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Welcome To The Fifteeneth Century

I walked briskly, almost running, I knocked at the door of my uncle’s gate which was not too far away from mine.Amanda had called, asking me to come.

I knocked repeatedly, but the door was never opened.The rain was drizzling, and as time flew by, it became more savage.I was done waiting. Since the fence was not too high, I might be able to jump over, and make my presence known.I guess they didn’t hear.

Quickly taking all the agility in me, I jumped over the fence, thanking God I landed on my feet.On my feet touching the ground, the door of my uncle’s house was wide open waiting for me.Then I saw the unexpected!

It was Amanda…… laying lifelessly on the floor.I didn’t need to take a second look as my eyes could not be deceiving me.With my shocked expression, a scream escaped my lips…And they all turned to look at the intruder.

My uncle’s wife- Aunt Deborah looked like a child who had just been caught stealing from her mother’s pot, while uncle Joe looked like he was going to explode any time soon.

I took another good look at the lifeless Amanda.And my eyes caught the sight of their bloody hands.Murderers!!!!!!!

I quickly took to my heels and fled from the compound, not looking back.Blood ceased flowing from my body.

My brain stopped functioning.And I lost focus.THEN,BOOM!!!!I fell on the floor.I saw stars.

After a period of what seemed like ages, a bright light shone into my eyeballs.


Hello everyone, what do you all think?I writing a novel, so give me your opinion on this prologue.

© Nma Ewere.
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