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ADC, best party to identify with in next council election–Engr Austin Jimmy

The Ika South ADC Chairman, Engineer Austine Jimmy has called on Youths of Ika nation to present themselves for elective positions in the forth coming local government election under the platform of African Democratic Congress, ADC.

He stated that ADC is the only credible alternative political platform for good governance and effective representation at all levels.The call was made during the LGA Executive meeting of the party held on Tuesday, November 24 at Isede Street, Agbor.

He assured any future aspirant in the party of a level playing ground, noting that the best political party to vote for in the next local government election in Ika South is ADC.

Engineer Austine Jimmy, ADC Chairman, Ika South
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Ika News: ADC, best party to identify with in next council election–Engr Austin Jimmy

PDP Ika South Begins Tour Of Electoral Wards

The tour of electoral Wards in Ika South LGA by the leadership of PDP in Ika South kick-started today.The Party entourage was led by the LGA Chairman of the Party, Mr Jude Onya.

Other stakeholders of the Party in the Chairman’s entourage includes Rt Hon Barr Victor Nwokolo, Hon Festus Chukwuyem Okoh, Hon Barr Victor Okoh, Hom Sunny Ogwu, Rtn Peter Idion, High Chief Godfrey Atuke, Dr Donald Peterson, Dr Amechi Ehimatie, Sam Nwa Igumbor, Chief Philip Igumbor, Chief Dr Philip Okwuada, Chief Denis Araro, Hon Collins Bello, Chief Isioma Okonta, Godwin Ezedom, all LGA Party Exco members, political appointees and so many other party chieftains too numerous to mention.

In each Ward visited, the Party Chairman expressed appreciation to the members of the party for their wonderful performance during the past general election, the súccesful party Congress and for their maturity and patience during his period of absence.

He maintained that what is required from all members and stakeholders of the Party is an expression of undiluted loyalty to the Party and to the Governor of the State.

He reiterated that the Governor of Delta State, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa has used the instrumentality of the State to bless the good people of Ika South in the area of sumptuous political appointments, construction of very many roads linking many communities, human capacity development programs that has absorbed thousands of our youths and women and skill acquisition packages with starter packs for benefitting persons.

In his words, Mr Jude Onya emphasised that the Sen Okowa administration, in the history of the several administrations in Delta State has surpassed their records with good and people-friendly policies.He therefore demanded that all members of the Party in Ika South are duty-bound to comply with all the directives handed to the Party from the Governor as he is and remains the leader of the Party in the entire State.Other persons that made remarkable speech today were Rt Hon Victor Nwokolo, Hon Festus Chukwuyem Okoh and Barr Victor Okoh.It is on record that party members, leaders, aspirants, appointed and elected Government officers and stakeholders from all the 4 Wards visited today turned out in their very large numbers to welcome the party leadership on the tour

From right: Hon Mrs Patience Agboma, Mrs. Bridget Irubor, Hon Friday Naihoma & Hon Sunny Tatabuzuogwu
The post PDP Ika South Begins Tour Of Electoral Wards appeared first on IKA Mirror Newspaper Online.
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Ika News: PDP Ika South Begins Tour Of Electoral Wards

We have the wherewithal to make Ika South great

– Hon. Emenim

Giving life a meaning does not just give a glance to a human life but as well, the passion there of and genuine plans to build a sustainable and peaceful environment.

Hon. John Emenim in one of the PDP event

This exclusive interview engaged a business guru, political scientist, public administrator and defender of Justice and good governance, Hon. John Emenim.

He hails from Okpe Community of Abavo Kingdom, in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.

His businesses are genuine being renowned farmer with large scale oil Palm’s production, Director of Honey Table Water, also deals on petroleum products and one time Delta State best crop farmer award winner during the period of World Food Day celebration.In the course of the interview, the astute politician asserted that we have the wherewithal to make Ika South great.

Excerpt!We Please to meet you sir!You are welcome my brother.Briefly tell us about your growing up?

My growing up was not a rossy one because I wasn’t born with neither a gold or silver spoon. I have to fetch water before I could drink water.I was born into the family of a well known farmer, Late Mr. Emenim Gabriel, who also deals on petroleum product (Kerosene).

I started my primary education in 1970 at the then St. Patrick Catholic School now Azun-Owa Primary School while on graduation in 1976, I was enrolled with Unique Institute of Technography which was regarded as a commercial school for secondary education.

Going forward, I joined Agbor Technical College in 1978 and had my industrial training in 1982 to 1984 at Delta State Steel Company (DSC), after which I was employed in same company during the time of Senator Oburume.During an in-service training, I was awarded a scholarship amongst few of my colleagues to further our career (in Man power development) in New York Institute of Technology and our document fully prepared, but missed the opportunity when I traveled home to inform my parent of the development.

I got home only to found my father hospitalized at Enugu Teaching Hospital and had to stay back to care for him as he was in a bad condition. Before I could get through, my colleagues had left leaving me behind.

In same 1984, started my personal business, J O. Emenim, a Panel beating and Spray painting workshop in own town, Abavo and got married in 1986 which is blessed with many children and grandchildren.While I was in business, a friend lured me into contract job, and one which I executed, during its payment time, I got the heat of my life by someone who asked me out of his office and also insulted me to be an illiterate. This led me going back to school.

Going forward, I remembered the story I was told by my grandmother that, she has eyes yet she was blind. Why? This was because she wasn’t educated. Then, she had a bank note but does not know how much she has inside, unless someone interpret to her.

