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Tradomedical doctors can cure Coronavirus disease

If the name and cause of the disease could be discovered says Prince Johnson A prominent doctor in Owanta-Aliosimi in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State, Prince Johnson Ezenuwegbe has said that tradomedical doctors can cure Coronavirus disease, if the name and cause of the disease could be discovered

According to him, God has created all roots and herbs and their functions.He made the statement at his country-home at Owanta-Aliosimi during the week. He gave an example with bees in the bush, saying, ” If you don’t attack the bees it will not sting you. Because human has offended God that is why God has reacted by sending human with the case of Coronavirus (Pandemic) Covid 19In a related development, Prince (Dr) Ezenuwegbe said that human beings are going beyond their capacity of knowledge, measuring height with God, as the scientist invention caused both good and bad in the world

As human beings, we are trying to know everything about God, also disapproved everything about God; the power of God. We want to know what is in the atmosphere eg the (moon) where apolo sickness came into the world. All these are being probably to know where God is.He pointed out that if the Europeans who brought Christianity to Africa could establish same sex-marriage, then something must be wrong somewhere.

He said man has offended God, that man has to seek the face of God to enable him free from God’s wràth, and from sin.He also gave an example with a great philosopher John Plummer who says every note of a singer is registered but when he coughs it is also registered.

Prince Johnson Ezenuwegbe
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Ika News: Tradomedical doctors can cure Coronavirus disease

Great Workers Union calls for Govt. Assistance

Power generator repairers under the auspices of Great Workers Union, Ika Chapter has called on the three tiers of government to come to their aid in terms of empowerment and granting of soft loans to members to enable them overcome the numerous challenges facing them in course of doing their business.

This was made known to newsmen during the 2019/2020 end of financial year of the union held on Saturday December 12, 2020 at the union’s secretariat along Abraka road behind Onuwa Technical, Boji – Boji Owa Ika NorthEast Local Government Area.

Speaking to newsmen, the President of Great Workers Union Mr. Monday Ikey disclosed that the organization has been in existence for almost a decade but that they have never had any help or encouragement from the government as he pointed out that one of the reason why Youths have refuse to go into business like generator repairing and some other legitimate businesses is because the government is not encouraging those who are into such business adding that if those in government put in place policies that will better the lots of those into the technical jobs which, members of the union are into, it will go a long way in attracting the younger generation into such technical vocation.

He noted that the cost of running a generator repair outfit is on the high side as it is expensive to rent a space or a workshop, some tools needed for the job are also expensive while Government on their own part collect monies from them in the name of revenue collection.

He urged the youths to shun evil and engage in positive activities saying that life is that whatever action ones takes now, it will definitely tell on ones future.

The adviser of the Union, Mr. Joseph Aremiche Agboifo, popularly known as Dokita Best pointed out that the union just inaugurated new executive’s members to pilot its affair adding that the organization which has been existing for a very long time, deemed it necessary to let the world know that they are suffering.

Dokita Best stated that since the existence of the union, they have never had help from the government in terms of soft loan or empowerment of any kind even when they are recognized as those who are really into the generator repair and servicing business.

He noted that aside been an employment opportunity, the business also complement the effort of power generation in the country and that if the government encourage them, youths will see it as a worthy venture to go into.

On their part, the duo of the Vice President Mr. Chucks Eluma and the General Secretary Mr. Andrew Udha pointed out that if the government gets involved in the welfare of members of the union, it will go a long way in improving the services they render to the public.

They appealed to the state government to recognize their importance to the society as helping the union grow would also mean helping the society grow.

Great Workers Union, Ika Chapter
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Ika News: Great Workers Union calls for Govt. Assistance

Comrade Davison Ojie excelling in farm work, says he will do better with govt loan

This time the country is calling on Nigerians to embrace farming and other areas likely to help in the economic diversification and create a fertile ground and enabling environment for a robust economy; many farmers in the rural areas with high productivity rate appear to be unknown and unrecognized despite the huge contributions they are making towards the economic advancement of the nation. Majority of them have contributed immensely to the economic well-being of the nation without being known while others are still contributing their quota but yet are not still recognized.

These crops of farmers are locked up mostly in the rural areas, producing food for the nation with their crude implements which majority of the masses could attest to. They work in the sun and in the rain with little or no recognition at all. And in the process, they still employ workers whom they pay from their meager earnings. This is the irony of the whole thing.One of such farmers is Comrade Davidson Ojie, of Ute-Okpu kingdom in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. He is a farmer not to be pushed aside when it comes to recognizing farmers of repute at least in his area in Delta State, for he has been able to contribute his quota to the agricultural development of not only in his place but also, the entire state if not the nation as a whole because his produce are carried by his customers to far away North and other parts of the country.

A native of Ute-Okpu in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State, Comrade Davidson who was born as an Agriculturist for over 40 years says he has all it takes to place his area on the map as one of the food baskets of the nation if then necessary assistance he seeks from the government is given attention. As a reputable farmer, he has to his credit today, a large expanse of land measuring over five hectares with over 3,000 fruit-bearing palm-trees beautifully lined up on the land, forming boulevards of sort. With over 25 workers on his pay roll, some in oil-milling section, some involved in cutting of palm fruits from the palm-trees, while others are involved in the clearing of the bushes in and around the farm to keep it neat and free from dangerous reptiles such as snakes. The pick-up drivers who conveys the palm-fruits, palm oil produced, the end product, and other yields from his farm to places they are needed, also form part of the staff list.

