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76-year-old widow raises alarm over claim to late husband’s property

76-year-old widow raises alarm over claim to late husband’s property

Obi Of Owa Is The Rightful Owner Of The Land Prince Victor Efeizomor

Crisis is currently brewing over claim and counter claim of a property built by one late Mr. Dennis Ijeh Eluemelem, 60 years ago in Owa-Oyibu, Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State.A 76-year-old widow and native of Owa-Oyibu, the administrative headquarters of the council, Mrs. Rose Eluemelem, alleged that one of the children of the traditional ruler of Owa Kingdom, Prince Wilson Efeizomor, has destroyed her late husband’s house at Owa-Oyibu near Ika North East Local Government Councill Secretariat.The aggrieved widow said that she is seeking for justice from government and other relevant authorities as Wilson Efeizomor has purportedly threatened her life if she does not hands off the property.She disclosed that the said property was built by her late husband more than 60 years ago but, wondered why Wilson Efeizomor, is laying claim to what does not belong to him.Hear her: I am the wife of Mr. Dennis ljeh Eluemelem, the owner of the property lying and situated at Owa-Oyibu, along Alero Road, near Ika north east local government council secretariat, Owa-Oyibu. Late Mr Dennis Ijeh Eluemelem, bought the parcel of land wherein he built his house from late Mathias Egbon.Mr Dennis Eluemelem, being an enlightened man, his transaction with late Mathias Egbon was documented. My family have been in absolute possession of the said property about 65 years ago without any hindrance, trespass or third party claim on the land.When lka North East Local Government Area was created in 1991, the property (building) was leased to the Nigeria Police before its present office was built at Owa-Oyibu.The Nigerian Police paid rent to us acknowledging that my husband is the owner of the said building. As a matter of fact, the Nigerian Police was a tenant to Mr Dennis Ijeh Eluemelem, my late husband, paying rent to him. This happened in the presence of the Obi of Owa and his children who never raised eyebrows, objection or third party claim to the said property, the 76 years old widow lamented.The children of late Mr. Dennis Ijeh Eluemelem, in a bid to ensure that their mother, Mrs. Rose Dennis Eluemelem returned back to the village as a result of her old age decided to renovate their late father’s house .It was learnt that in the course of renovating the said house that Wilson Efeizomor invaded the house.She described the actions of Prince Wilson Efeizomor, as barbaric, wicked and unlawful just as the old widow blamed Wilson for her predicament and war against her over her late husband’s property.She revealed that they have gone to court and won the case but wondered why Wilson is against her even as she appealed to government at all levels, including human rights activists to come to her rescue as she has been rendered homeless by Wilson .But in a swift reaction, Prince Victor Efeizomor who is the Special Assistant to the Delta State governor on Print Media, hinted: These allegations are false claims. His Royal Majesty (HRM) the Obi of Owa, is not in contention with any body over the rightful own of the land.The property/land is the ancestral land where previous kings of Owa kingdom are buried and it’s a sacride land and the land accommodates Owa Shrine.The woman and her family wrongful purchased the land from someone who is not the rightful ownership the property.The land in the time past and in the present belongs to the ancient royal family, the ruling house of Owa.The matter is already in court, funny enough, the defendants lawyer has not filed a single defence in the matter, but has consistently mislead his clients into believing that judgement has been given in their favour.At the same time criminally collecting legal fee and urging them to take possession of the property when no judgement has been given yet, infact the defendants lawyer, Mr. Ifeanyi Aghaulor has not file any defence.Although, the matter is in court, which amounts to subjudice when discussed, but it’s important to set the records strieght.The Obi of Owa, did not demolish any building neither did he order his son in that regard. Their allegation is just a figment of their imagination.The building in question is a made of mould bricks which caved in as a result of constant rain over the period. Nature is at work as the heavy rains might have affected it.Meanwhile, when a matter is in court , it’s expected that all parties should maintain status quo but they contemptuously went on a construction expedition.However, it’s within the power of the Obi of Owa ,as the overlord of the kingdom to approve of any land allocation in the kingdom, so where did they get approval?The mention of Prince Willson Efeizomor as a master mind and who is a federal government civil servant, is not only malicious but a calculated attempt to redicule his personality as he has nothing to do with the land issue.My advice to the defendants is for them to display or publish the judgement of the court granting, which gives ownership of the property to them, he added.

Mrs. Rose Eluemelem in front of the damaged building

Front view of the damaged building
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Ika News: 76-year-old widow raises alarm over claim to late husband’s property

Illegal dump site at Afia-Ogbemai: Resident cries out

By Marvin Enyosa

Residents of the street directly behind Afia-Ogbemai in Ime-Obi, Agbor head quarters of Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, have raised alarm over the pollution of their environment following the illegal refuse dump site located almost at the center of the market.

One of the residents who spoke to newsmen in tears on the hazardous nature of the dump site, Rev. Chuks Omezi, lamented the untold hardship on his household, regreting that the bad odour coming from the market dump site, chased three of his children off the house.

He explained that his family members and his church, Triumphant Royal Family Gospel Ministry, located few feets away from the dump site, had constantly witnessed difficulties during market days as the only road leading to residential buildings of the street would be covered by traders of the market.He asserted that most times, when they returned home, they would see human feaces or inhale odours of urine’s round corners of his building which is just less than eight feets to the dump site.

His words, “we are really suffering in this area because of the illegal dump site position just beside my building.

“We learnt that the host community, Ogbomudein, gave the market the portion to use as dump site, but failed to considered the effect on residents health.“

As the case may be, I no longer open my widows because of the bad odours coming from the dustbin. Three of my children have abandoned the house. Almost every week, it is either my children and I are admitted at the hospital for treatment or we are at the pharmacy buying drugs.

“Sadly, neither the local government council or the Councilors representing Ward 1 and 2, are doing anything to help us savaged the situation, but would not fail to come to the market on market days to collect revenue.”

“We also found out that some persons would throw sacks containing dead fowls on the dustin amongst other waste items which haven decomposed, becomes dangerous to our health.”

As at press time, the environment of the market was in to total mess, while the building of the Rev. Omezi, was indeed endangered by the heap of refuse at the illegal dump site.Meanwhile, Rev. Omezi and other residents of the area used the medium to call on the state government to visit the environment in other to assertain the ugly conditions under which residents behind the market resides.

Traders covering the entrance of the affected street

Rev. Omezi standing in front of his house closed to the illegal dump site

The post Illegal dump site at Afia-Ogbemai: Resident cries out appeared first on IKA Mirror Newspaper Online.
Source: Ika News Agbor
Ika News: Illegal dump site at Afia-Ogbemai: Resident cries out