers than anyone else in the kingdom. His political superiority is emphasized in many ways, one of which is through praise names. He receives all the great praise names to which no one else in the kingdom is entitled. These praise names include Agu (Tiger is the king of the animals’ kingdom), and the Obi is the ruler of men in an Ika kingdom. He, whose power is likened to the Great One above; one whose will must be obeyed in the kingdom; he, who owns the kingdom; he, who has the last word; Obi Okusi-ogu; Obi tutu, and so many others. These praise names indicate the notion of the king of a kingdom, and he is the most feared, reverend and adored leader to whom all powers are attributed. The king is never judged but, if his advisers are warned to be careful, then he knows he is guilty.

He is a ruler and law giver, war leader and source of wealth. His person is sacred, his subjects remove their caps and bow their heads before him in adoration and flatter him with adulations.

He is called the father of all the indigenes. He is not a despot, but a constitutional monarch whose office brings privileges and responsibilities.

He is the custodian of the custom of his people. The whole kingdom is his own possession, and his welfare is believed to be vital to all. The Obi does not necessarily administer all justice, or perform ritual sacrifices; but while he can delegate these powers to officials, he is the final source of law and leadership. The Obi cannot, therefore, be scolded in the public or blamed. The blame is levied on his advisers.

To be without a king is regarded as disastrous. And for that reason, immediately after the death of an Obi of a kingdom, a new Obi is enthroned according to the tradition of the kingdom. A lot of guided rituals are performed before the heir apparent is coronated. The rituals include a symbolic ‘meal made in respect of his predecessor’s head’ known in Ika as iri eze, ‘eating king’. A nonagenarian responded told this author that in those days, ritual human sacrifices were offered to protect the Obi from bad spirits, witches and wizards and to cleanse the land. Nowadays, cows, goats, dogs, fowls and rams are used for these sacrifices.

The purity of the Obi is protected by elaborate rituals and taboos, which were very many in ancient times. It is certain to judge from the general trend that some of them were designed to ensure good moral behaviour. The values of the Obiship are reaffirmed and consolidated by periodic ceremonies, the most important of which are ‘national or yearly festivals’, which focus on various aspects of the social and economic activities of a kingdom. During these festivals also, the Chiefs and subjects pay homage to the Obi and renew their allegiance.

To be continued…
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WOSPI reaches out to Over 100 widows in Ika Land

—Promises empowerment

It was indeed a moment of joy and celebration as over one hundred widows benefitted from Women of Substance Progressive Initiatives, WOSPI, a non-profit organization based in Nigeria and in Diaspora. The ceremony took place on Tuesday, January 26,2021 at Convent by Wandam Street Boji-Boji, Owa.

It was described as unprecedented one and first of its kind WOSPI is an apex Non- Governmental Organization, whose mission is to put smiles on faces of widows, less privileged ones and people in needs. Without mincing words, its impacts is so remarkable ,to the extent that their presence drew women from within and outside Ika land to give them palliative and also promised to empower them in any vocational skill of their choice.

In their kind nature, they distributed rice and cash to the women,as a way of giving back to the society.

While addressing the gathering, the General Coordinator of the Organization, Princess Dandison stated that their coming to Ika land is to help the widows, the less privileged ones and people in needs.

In Nigeria, there is a lot of people that needs help. I feel so bad when I see women suffering. This group is a NGO organized by some women to empower the less privileged ones in our society. Today, we are in Agbor to empower people that are in need. We have done such thing in Imo and Enugu States respectively.

I told my people that we can’t continue to be giving people palliative but let us empower them and encourage them to have vocational skills that will enable them to be self reliance. Today,we are giving out palliative and to support it with cash.

In our next gathering, we promised them that the Governor’s wife and other Honourable Members will be in our midst.“We want to set up a vocational skills to engage these our young women to learn hand work. We are also going to empower them with the tools to work with. For our old women, we will place them on salaries. By so doing, they will be able to stand on their own to empower others in the society”, she reiterated.

