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The Rain That Beat the Eagle also Beat the Vulture

In Alaika, there is a popular saying: ” MÍRÍŃ M’àh Ùgó’ń Wùfúà Ùÿíń” (The rain that beat the Eagle has made the bird even more good-looking”). Sometimes this saying is extended to include how the rain affected the vulture, a comparative strategy that reminds us that both birds are related. The extension to the vulture adds : “…Kàhńí hùń máh Ùdèlè gbùèh” (“… the one that beat the vulture just killed the bird”). Sorry for the Vulture. Sorry for being unlucky.

Whenever I hear this saying, I feel sorry for the vulture and envy the eagle. Some birds are affected badly by rainstorms and those that can fly high should thank their stars. I recall that Ika folksong that says: “… Míńríń màh Ń’ńùńú kà hùà Òÿíh….” Translated roughly as “… A bird beaten by the rain feels cold.” So, we can understand the predicament of the vulture, especially when its stomach is still a cemetery!

There is strong sympathy, in fact, admiration, for the eagle and no such sympathy or admiration for the vulture. In some countries, for instance, Nigeria, the vulture is metaphorically referred to as ” government pickin,” as a way of registering its being homeless and beyond punishment. It seems the vulture’s freedom is paradoxically a curse, for the bird is still under the bondage of dirt and disease. The eagle, on the other hand, is clean and far from contract of disease. Sorry, too, for government whose freedom is slavery, or abundance serious deficiency!One can see clearly that the rain that beat the vulture is devastating, and the same rain treated the eagle well. It is, therefore, very offensive to be metaphorized as a vulture, not only because of the idea that the referent is a scavenger, but because of the perception of the terrible looks. The vulture looks as if it is going to die any minute!

The main issue: that disfavor or mischief designed for the eagle is only helping the bird, ironically! Isn’t it true that we end up helping that person whose interests we think that we are undermining? If Satan had known that by taking Jesus to the cross and making him spread out his hands that he was advertising his new religion and initiating a very important force of globalization, he would not have ventured near that crucifixion. It, in reverse, cost him a lot.

The point, therefore, is that it is a sheer waste of time to plan to work against the eagle. That noble bird will triumph, what more, the conspiracy will end up helping the high flyer! It is even frustrating to for the rain to beat the eagle also. That rain should be for the vulture and make it look more and more terrible.

Isn’t it interesting the eagle can now perch on graveyards? As a symbol of nobility in the coat of arms! Is it really a vulture? Why drag the eagle into this mess ?

The eagle in that noble outfit also has another relative hidden away. Idealized as a criminal, that relative is the kite. It wasn’t beaten by the rain, but it has a bad name because it takes even if it belongs to another. It believes in not working to own.

What interesting relatives, eagle of the coat of arms. An opposite can sometimes be the real thing! So, this rain could have drenched the same person in different costumes, who knows? It is the same tropical storm breaking branches and breaking relationships and breaking people!the vulture could be the kite

… Who knows?

Citizen Miracle Ogor
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Ika News: The Rain That Beat the Eagle also Beat the Vulture

Appointment Of UNIDEL V-C : Residents Bare Their Mind

Residents of Boji Boji Metropolis have during an interactive session with Ika Mirror Newspaper reporter on Wednesday, April 28, 2021, commended the effort of the Delta State Governor, His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, on the appointment of Professor (Mrs.) Stella Chinye Chiemeke, a Professor of Computer Science, as the Pioneer Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.

It will be recalled that the Delta State Governor on Monday, April 26, 2021, appointed Vice Chancellors for the Three New Universities established by the state government.

Those appointed are Prof. Ben Emukufia Akpoyamere Oghojafor, for Denis Osadebey University, Anwai, Asaba. Prof. (Mrs.) Stella Chinye Chiemeke, for the University Of Delta, Agbor, and Prof. Jacob Snapps Oboreh, for the University Of Science And Technology, Ozoro.Here are the contributions of some of the respondents who bared their mind on the appointment of Professor (Mrs.) Stella Chinye Chiemeke, as the First Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor.Happy reading.