Going by these experiences, I registered with Pivot at ICE, Abavo in 2000 and after three years, I enrolled for WAEC, cleared my result and subsequently gained admission into Delta State University, Abraka where I studied Political Science which I had also loved. I also went back in 2012 for my Master Degree programme to now become a Public Administrator. So, to the glory of God, I broke the yoke of illiteracy in my family by coming a graduate, a Political Scientist and Public Administrator. Today, we now have Medical doctors, Pharmacist and lots of other profession in my family.

Was this how you joined politics?Not really! I joined politics in 1993 because I have passion for it and wanted to make impact. I am a member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which I love not because it’s the ruling party but for it’s ideology that promotes peace and progress.

I was appointed as a Member of Ika South LGA Transition Caretaker Committee and represented Ward 13 Federal Ward, under Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan.

Two years after, I contested for the local government council Chairmanship election but was unsuccessful.What has sustained you thus far in politics?

Smiles! Just my passion to make impact and add value to mankind capped with sincerity of purpose, hard work and loyalty.Would you say Ika South LGA, going by what is on ground today, is fulfilled?

Sigh! I wouldn’t agree to that because I see our Ika South as a local government area still struggling to get to her Eldorado.Ika South is unique and we have the wherewithal to make it great. All that is required is the unity of genuine hearts whose interest simplifies integrity and humanity. We should strive to make plans that will better the lots of the people, bringing governance more closer to them and in the same vein, create an enabling environment for investments to thrive.Would you be contesting the forthcoming Local Government Council Chairmanship election?

Yes! I am running for the office of the Local Government Council Chairman. This is a call to serve and would be glad having the honour and privilege to serve my good people of Ika South.How would you rate the performances of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa?The most distinguished Governor of Delta State and PDP leader, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, is noble and has performed creditably well both in the areas of infrastructural and human capital development.

His leadership is unprecedented and a great achiever people should emulate.

How will you rate the performance of the incumbent Ika South Council Chairman, Hon. Barr. Victor Okoh?He has done his best in the governance of Ika South Council. The building of the markets is a laudable initiative. However, we hope to improve more on what is on ground and add more development if succeeds him.What are your plans for the youths?

My administration when elected into office, will drive effective representation while the development of Ika South youths will be sacrosanct.

Their recent protest was a welcome development, but I condemn the aspect of loot and vandalization of public properties as it was uncalled for. However, I advice them to be peaceful and efficient in whatever they do legitimately.

Your best and worst moments?My best moments were seeing my children growing in a peaceful atmosphere while my worst moments were the insecurity and inflation in our society.

Your advice to the people?I would advice the people, particularly the youths to be consistent, industrious and not see violent as a means to an end even as we look forward to a better and prosperous Ika South LGA. God bless us all.

Hon. John Emenim

Hon. John Emenim in one of the PDP event

Hon. John Emenim with one of his sons
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Ika News: We have the wherewithal to make Ika South great

Yellow fever outbreak

Yellow fever outbreak: Ika political office holders should carry out fumigation and immunization exercise – Egbonimali

An American based Nurse and vocal online personality, Egbonimali, has called on Ika political office holders to carry out fumigation and immunization exercise in Ika land. Egbonimali made the call during the week through a recorded On-line video.

The Agbor born scientist in the On-line video record blamed Ika political office holders who despite their levels of education and exposure are not taking the issue of health care seriously.

His words, “I am not happy that our people are dying on a daily basis back in Nigeria due to a recent yellow fever outbreak in Ute-Okpu and Idumuesa. This should not be happening when we have educated political office holders of Agbor and Ika extractions. Yellow fever disease can easily be handled if our political office holders sponsor the fumigation of our environment and the immunization of our people. The health of our people should be taken seriously by both government and our Agbor, Ika political office holders. Posterity will not forgive us if we jettison the idea of quality health care system for our people.

He further said, “This month makes it ten years of the sad collapsed tank incident at College of Education, Agbor that led to the untimely death of five children and pupils of the school. Unfortunately, no single public report on the incident. This keeps happening and at the detriment of our people. It’s time we start doing the right thing and tell our people that we care about them. Our political office holders should understand that yellow is currently ravaging our communities of Ute-Okpu and Idumuesa. They should fumigate Ika land and immunize our people now without any hesitation.

Nwokolo Okoh Ebonka Chuky Dandy Elekeokwuri
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Ika News: Yellow fever outbreak

Egun charges PDP Ward executive to be forthright A senior citizen

Egun charges PDP Ward executive to be forthright A senior citizen and member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Ward 6, Ika South Chapter, Mr. Peter Egun, has charged the Ward executive led by Mr. Friday Kiweze, to be forthright in their leadership.

Egun gave the advice while speaking at the Ward enlarged meeting held over the weekend.

He highlighted that in as much as gossip can not be ruled out of politics, Kiweze led administration should device a mean to properly handle matters presented before them and most importantly ensure that Justice is served.

The eloquent speaker and pragmatic political icon, also advised the ward Chairman, Mr. Kiweze, to show capacity and at all time handle issue concerning the party with wisdom so as to enable him write his name in gold while encouraging unity in the party.

The crop of people you see today in the party made you and your executive. Therefore, you must strive to do better than to your predecessors, respect the people and humble yourself.

We the senior citizen of the party are retiring soon and would be replaced by you and your team, but ensure that you learn positively from us to enable you build the party more stronger.

Ward 6 is strong politically today, was because of Hon. Collins Bello. So endeavour to look after the members and also go after any lost sheep as all member are important to the party.

We will continue to pray for you while you do your best to render selfless service to our great party, PDP, ” he said.

Mr. Peter Egun
The post Egun charges PDP Ward executive to be forthright A senior citizen appeared first on IKA Mirror Newspaper Online.
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Ika News: Egun charges PDP Ward executive to be forthright A senior citizen