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Only a bastard answers to a name given him by strangers. He has no father to give him a name and so takes the name given him by strangers.Agbor has a name “Agbon” (The World), given, according to our mythology, by God Himself. For more than 4,700 years of continuous history and habitation of our land, we have borne that name in our community and wherever we go. Agbor is the name of our land and the language we speak.

Ika” is not the name or pseudonym of Agbor people. “Ika” is a name given by a renegade British Colonial Officer in 1936 to the vassals of Agbor kingdom, to spite the reigning king Agborbu of Agbor after an altercation. The name “Ika” was given to divide a once united people in the old Agbor Kingdom and whittle down the power and Majesty of their king.Ika is the name given to those vassal communities to create an identity for them different from Agbor. Ika was never meant to identify or describe the people of Agbor who already had a name and an indisputable identity.

Ika is the name given by a stranger and has no history or meaning in Agbor language and traditions.

No Agbor person alive was ever told by his parents that he is an “Ika” person. Ika is not a word with any meaning in our language or was it ever used in Agbor lore’s.

Anybody writing the history of our people and using the words “Ika History” is engaging in Fabrications and fraud. No place in that neighborhood was ever known as Ika before 1936, less than ninety years ago.

Agbor history goes far beyond 2700 BC and by implication beyond the present Dein dynasty. Dein dynasty since 1270 AD is the third dynasty in Agbor history and so far, the shortest.

Anybody involved in the promotion of “Ika” in Agbor is engaging in chicanery and deception for political gain. No Agbor person ever introduces himself as Ika. It is demeaning.

Our Local Government is named by the Nigerian Government as Ika South. We did not name the Local Government. We are Agbor people in Ika South Local Government Area. Nothing more.Agbor ni’Igidi oken ali.


Basil Okoh
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