Also speaking, the Diaspora Coordinator of the Organization, Mrs Rose Aliahagu averred that it is a good thing to be in their midst this day.In her words, “If a woman can stand by herself, nobody will mesmerize her, rather she will be valued any where in the society. Nigeria as a whole, we believe mostly in spiritual things, which I know that it exists, but we can’t only depend on that, rather we should build our lives on love. Women don’t love themselves. If we can help our fellow women, there will no more suffering. Let us help our selves, so as to stop the suffering of women in the society. Empower yourself and children, so that they will not depend on any body.

Whatever you are given to do, do it properly. We should love ourselves, so that we can live together as one happy family.Vocational training is good, and as such, any one that wants to engage in it, we will sponsor it for her.

Also, the Delta State Coordinator of the Organization, Mrs Florence Kingsley said that the essence of their gathering was to put smile on the faces of the widows and the less privileged ones by giving them palliatives. She mentioned that they have been in United kingdom for a while but newly arrived Nigeria and today first of its kind in Agbor”.She enjoined the widows to always pray to God, remembering that God has not forgotten them. She added that they are out to assist them in any capacity, so as to raise a society, where women can stand without demanding from their husbands.

On her part, Mrs Lucy Okpuzor, who spoke on behalf of the women expressed gratitude to God and the Organization for their kind gestures towards them, positing that they have indeed put smiles on their faces, praying God to prosper and grant them their heart desires in all areas of life.

The women in a group photograph with the leaders of the organization

The Organization used the medium to call on well meaning individuals, Private sector, government, sons and daughters of Ika land to assist them, so as to execute their plans. For more inquiry call: 08166078754, 09054750407 and 09019244251.

Cross section of women at the ceremony

Mrs. Florence Kingsley giving out palliative to one of the women

Mrs. Rose Aliagwu and Princess Dandison
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Ika News: WOSPI reaches out to Over 100 widows in Ika Land

Stop Using Harvest Thanksgiving As Means To Amass Wealth-Igbodo Tells Pastors

The General Overseer Divine Faith Evangelical Mission International headquarter situated, 108 Charles Street, Agbor in Ika South Local Government Area, Prophet Joseph Igbodo has called on clerics to desist from acts of using annual harvest thanksgiving festival to amass wealth which according to him is not scriptural.

Prophet Joseph Igbodo

Prophet Igbodo made the call while giving a sermon at the 2020 harvest thanksgiving service, held on Sunday December 13, 2020.According to him, “Giving should be from the heart and not under compulsion for God loves a cheerful giver. On this special day of harvest thanksgiving, it is expected of everyone to give willingly.

Despite the quality of your thanksgiving offering, it is very important to know that thanksgiving is only meant for righteous people because God detests the offering of the wick

Irrespective of your personality, what matters most in life is your relationship with God. The message is calling on all to live a Christ – like life by keeping God’s commandments. Living a righteous life brings God’s favour”, he said.

Prophet Igbodo, who doubles as the Proprietor of Job Orphanage Home and the Proprietor of St. Stephen Trust Widows Home, pointed out that because of their blessings; many people have forgotten God who, through his grace and mercy has favoured them.

Continuing, the clergy condemned the attitude of some church members who borrow money just because they want to impress their pastor with their giving during thanksgiving. He said God does not accept such offering.

He admonished that it is God’s expectation that we should give to him that which comes from our heart.

He said, because of the shame of giving offering from their widow’s mite, many do absent themselves on the day of harvest thanksgiving. He reiterated that harvest thanksgiving is not a forum for fund raising for the church unlike what is being done in so many churches today.

He used the opportunity to call on the good people of Ika nation to celebrate the Christmas and New Year festivals with their limited resources and not go about borrowing just to celebrate it big. He advised all to be close and thankful to God for saving us in the midst of 2020 challenges of life.

Prophet Joseph Igbodo
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Ika News: Stop Using Harvest Thanksgiving As Means To Amass Wealth-Igbodo Tells Pastors

Hon. Barr. Nwokolo puts smiles on faces of widows

…Donates food items

Not less than 120 widows under the umbrella body of Naomi Widows Forum, in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, smiled home on Saturday, August 22, 2020, with food items to eat.

The items which include bags of rice, beans, cartons of Power vegetable oil, tomatoes paste and can drinks were donated by the Member representing Ika Federal Constituency at Federal House of Representatives, Hon. (Barr.) Victor Nwokolo, as part of his humanitarian gesture towards supporting the downtrodden.