All these workers are on his pay-roll. “ I have been helping in the area of employment, food production as I’m also into mass production of cassava and yam, but yam on a lower capacity. I pay all these workers for their labour because as the saying goes, a labourer deserves his wages. This is the reason why I’m calling on the government to come to my assistance. If I can get N5 million from the State government it will go along way in cushioning some of the harsh times I’m facing. I am eager to contribute my quota to the national economic development. I want my place to recognize as one of the producing zone of the state if not in the country. That is why I need government assistance in the direction.”

This farmer producing 80 jerry cans of palm oil on monthly basis and produces cassava in large quantities which is lift out from his large expand of farm on almost weekly basis. With this high production profile, the farmer no doubt deserve a place in the list of farmers to be considered for whenever such consideration is to take place.

QUOTE: “I am not soliciting for loan because I want to marry more wives. I want to expand, I want to expand my farm and contribute my quota in helping to ensure Nigeria joins the league of food-exporting nations of the world. You can see why I am asking the State Government to come to my assistance by giving me loan. I hear some farmers do get this loan. The government should please help me to get the loan. I remember there was a time either the State or the Federal Government registered its interest in producing oil in large quantity for the sake of exporting to other nations of the world. If I am encouraged to by being given loan to beef up my production capacity, I believe my own contribution will go a long way. Thank you very much.”

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Ika News: Comrade Davison Ojie excelling in farm work, says he will do better with govt loan

Ujor Joins Councillorship Seat Race

The outgoing Supervisory Councillor on Heath, Hon. Uche Ujor, has on Tuesday December 8, 2020 during Ward 3 meeting of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Boji-Boji Owa in Ika North East Local Government Area declared his intention to represent the people as their Councillor in the forthcoming local government elections.

Hon. Ujor after his councillorship declaration was accompanied by teeming supporters to the country of home of their party LGA chairman, Rt. Hon. Chuks Agborma to formerly to solicit for more support that he (Ujor) should be given the opportunity to represent them for continuity of his good works at the ward.

While responding, Hon. Agborma stated that he is in support of all aspirants as the party LGA chairman and whoever the party at the ward level produced as its candidate. He said that following the request of the people considering the assessment of the good works of Hon. Ujor that he has no doubt that he (Ujor) when given the needed supports to represent will do better.

He appreciated them for coming, even as he admonished on peaceful coordination in campaigning to avoid disqualification of their aspirant.Earlier, a PDP leader in Ward 3, Mr. Paddy Ozue solicited for Ujor to be given the opportunity to serve for effective representation, remarking his impacts, especially in the area of empowerment of the youths with skills and provision of starter packs despite he is not holding any elective position is clear evidence that he has their interest at heart.

He further stated that Ujor is a loyal party man who can be called to order for any misbehavour rather than voting someone who after emerging starts looking down on them.

On his part, Ujor campaign director, Mr. Jerry Ebeye pleaded with their party ward 3 leaders to support his principal (Ujor) for the way forward of their ward and the development of the youths.

Hon. Ujor, promised effective representation of the people. According to him, “If I am given the mandated to contest and elected, I will improve on my good works, which is to do more for the people.

I believe their choosing me to represent them will not be a misplaced priority, because my template for seeking to contest for the councillorship position is all about putting the people first, especially the youths.“I will not share money, but engages our youths in training to acquire skills to become business owners, make money for themselves, be employers of labour and be self-relent.

Continuing, the councillorship aspirant promised not let his great party (PDP) down

Hon Agboma praying for Ujor
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Ika News: Ujor Joins Councillorship Seat Race

Court remands suspected phone thieves

Two men who were reported last week for allegedly stealing phones in Agbor have been remanded by the Magistrate’s Court in Agbor.

It be could recalled that the accused persons, Chukwuka Omosor, (30), an indigene of Kwale and Frank Joseph, (30) who hails from Owa-Alero Community in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State were apprehended by members of Agbor Gha-Ihun security group on 20th of November, 2020 after they were involved in phone theft operations at Imudia Street and Orikeze Avenue, Agbor.

They were charged at the court presided over by Magistrate S. A. Anini, on two major count charges of conspiracy and theft which could possibly serve them a maximum punishment of 7years in prison.

Just as expected, men of the formidable security group were also at the court while ensuring that justice is served.

However, the court remanded the suspects at Nigerian Correctional Service, Agbor as the case was adjourned to December 17, 2020.
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Ika News: Court remands suspected phone thieves

AOPSHON Ika Noth East Celebrates Retired Headteachers

The Education Secretary (ES) Local Education Authority, Ika North East Local Government Area, Hon. Christopher Ekamagule has praised the efforts of the retired head teachers in his jurisdiction as the area Association of Primary School Head-teachers of Nigeria (AOPSHON) holds send-forth on their honour.

