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Engineer Austin C. Jimmy emerges Ika South ADC chairmanship candidate

Engr. Austin C. Jimmy of African Democratic Congress, ADC for the March 6, 2021 Local Government Council election. The ADC chairmanship candidate shortly after his emergence slams Ika South PDP over the emergence of the party’s candidate a week to its party primaries, stating that the era of playing with the people’s intelligence is over.

His words, “If PDP as a political party in power could betray itself, what do you think they can offer the general masses? .Barely seven days to their party primaries their candidates started emerging from the sky. They lack internal discipline and these are the same set of people clamoring to manage the resources of our local government. PDP and APC is the same rat but in different holes. PDP succeeded in installing a rubber stamp Chairmanship candidate and the imposition will be resisted by the people through their voter’s cards. PDP political leaders can’t continue to channel the resources of the people to their personal pocket thereby, subjecting the citizens to abject poverty. There is a great hunger in the land and the welfare of our people has been neglected for so long and this is the time to give back to our people. The people must benefit from their government, ADC is the only youth-oriented political party ADC is the only citizen-friendly political party that is ready for good governance at all levels, a vote for ADC is a vote for the welfare of our people and our resources must be channeled to the real owners that is the citizens of Ika South local government. The structure of ADC is the citizens of IkA South.

A vote for ADC is a vote for the freedom and dividends of democracy of our people. PDP and APC should be aware that they are still practicing analogue governance while ADC as a youth party of Ika South has gone digital. We appeal to the people of Ika South for their maximum support for ADC in entrenching a disciplined and people oriented leadership in the local government.
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Ika News: Engineer Austin C. Jimmy emerges Ika South ADC chairmanship candidate