The donation to the widows is usually carried out twice every year, at Easter and Christmas, which has indeed, rekindled the joy of the women as they got more than enough to feed on.

The distribution exercise was held at The Terbanacle of God Ministry in Ime-Obi, Agbor under the leadership of Bishop Charles Ojewa, whose will, according to him was to propagate good governance.The occasion was marked with exhortation, praises to God and appreciation to Rt. Hon. Nwokolo whom the guest speaker, Pastor Mokwuye Peter, among other clergymen, Pastor Osonye Henry eulogized for his support to humanity.

In a sermon titled “The fear of God”, Pastor Mokwuye Peter enjoined Christian’s not to indulge in condemning people, saying “God is not happy with those who derives joy running other people, particularly the caregivers, down.

He narrated that since 2011, Hon. Victor Nwokolo has been generous to christian’s in both local government areas of Ika Federal Constituency, adding that only little was been said about the philanthropic life style of the political icon on media’s.

He described the Rt. Hon. Nwokolo as a silent achiever and in the same vein, urged all to keep praying for him.Speaking further, Pastor Mokwuye encouraged the lawmaker to help build a befiting structure for the church where the widow’s meet. This was followed by the response of the lawmaker ably represented by his personal aide, Mr. Okocha.

He apologized for the items been brought last due to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic, but assured that more support would always get to them while affirming that the widows care remains sacrosanct to his boss.

He advised the wisdoms to ensure that they stay safe by keeping with the NCDC rules and protocols of the novel Coronavirus.In a chat with newsmen, Bishop Charles Ojewa expressed gratitude to God for the life of Rt. Hon. Nwokolo. He narrated how the NASS member has been supportive to the forum, adding that his impact has rekindled joy for the people.

He described the quantity of food items received by each of the widows as superlative been compared to one or two cups of rice and beans allegedly shared as Covid-19 palliative during the lockdown.He said, “we are happy with what Rt. Hon. Nwokolo is doing which is part of the reasons why the people voted for him. If only others in the corridors of power could follow same path, the sufferings of the mass will reduced to its bearest minimal.”

“Meanwhile, we are urging him to continue to do more for the people as the benefit of a good work, is to do more,” Bishop Ojewa added.At the end of the occasion, five widows were attached to share one big bag or beans and rice to include two medium caps of tomatoes paste and 2liters of Power vegetable oil.

Beneficiaries who spoke to newsmen thanked Rt. Hon. Nwokolo for providing them with enough food to eat.They said, “we buy a cup of rice for #150 and beans for #100 which we obviously don’t have the money to always buy. But what Hon. Nwokolo has given to us today, is more than one hundred cups and would last long for each of us to feed.”

Hon. (Barr.) Victor Nwokolo

Mr. Okocha Okuwe while presenting the items on behalf of his Boss

Widows being presented with the food items
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Ika News: Hon. Barr. Nwokolo puts smiles on faces of widows

Menace of SARS in Ika land

The Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) constitute nuisance in Agbor and environs with their illicit activities ranging from illegal stop and search of individuals or their phones, vehicles and demanding cash from their victims.

They even go as far as escorting some of their victims to any nearby ATM to make withdrawals ranging from ten thousand to a hundred thousand naira or more.

This broad daylight extortion of citizens is at best embarrassing and inhumane as they have been known to impound vehicles of many who refused to part with their hard earned money.They have even been known to go into shops and without presenting search warrants or properly identifying themselves, ransack goods and other valuables in search of incriminating items. The hapless shop owners can do nothing but look on and hope that their goods are not destroyed.

These actions of SARS go against the tenets of the constitution and they should be called to order. The police are supposed to be our protectors, but they have now turned oppressors. Citizens are now scared of reporting cases to the police because they will be charged money at the station. One has to even pay the police in order for them to make arrests. Bail which is supposedly free is now a revenue generating source for the police.

Government and other relevant authorities should look into these issues of SARS and the police generally in order to restore public confidence in them.

Chief Dr Yomi Oduselu Hassan,The Ekwueme 1 of Akumazi Kingdom.Chief Dr Yomi Oduselu Hassan
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Ika News: Menace of SARS in Ika land