Mr. Azikiwe Samuel, A Civil Servant with the newly established University of Delta, Agbor, said “I may not have had a personal relationship with her, but with the little knowledge I have about her when I went for an interview at Ogwashi-Uku, for the position of a Bursar, I was able to understand that she is someone that is well endowed in terms of her area of specialization and I equally found out from some colleagues there, that she is very disciplined and homely. Her credentials is a welcome development and I equally acknowledge the fact that she will be of help to the new University based on her wealth of experience and her being able to coordinate issues that have to do with contemporary times especially as it concerns funding, because if you look at where she was before at Ogwashi-Uku, it’s like they were having this issue of funding but when she came on board, she was able to do the needful and at the end of the day things started moving as it ought to be in the school. So, I believe that in the same vein, she will be of help to this newly established University. My wish to her is that as she resumes as the first Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor, let her take all of us as part of the building process, so that at the end of the day we will all achieve the purpose of her coming and I equally wish her a wonderful and prosperous tenure as she pilot the affairs of this great institution”.Mrs. Anene Boyle Ngozi, An Officer in the School of Sciences at the newly established University of Delta, Agbor, said “I was very happy when I heard that Prof. (Mrs.) Stella Chiemeke, has been appointed as the pioneer Vice Chancellor of this University, it was very challenging, I see it as a new dawn, I see it as something good that has come to this University and to Ika Land, believing that everything is going to take a new turn positively considering the credentials and profile of the new Vice Chancellor. I strongly believe that she is equal to the task, however, she should work as led, urging that she should put God first, and all other things will be put in place”.

Mrs. Okposo E. N., A Lecturer at the newly established University of Delta, Agbor, said “First of all, I want to appreciate the Delta State Governor for the kind gesture of deeming it fit for a woman to be appointed, as you know, Three new Vice Chancellors were appointed for the newly created Universities and a woman is among them, that is a very good one and kudos to the Governor for appointing a woman for the University of Delta, Agbor, we are also very happy because looking at the antecedents of the woman from where she is coming from, it’s something to really hope for that better things will come with her emergence as the pioneer Vice Chancellor of UNIDEL, so we are hoping that she will come and take the institution to greater heights, because from her credentials we discover that she is a woman with a reputable character, a woman that has gone far in her chosen career and profession, and her appointment is going to spur the women to aspire for higher degrees/certificates and for higher positions. From what we have seen, she is somebody that has a good character and a good heart. I encourage other women to emulate her and also work in that line to attain such position and even more than she has attained”.

Mr. Ogunbor O. G., A Management staff of the newly established University of Delta, Agbor, said “The appointment of Prof. (Mrs.) Stella Chiemeke, as the Pioneer Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor, is a welcome development, she is a hard working woman of high profile and integrity. The woman is a family friend, I know her very well, she is capable of handling an institution of this magnitude, I know that she will pilot it to an enviable level. I have no doubt that with her wealth of experience she will perform her duties creditably well even better than some of her male counterparts.

I want to really appreciate His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, the Executive Governor of Delta State, for finding Prof. Stella Chinye Chiemeke, worthy of the appointment, and it also represent the gender balance of his administration, it is a good one, I want to once again appreciate him and commend him that he has done well”.

Mr. Cletus Eziokwu Okwuokenye, A Businessman, said “I got the information about her appointment online and confirmed that it was true. I commend our Executive Governor His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, for appointing a woman as the first Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor, it has proven to the women in the state that there is no discrimination on the female genders. However, I urge the new Vice Chancellor to let her leadership of the newly established citadel of learning be one that will be applauded through her efforts in putting in place the spirit of excellence in the school, being an Ika indigene she has to put up her best irrespective of tribe or ethnicity and be very much transparent. She should deploy every necessary administrative pattern that she knows will augur well with her and never give room for breakdown of law and order.

Further more, the new Vice Chancellor, should ensure that the voice of the school is heard, by giving the Students Union body of the school a good opportunity to exercise their franchise and bring the perpetrators of breakdown of law and order to book as quickly as possible geared towards instilling discipline among the students and conducive learning environment for all the members of the University community. With such harmonious atmosphere and quality education in the institution, she will be a woman of substance to reckon with, and a Pan Ika woman at all time”.

Mr. Emmanuel Uzor, A Businessman, said “The appointment of the new Vice Chancellor is a great news and a welcome development, I commend His Excellency the Governor of Delta State, for recognizing the role of the women in our society. It is a thing of joy that the pioneer Vice Chancellor of the University of Delta, Agbor, is a woman, the choice is indeed heart warming and it is a laudable achievement on the part of the Governor, knowing that it will give a sense of belonging to the women folk.

