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Our Laziness Has Brought Us Hunger -Bishop Ekpenisi

The Anglican Bishop of Ika Diocese, Rt. Rev’d Godfrey Ifeanyichukwu Ekpenisi has attributed the unseriousness of the nowadays people towards hard work to be the major cause of hunger in the land.Bishop Ekpenisi made this known during his sermon while officiating the child dedication service cum Baptism of baby Borngreat Chukwurinma, the second child of the Vicar in charge of St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Aliagwai, Rev. Kelvin Utomi Okowa on Sunday, April 25, 2021.Speaking on the topic he titled, “Creative to Dress and to keep”, Bishop Expenisi, said human beings are specially created by God to have dominion overall his creations.

According to him, “Our uniqueness is that we are created in the image and likeness of God, which totally differentiates us both in personality and reasoning. But this love of God for us has been abused by those who engaged in marriage of the same sex.

“As human beings, we ought not to live a life of fear for the fact that God has given us dominion over all things. The mandate of God for us is never to destroy what he has created but to dress and keep.”The cleric while expressing dissatisfaction over the laziness of nowadays human beings said God’s mandated to be hardworking and get busy.He added, “Besides insecurity, we have long ago lost the value of work, and it has greatly affected our economy. Our youths, particularly young men have become so lazy that only few now assist their parents in farm work.

“Farm produce during my growing up were in excess, and there were enough to eat. But since we lost the value of work (farming), the village people where the bulk of the farm produce comes have resorted to be living in the town to buy the Hausa yam. The Hausa yam which has now become our choice of yam eating because of laziness to farm work has affected the economy (inflation).

“The demand of Hausa yam is so high that the price has gone high that even our money cannot buy it in large quantity to feed for a long time. The prevailing hunger in the land is a lesson for our being lazy to work.“It’s obvious that today that our people who are doing farming use the Hausa’s as labourers for the fact that our people have totally backed out from hard work in the name of civilization”.

Bishop Ekpenisi said the future of Ika people is highly threatened with the unseriouness of the youths to work, saying everybody is anxious to make money and be successful in life without struggle.He stated that God designed human beings to work hard, stating that the narrative has been changed by the youths seeking for the shortcut to success in life. He said hard work cuts across all aspects of human life , saying, “As a student, you must work hard by taking your studies seriously and flee from exam malpractice, whoever we are, and whatsoever we do, we must work hard to do that we are expected to do and do it well”.

The Bishop while stating that God created everyone to be industrious called on parents and community leaders to go back to the drawing board of the old style of life to encourage the children, and the youths to be patient in life rather pursuing money wrongly in the name of engaging in Yahoo-Yahoo business for the dangers ahead is mysterious.

In a chat with journalists at the end of the church service, the mother of baby Borngreat, Mrs. Esther Chukwufunaya Okowa while beaming with smiles said her joy knows no bound over the dedication ceremony of her child, saying that she prayed to God for a baby girl, and He answered her. She thanked all who has come to share in her joy for coming, praying to the good Lord that her baby will remain a favoured child.

On his part, Rev. Kelvin Utomi Okowa described the ceremony as the Christians initiatory right of every newborn child to return them to God for appreciation and blessings. He specially thanked Bishop Ekpenisi and his wife, Evelyn Nkemdili for honouring their request to perform the baby baptism and dedication. He also appreciated all the clergies, and their wives, parents, family members and friends, like Evang. Emmanuel Odili and host of Aligwai people for their love.
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