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Edoki to release 7 Ika language movies February End

An ace Nollywood producer and actor, Mr Monday Percy Edoki is set to release seven Ika movies at the end of February this year.

Açcording to Edoki, “It has been observed that one of the factors affecting Ika movies production is movie distribution channels. It is painful to note that over the years Ika has no film market and in a situation where there is no film market the interest of producing Ika Movie will not be there. As a movie practitioner and man who believes in our language, I will not be watching or see our Ika language fade away. It is a matter of fact. That some of our children don’t know much of Ika language and culture.

I believe in my language and culture especially,the traditional culture I participated during late 70s and early 80s am proud of them. Therefore, as a movie writer I have to think back of 70s and put stories together that will project our ancient culture most of the stories I gathered from my late grandmother that the the stories that made up the forthcoming movies. Some of the movies to be released include Omagha, Omehuduonye, Elu mbu MBEKU le OGISO, Obiaderi, UWA DI EGWU, AGHA ri Ali and Ogwu Egho”.

He further said,”The movie ‘Omagha’ displays a particular woman who was busy distributing fake information to people because she was first to have first hand information about education. She is seen to be the eye of the community and the community have much in her. We have Omehuduonye, as the title simplify that goes the story. The Omehuduonye is a woman who is so wicked and believes that she is always right. She is well known in the community as a wicked woman. ELU MBU is a technical IKA epic movie that story line were concede before the Civil War. MBEKU le OGISO is also a technical contemporary movie…

Many heard of the selfishness of tortoise and they have not witnessed it practical. Therefore, it is a means one can learn of the selfish of the MBEKU. Talking about the Uwa di EGWU and AGHA ri Ali. The promo along has been rated the best IKA movie worldwide because the film was shot with much carefulness. People assume it was a cenima movie and that is the movie taking my organization to Canada and Germany for movie projection.

It is a statement of fact that at the point of releasing this seven or eight movies we already have a plan of having a distribution center where people from far and near can come and buy at the same rate selling in Onitsha. We are not going to be distributing movies along but, we are still going to empower and sponsor some talented Ika musicians which we can also do a favour by marketing the music along with our movies.

It is also our plan as soon as we take off with the marketing of Ika movie and music in Ika land, we have to bring in some marketers from the east and west to come down and establish the selling point here with us in Agbor. We are proud of. CEFO PRODUCTION by engaging youths, men and women from street on weekly basis engage them into movie production. This action has really helped to reduce the rate of crime and promote interest of our youths in participating more into the Nollywood entertainment. As at present, I have over 250 members currently with me and that is why sometime we produced two movies at a time. CEFO PRESIDENT, has made efforts with DSTV as I speak some of the movies shot last year have been accepted by DSTV and internet channel. We are working hard to ensure that Ika Land becomes the home of Nollywood.

And we also advise our people that there is no need of going far because of movie production, we the CEFO organization are here to give them all our support”.

He expressed appreciation to the Dein of Agbor for his prayers and support. He also thanked patrons such as Dr Donald Peterson for assisting to host the National President of Igbo Films Forum, Mr. Chikezie Nkemdirim Donatus and his executive in Agbor last weekend where it was agreed that Igbo Film Forum President and the President of Ika Films Practitioners, Mr. Monday Edoki will pay a courtesy to DSTV Headquarters in Lagos to discuss modalities of creating Ika DSTV Channel or adding Ika into the Igbo DSTV Channel

Stakeholders and Nollywood Stars during a visit to Dr Donald Peterson
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Ika News: Edoki to release 7 Ika language movies February End