Wednesday, November 25

Ika North East AOPSHON

AOPSHON Ika Noth East Celebrates Retired Headteachers

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The Education Secretary (ES) Local Education Authority, Ika North East Local Government Area, Hon. Christopher Ekamagule has praised the efforts of the retired head teachers in his jurisdiction as the area Association of Primary School Head-teachers of Nigeria (AOPSHON) holds send-forth on their honour. According to the ES, “The retired head-teachers records of service have shown that they have performed very well and I am proud of them for the fact that none of them was found wanting.“Every teacher should be proud to be teacher because teaching profession remains the mother of all profession. A teacher is never tired of teaching; retirement is a reward for every serving worker at the completion of their service year duration. Workers who are opportune to attain retirement should rej...