We expect the woman to perform very well, no doubt we have witnessed several activities of some women playing active roles in politics and have excelled tremendously in such assignments. I was informed that the woman is an accomplished educationists, hence I have no doubt in my mind that she will do well. Nevertheless, we urge her to take the University to higher heights in actualizing set goals and to also take Ika Nation to national limelight. I will further advise the new Vice Chancellor to carry out wide range reforms, so that the University will be one of the best Universities in Nigeria”.

Mr. Emmanuel UzorMr. Cletus E. OkwuokenyeMr. Ogunbor. O.GMrs. Okposo E.NMrs. Anene Boyle NgoziMr. Azikiwe SamuelProf. (Mrs.) Stella Chinye Chiemeke
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Ika News: Appointment Of UNIDEL V-C : Residents Bare Their Mind


I watched her as I used the back of my palm to wipe off the sweat accumulating on my fore head.Normally, anytime she wakes me up in the morning, I would either frown or complain.

But today, amidst my frown, I noticed something I haven’t probably noticed till now.She’s Beautiful!And her hand swayed, with her veins popping out.Indicating stress.

‘I was already used to it, she ‘liked’ strenuous activities.’Wasn’t she even going to look at me and smile.‘That one in a million-dollar smile that could make you fall just by looking at her.’

‘I was admiring her for crying out loud!’She quickly used her wrapper to wipe of the sweat on her face.I smiled, enjoying the view.Cinema!!!I need to take her a picture, so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas.

‘My dad needs to watch out.’Finally, she caught my attention.Not only that, she smiled.‘Her smile was like the sunshine.I nearly melted’Oh…. How I love my mother.My protector that worth more than gold and diamond.My hero.So…

If you love your mother,Say I love you mom!Shout out to all the mothers in the world.©Nma Ewere.
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Delta Local Government Polls Of 6th March, 2021; A Dance Of Shame.

The element of spice in every game is the competitive nature that flows with it. Without competition and rivalry, a game will basically lose its zest and becomes fundamentally boring. Politics is one of those kind of games that borders on competition and rivalry in that regard.

There must be a level playing ground for contests, before the winner and the loser can be ascertained. The recent Local Government polls that were conducted by the Delta State Independent Electoral Commission (DSIEC) was a historical disgrace.

It has evidentially proven the fact that the state Government is not sincere with its campaigns for the enthronement of a modern day Delta State via matching words and promises with deeds and conducts.The episode on the 6th of March, 2021 was a monumental fraud, one that has never been seen in any part of this world. Hitherto, we have been experiencing various kinds of Electoral Malpractices in Nigeria, but the scenario on that fateful day was a grand and sophisticated fraud.The DSIEC in conspiracy with the PDP, in what looked like a state orchestrated agendum, began the entire hanky panky game by substituting the names of the APC’s submitted lists of their would-be ‘Supervisors’, especially in Ika North-East Local Government Area.At the DSIEC office, in Owa-Oyibu, Headquarters of the Local Government Area, the thugs as allegedly hired by PDP, intimidated other Party Agents and physically assaulted them. It was even alleged that the Divisional Police Office (D.P.O.) of Owa-Oyibu Police Division, who was trying to make a video and as well take some photographs of the sacrilege as being perpetrated, was rough-handled in an attempt to seize his personal mobile phone.

Coming down to the Wards, most of the Primary Schools that were supposed to be used as Polling Centres, especially in Ika North-East Local Government Area, were under locks and keys.Electoral Materials were hijacked, seized and taken to the individual homes of some PDP acclaimed leaders, within the various Communities. The Electorates who were stranded and frustrated, went home without even voting in the end, especially in my home town Umunede and other neighbouring Communities like, Mbiri, Ute-Erumu, Ute Okpu, Igbodo and so many other towns and villages in Ika North-East Local Government Area of the state.

There were basically no election in most parts of the state as the shameful conspiracy made APC to pull out of the election, in order to avoid confrontations that may lead to mayhem.With results written in favour of the PDP, prior to the elections, as a confirmation of their various campaign statements, that oppositions were wasting their time and resources, the will of the people has been upturned once again.

The most hilarious part of the story is that the DSIEC, shamelessly came up with a result of the affected areas, whose process were ab-initio a nullity and went on to announce them.

That election is rather one of the most unfortunate event that can be associated with the state in recent times and the significance of such manner of impunity is that the degree of confidence in our people, with regards to the Government of the state, is diminished already.

