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Felix Caregivers Charity Foundation Out To Help The Less Privileged -Felix Edema

Felix Caregivers Charity Foundation has been established to help cater for the needs of the less privileged people in the society. The aims and objectives of the foundation was disclosed by the founder and Chairman, Mr Felix Edema in an online interview he granted Ika Mirror during the week.Enjoy reading:

Please can you introduce yourself?My name is Felix Edema, a native of Umunede living in United Kingdom. The Chairman of Felix Caregivers Charity Foundation.

Could you explain what led to the establishment of your foundation and how it started?Last year during the heat of coronavirus lockdown, I saw a video where people were struggling for a tuber of yam in Ika land. The video made me to share tears and realised that many people are suffering and need help to put food on their tables.

In what areas do you want the foundation to impact on lives?By providing food items and also help to send school drop-out back to school which will depend on the availability of the fund we have.

Are you going to fund it alone or you will require assistance of either government or international organizations?I will contribute in my own capacity and also seek assistance from well meaning individuals, organizations, government and International bodies.

You live abroad, do you intend administering the foundation?My trustee lives in Nigeria (Uche Anizor) and some volunteers who also live in Nigeria will help in coordination of activities of the foundation but, I will be coming to Nigeria often for major events of the foundation

How was your foundation recent activity where food items were distributed freely to people?Fine. The foundation has visted some orphanage homes and gave food items to them by my trustee and volunteers

What message do you have for the people in regards to the foundation?My message to people is for well meaning Nigerians to come together to help the less privileged by contributing their quota to this foundation and assuring them anything realised will be distributed accordingly to the less privileged for the purpose of the foundation.Thank you!
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Ika News: Felix Caregivers Charity Foundation Out To Help The Less Privileged -Felix Edema