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BEDC should be sanctioned over cases of accidents from high tension cable wire

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The Ika Landlords/ Landladies Association, has called for the sanctioning of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company, BEDC over cases of accidents from high tension cable wires.

The association which spoke through her president, Mr Vincent Arimokwu JP, noted that the nonchallant attitude of BEDC on issues of accidents and vandalization of transformers and electricity poles is alarming and causes for a serious concern. Arimokwu mentioned a recent case where a 19-old-girl was almost electrocuted in Boji-Boji, Owa. He disclosed that the teenager who is undergoing a serious and painful experience that has led to the amputation of one of her hands , was abandoned by BEDC after the company’s cable fell on her..

He stated that since the ugly incident occurred his association has not abandoned the electricity victim’s family as efforts are being made to save her life.

“ Ika Landlords/ Landladies Association has been at the forefront of the high tension cable wire accident that occurred in Boji-Boji, Owa last week. Unfortunately, BEDC that was supposed to take responsibility and pay the medical bills of the victim did not show any concern. If the high tension cable wires were well placed issues of electrocution will never be there. Many high tension cables in Ika Land are dangling owing to the fact that they were not well placed. If BEDC was serious, the high tension cables would have been well demarcated with sticks, if that was done there will not be issue.

“We have visited the family home of the victim and they are seriously not happy with the condition of their beloved daughter. Something urgent should be done because it requires life. Even the police was not cooperative until we made them to understand what is going on. BEDC has now agreed to pay the victim’s hospital bills. My association is not against anyone but asking that the right thing should be done”

Meanwhile, the mother of the victim and a widow, Mrs .Nkechi Ijenamaka, has cried out to government, groups and concerned individuals to come to her rescue as she has no money to attend to the medical bills of her daughter.

“I am a widow. I have no money to pay for my daughter’s hospital bills. Since the accident happened I have been borrowing money from people. I don’t want her to die. Government and members of the public should please help out.”

She thanked the President, Ika Landlords/ Landladies Association, Mr Vincent Arimokwu,JP and the entire members of the association for the role they have played thus far.
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Ika News: BEDC should be sanctioned over cases of accidents from high tension cable wire