Sadly, the way Malpractices are being encouraged and celebrated out of sentiments in this part of the world is our greatest undoing as a people. If we fail to initiate a change of attitude in every level of life we find ourselves, we will continually dwell within the Circle of Doom, because “what goes around, comes around”.

By: Hon. Sebastine Okoh
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Ika News: Delta Local Government Polls Of 6th March, 2021; A Dance Of Shame.


Since he was sworn in in 2015 as the executive governor of Delta State, Senator Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa has left no enlightened person in the state in doubt concerning his concept of governance. He has defined his purpose, which is to make a difference by impacting positively on the state and the people, on the principles of justice, equity, and fairness. In doing this, he has thus far, tried to engage experienced and high calibre professionals in his cabinet. He has also ensured that, as much as possible, the different parts of the ethnoculturally plural state are accommodated in political and other appointments.

Then, in the critical area of physical infrastructure, the empirical evidence on ground is that of equity. On road construction in which he has visibly demonstrated unerring focus and great commitment, there are areas yet to be covered, but keen and nonpartisan watchers of the development pattern can predict with some precision that those areas will ultimately become part of the infrastructure revolution.

Our focus here is however on the establishment of three new universities in the state. These are at Anwai, Agbor, and Ozoro. On the surface and given the huge and ever- rising numbers of candidates of Delta State origin seeking varsity admission, the establishment of three new varsities is most commendable.

But as a Delta indigene I am concerned about the financial and cost implications of establishing three new varsities at the same time. Although I am not part of the government of the state, and hence I am not in a position to know the financial strength of the government, I have been part of the varsity system in Nigeria long enough to have a fair idea of what it takes or what it should take to run a university and ensure that minimum national standards are maintained while aspiring and working towards minimum global standards.

That the three new varsities are but an upgrade of existing institutions does not in any way mean fiscal resources would not be appropriated for their basic infrastructure needs. The new varsities will have to employ the required academic and non-academic staff. There will also be administration comprising the office of the vice chancellor, the registry, the bursary, works and services, etc, etc.

One would have thought that the government of the state would have expanded infrastructure and facilities at the Delta State University, DELSU , Abraka, to enable it to increase the number of students it can admit. Anwai campus should have been allowed to continue as a degree-awarding college of DELSU. Again, the polytechnic at Ozoro should simply have been made a campus of DELSU.

The College of Education, Agbor would appear to be the institution richly deserving of the upgrade it was given. That would have meant two autonomous Delta varsities instead of the four the state now has. The College of Education, Agbor should simply have been transformed into a conventional university with the following faculties, education, arts , sciences, agriculture, social sciences, and management sciences. Education students would then choose their core teaching disciplines from the other faculties.

The point here is that the state ought to have considered one additional autonomous varsity at Agbor and ensure that it is expanded and equipped to annually admit a significant number of eligible candidates. Many countries in Africa do not have four public universities!

For a government that is committed to all-round development of the state, establishing three autonomous varsities in one fell swoop would be a critical financial challenge. The state has been battling with payment of long outstanding retirement benefits to deserving ones. There is also the problem of healthcare delivery.

If the decision to establish three new varsities was not a decision cast in iron, the government may consider a review, that the state can have a credible public varsity system that the government and people of the state would be proud of, and that the status of the varsities may not in the future be reviewed and thereby generate political dissension and wrangling and community agitation.

JGN Onyekpe, PhD, FHSN, teaches History at the University of Lagos, Akoka.
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New Arum of Ile Nobu who escapes with police handcuffs

-Prince Paradise

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Prince Paradise Global Concept, PPGC and owner, Prince Paradise Estate, Emuhu, Comrade Prince Emmanuel Okonye, has said that Chief Ifeanyi Ikem,the Arum of Ile Nobu is out to destroy his estate. Prince Paradise who spoke in an interview at his office in Agbor on Wednesday, March 1, 2021 called on the Nigerian Police to investigate Chief Ifeanyi Ikem, Arum of Ile Nobu for running away with its handcuffs.

His words, “I am Comrade Prince Emmanuel Okonye, the Chief Executive Officer, Prince Paradise Global Concept(PPGC)Limited. By the grace of God, my company is building the first estate in Ika land. It is located at Emuhu, in Ika South Local Government Area, Delta State.“The bottom line of all the accusations against me by Chief Ifeanyi Ikem,the Arum of Ile Nobu are null and voidI call it illiteracy. This is the time for every well meaning son and daughter of Ika nation, particularly the Dein of Agbor, His Royal Majesty,Dr Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekwuzi 1, to step in. They should not keep quiet and allow people to import an unknown culture to Agbor and Ika land in general. Ika land is a very peaceful place,so, we should not allow hoodlums and criminal minded people to destroy it.

