Monday, November 23

girl child

Keeping the girl child save

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True to life storyKingsley Igbedion 08171280408 This perennial times associated with Covid-19 parents must keep watch on their female children- judging from the recent happening of reports of defilement of the girl child. Just the other day as I walk along one of the roads in DDPA layout area of Agbor, I overheard a woman who is in her late 20’s telling her daughter of about 11 years old, to go to one of the fine buildings on the opposite side of the road. Looking at the house through the dwarf fence, I could see that it was well endowed with beautiful flowers and assorted types of fruit trees. From a reliable source I later found out that the owner of the building stays abroad. The only occupant of the building is one Musa the gateman. Hear what the woman was telling her da...