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Great Workers Union calls for Govt. Assistance

Power generator repairers under the auspices of Great Workers Union, Ika Chapter has called on the three tiers of government to come to their aid in terms of empowerment and granting of soft loans to members to enable them overcome the numerous challenges facing them in course of doing their business.

This was made known to newsmen during the 2019/2020 end of financial year of the union held on Saturday December 12, 2020 at the union’s secretariat along Abraka road behind Onuwa Technical, Boji – Boji Owa Ika NorthEast Local Government Area.

Speaking to newsmen, the President of Great Workers Union Mr. Monday Ikey disclosed that the organization has been in existence for almost a decade but that they have never had any help or encouragement from the government as he pointed out that one of the reason why Youths have refuse to go into business like generator repairing and some other legitimate businesses is because the government is not encouraging those who are into such business adding that if those in government put in place policies that will better the lots of those into the technical jobs which, members of the union are into, it will go a long way in attracting the younger generation into such technical vocation.

He noted that the cost of running a generator repair outfit is on the high side as it is expensive to rent a space or a workshop, some tools needed for the job are also expensive while Government on their own part collect monies from them in the name of revenue collection.

He urged the youths to shun evil and engage in positive activities saying that life is that whatever action ones takes now, it will definitely tell on ones future.

The adviser of the Union, Mr. Joseph Aremiche Agboifo, popularly known as Dokita Best pointed out that the union just inaugurated new executive’s members to pilot its affair adding that the organization which has been existing for a very long time, deemed it necessary to let the world know that they are suffering.

Dokita Best stated that since the existence of the union, they have never had help from the government in terms of soft loan or empowerment of any kind even when they are recognized as those who are really into the generator repair and servicing business.

He noted that aside been an employment opportunity, the business also complement the effort of power generation in the country and that if the government encourage them, youths will see it as a worthy venture to go into.

On their part, the duo of the Vice President Mr. Chucks Eluma and the General Secretary Mr. Andrew Udha pointed out that if the government gets involved in the welfare of members of the union, it will go a long way in improving the services they render to the public.

They appealed to the state government to recognize their importance to the society as helping the union grow would also mean helping the society grow.

Great Workers Union, Ika Chapter
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Ika News: Great Workers Union calls for Govt. Assistance