According to the ES, “The retired head-teachers records of service have shown that they have performed very well and I am proud of them for the fact that none of them was found wanting.“Every teacher should be proud to be teacher because teaching profession remains the mother of all profession. A teacher is never tired of teaching; retirement is a reward for every serving worker at the completion of their service year duration.

Workers who are opportune to attain retirement should rejoice and thank God for the privilege. Today is special day in the life of the retired head-teachers and I congratulate them on their retirement.Hon. Ekamagule who specially took time to eulogize the outgone AOPSHON chairman, Comrade Bridget Ngozi Igbedion for her dedication and wealth of knowledge, described her as a role model that every head-teacher should to emulate.

He encourage all that whatsoever one does should leave a good legacy to remembered for.

Earlier in her address, the Chairman of AOPSHON, Ika North East LGA, Comrade Mrs. Kate Isioma Onuoma thank God for preserving the lives of the retirees to work to retirement hale and hearty. She on behalf of the head-teachers congratulated them on their successful retirement from the noble teaching profession.

Comrade Onuoma remarked that the gathering was to celebrate the retired head-teachers for their immense contributions to the development of education sector, especially the school children and the society at large. She wished them a happy retirement and God’s blessings.Responding, the Chief Inspector of Education, Ika North East LGA, Mrs. Sorokwu Juliet stated that retirement is a dream and prayer for every civil servant. She bemoaned that teaching profession is losing its strength for the fact that some teachers are not committed to their duties, while admonishing head-teachers to learn to be fathers and mothers to children under their care and also emulate the leadership qualities of outstanding retired head-teachers to be able to manage their schools.The Head of Personnel Management (HPM), Local Education Authority (LEA), Ika North East, Comrade C.C Eyomosah, on her part, said she is happy to share in the joy of the retirees and lauded their efforts, which according to her will continue to speak on their behalf.

The Chairman Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), Ika North East, Comrade John Onwubuya and the Accountant LEA, Mr. Andrew Isiwekpeni respectively thumped up for the retirees on their meritorious service to the nation and prayed God to continue to keep them alive to reap the fruits of their labour.

In appreciation, Comrade Igbedion on behalf of the retirees thanked all who have shared in their joy. According to her, “I return all glory to God for keeping alive to see this day. It’s being God all the way since the date of our appointment as teachers.

Continuing, she decreed that retirement is not curse but to be enjoyed and that there is nothing to fear for. She enjoined the serving head-teachers to continue to put their best efforts to write their names in gold on completion of service year.

Former Ika North East AOPSHON Chairman, Comr. Igbedion flanked by Ekamagule, Onuoma, Eyimosa, others

Cross section of the retirees

Some executive members of AOPSHON, Ika North East Chapter
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Ika News: AOPSHON Ika Noth East Celebrates Retired Headteachers

Okowa’s administration, clear evidence of true, sustainable democracy

The youths in Idumu-Oba Quarters, Ekwuoma Road Chapter, in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State, has said that Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s administration is a clear interpretation of a true and sustainable democracy says Ifeanyi Ndubuisi.

The statement was made by the youth chairman of Idumu-Oba, Ekwuoma Chapter of the group, Comrade Ifeanyi Ndubuisi in a chat with journalists during the week. He used the medium to appeal to the Governor on issue that would be of benefit to the development of Umunede community and the people in the remaining years of his government.

He noted that construction of network roads in Umunede community would enhance social economic lives of the people and other neighbouring communities in the locality.

Comrade Ndubuisi stressed that the state government under the leadership of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is determined in building a stronger Delta.

The chairman prayed God Almighty to grant good health to Hon. Tony Elekeokwuri, the Ika North East representative at the Delta State House of Assembly, Mr. Miko Omeifo popularly known as, Greg, for their good works towards Idumu-Oba youths Ekwuoma chapter.

Ifeanyi Ndubuisi

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa
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Ika News: Okowa’s administration, clear evidence of true, sustainable democracy

Good governance: Alika commends Okowa

An indigene of Idumuesa in Ika North East Local Government Area, Mr. Godwin Alika has commended Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State, for his commitment to good governance and delivery for all Deltans agenda, adding that Deltans are proud of the Governors developmental strides since assumption of office.

“It goes a long way to show your capability process in transforming Delta State a ROAD MASTER”,he stated.

Speaking in the same vein, Godwin Alika commended Chief Barr. Frank Onyeisi Nwugo who he said has contributed immensely to the development of Idumuesa Kingdom in the provision of portable water-bore hole, influenced the taring Idumuesa link roads and awarding some pupils and students from Idumuesa scholarship. He urged him to keep it up as his people of Idumuesa are proud of him.

He thanked the governor of Delta State, Chief Barr. Frank Nwugo, Hon. Jude Ugbo and His Royal Highness, Okpara-Uku Mburichen Odili for their good, cordial relationship and leadership in their various offices. He prayed God to grant them wisdom, strength and prosperous life. Amen.

HRH, Okpara-Uku Mburichen Odili

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa

Godwin Alika

Chief Barr. Frank Onyeisi Nwugo
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Ika News: Good governance: Alika commends Okowa