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My Intimate Experience With Lula, The Ethiopian Girl

The order day I was going through my little library at the corner of my bedroom and saw one of those post cards sent to me in the good old days and remembered the good time I shared with Lula, the Ethiopian girl. Infact, you will enjoy reading it.

I arrived Addis Ababa ,the Ethiopian capital, precisely 11am local time in the winter season,on my way to Bombay, the airport was chilled, even the tarmac bus that conveyed us to the arrived hall ,seems as if it was shocked with ice block so cold. After going through custom and immigration formalities we were issued with transit visa then checked into the Ethiopia hotel, having settle in the hotel room,I phoned the waiter to get my lunch, the waiter was quick in attendance.While eating my meal, I internally peeped through my window to the road over looking the Ethiopian Hotel. The road was busy, once, I could see people in different attires milling to and fro, they were smartly dressed and some of them notably the youths wore American jeans and jacket, looking gay and happy.

After taking my lunch, I strolled around the hotel, I met some people and chatted with them. This people were happy to know that I came from Nigeria. Of course,FESTAC-77,still lingers in their minds. That festival really made Nigeria great. As I continued my walk ,I sighted a pretty girl as she alighted from a taxi,she was gorgeously dressed, putting on a flowery blouse neatly rocked in a pink skirt, she was holding a few note books and as she walked towards me I saw that she was a paragon of beauty, gracious from hair to toe. Her steps were perfect, walking as if on a deck of ship.

Good afternoon baby! I drew her attention. Hi, she replied and asked, are you from Kenya?, at the same time pouring out captivating smiles. Oh,no am a Nigerian, I told her. Am pleased to meet you, am Lula, a school teacher, she said to me as she placed the note books on her cheat, Ah! That a lovely name and am Kingsley .Am on my way to Bombay, it’s my first time in Ethiopia, am on transit, do you care knowing my place,? she asked. I accepted her kind gesture. As we walked along like newly wedded couple, she unfolded all about her family, saying, we are five in my family, my dad, my mum, my two brothers and I, the only girl. My father is an engineer with the Ethiopian Airline, my mother runs a restaurant down town and my brothers are in college. It’s splendid! I see you have a happy family, I voiced out. Thank you for the compliment, she replied, running her hand gently on her hair. We reached her home, the compound was adorned with beautiful flowers.

She led me into the sitting room, then brought two bottles of cold beer and placed one before me. As we sip on, we discussed sweet nothing words,she even asked me, if I can take her to Nigeria. As our chat was becoming more interesting, she raised her glass of beer and made me drank from it, and resting the glass of beer back to the table,then she wrapped her hand around my neck and gave me passionate kisses that lasted for about three minutes. Really she was good at it. Withdrawing her mouth from mine,she stood up, held me by my waist and showed me to her room,this is my room, feel at home, she voiced out at the same time unbottoning my shirt and pair of trousers. She so did it in a grand style,that in no time I was naked as the day I was born. And in few sounds she had as undressed also exposing her perfectly shaped body which I could mightily put as 36,28,38(figure 8).in such explosive and sexy mood,she slot in a sentimental music and began caressing me all over.

After the marathon show, I pulled away from Lula who was now resting on her back on the bed with her legs wide apart, looking at her perfect body,I ran my head through her hairs and kissed her warmly then said to Lula, you are good,I enjoyed your love making,I did also enjoyed you as well, she said remarked .

The next day Lula was right on time at my hotel and as the airline bus that was taking me to the airport began gliding off, Lula looking dejected, she was waving weakishly and only managed to voice out saying, remember to send me post card Kingsley as soon as you get to Bombay. I assured her that I will and I did send her a post card immediately.

I arrived Bombay airport, there after we maintained communication through post card for some time. During my sojoun abroad, I made friends with German girls, Russian girls and Indian girls. Even, Ireke ,the German girl I was to marry because of the love we shared. Her photograph is still placed conspicuously on the wall of my bed room. Of all these girls,non could match Lula, the Ethiopian girl in her bed- matic process.I pray wherever Lula may be,she should always be her humble self and still remain sexy.
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