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Forgetfulness and its impact

Forgetfulness is quiet an ambiguous word,which can be viewed in different ways as a result of critical thinking, when one’s thought reached a limit, thereby, making one to really be in the state of absentmindedly. Imagine this funny accident the other day at Asaba,this man drove to ShopRite in his car, after purchase of items with his car keys in his hands stopped a keke and boarded to Okpanam. It was when he alighted from the keke he boarded and with his car keys in his hands, he remembered he had left his car at Shoprite. It was as a result of critical thinking that had overwhelmed him a lot of thought in his head.Again, what of the case of a woman who went to the market With her little child sometimes ago and after buying things she boarded a taxi .Reaching her destination, she came down from the taxi and left, leaving her little child at the back sit of the cab. The taxi driver took notice of the child and called the woman back. The forgetfulness of her child was as a result of critical thinking.

Forgetfulness is very common among drug addicts, they easily forget at times their brain do function in anti clock wise, that was why a pretty lady after making use of the toilet, she forgot to flush it because she was so high on weeds not only that ,she came out of the toilet fully naked, forgetting her self. Forgetfulness is an act of bad critical thinking. Most people have lost their lives after being knocked down by vehicles not knowing when he or she walk on in coming vehicle. Some people will be walking and talking to themselves forgetting that they are on the high way.

Forgetfulness at home due to home problems, it is common some times married women forget that they placed some things on the fire in the kitchen. Critical thinking had taken over her and she forgot that she placed some thing on fire. Imagine this married couple who are on family planning after having children that fateful day,the man forgot to put on a condom. It was when he has discharged his wife after Marathon of pumping that he realised he did not put on the condom because he was not in a good frame of mind .As a devout Catholic, they have to accept their faith should the wife became pregnant, because abortion will not be considered. With this few analysis, you can now see what forgetfulness can cause.
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