On the recent attack on his estate, Prince Paradise said, “Recently, a group of people from Umunede are trying to practice what is called “Deve system”, in Ika land and I advised, this is the time for every son and daughter of Ika land to wade in, to stop the “Deve” system currently ravaging our land. My estate has no boundary with Umunede people, it’s in Ika South Local Government Area while Umunede is in Ika North East where I hail from. So, if we want to start by brotherhood, Umunede is more like a brother to me than Emuhu. My estate p is located at Emuhu. How can a group of boys come to me and asked me to settle them after living my comfort zone in Dubai to support development at home?. I took it upon myself as a challenge to come and develop my father’s land.

Rather than our people at Umunede to appreciate,they are fighting me, saying that I should settle them before I can do my project. They are not agents to the land I bought for the estate neither are they the owners of the land . They first started with a fake facebook account to attack my person and my companies, telling everyone that Prince Paradise Estate is fake, that it is a scam, that no one should transact business with my company. Fortunately, the good image I have, and with the trust people have in me, those false accusations couldn’t hold water. They are boasting that if I don’t settle them I will not be able to build my Estate .They are not Emuhu or even Ika South boys but, I wondered why they are fighting me.“Late last year, the same Umunede boys came and destroyed my property. I didn’t do anything. I searched for them and have a meeting with them.

They told me that I should come and settle them, that without the settlement I can’t go on with my project. Then I told them we are brothers, why should I be settling you, they didn’t give me any response because they are not a committee by government.I didn’t see any reason why I should be settling them. This was why I said that the Dein of Agbor should step in because those Umunede boys boasted that they own Emuhu, that Emuhu is a tenant to Umunede. That is a very strong word that can cause a tribal war in Ika land if nothing is done about it.

They said I should come and see them but, I didn’t see any reason why I should be settling them. I warned them to stay away because I am not dragging land with any body. The people who sold the land to me are Emuhu people and I have Emuhu people as my neighbours. The issue is that why are they not fighting those my neighbours. They are interested in Prince Paradise Estate because it’s a company, and a huge project. I have bought land from the indigenes of Emuhu not a community land.I begged them that even if they are not selling they should please sell to me because we need enough space for the Estate. They sold to me and all of them that sold their lands to me are all alive and they are not having issue with anybody. Unfortunately, the Umunede boys have been trying every means to bring down PPGC image.

We thank God they have not succeeded. The more they are planning to tarnish our image, the more we are moving forward.So far, they have destroyed my property worth about two million naira,but I didn’t say anything. The second time they came they attacked my people and robbed them, taking their working tools along with them.I kept them quiet ,then the third time the damaged caused by them was worth millions of naira, including my Lexus Car.

Continuing, he said, ” For the latest attack, as soon as they heard that we have started tarring the road,they came and destroyed things,beat up many people in the site which is attempted murder .So, what will I do?.I have to protect my investment because they’ve boasted that if I take the matter to the police they will not be arrested. Really, any time I reported to the police ,they usually feel reluctant to go for arrest, they find it difficult to enter that zone(Idumu Ile) because they know it’s a troublesome zone.

So, I forwarded my petition to Police Zone 5, Benin-City where their arrest was effected. Surprisingly, they resisted arrest to the extent that the Chief Ifeanyi Ikem, Arum of Ile Nobu ran away with police handcuffs.They said that the police cannot take their Chief away,so they started shooting at the police.The police men were professionals, they have to run for their dear lives.I was surprised to read on the newspaper that I attacked Arum.It’s not an attack but an arrest by police officers from Zone 5.

On the woman that was shot, I felt that it was a trick by Arum and his boys, they shot the woman not the police. The cartridges they displayed explained that better. If it’s really true that they survived attack from Prince Paradise what they need to do was to go to the police, report the case and asked for my arrest. I am always available. Why are they running from the police. The traditional ruler of Umunede, HRM Ezenwali Agadagidi 1, is aware of what is happening. He has done his best to settle it, unfortunately, the boys have no respect for him. Those boys don’t have respect for their King. They want to import an unknown culture to Ika land, that will not happen, we will not allow it to happen in Ika land .We are doing what we are doing peacefully. Therefore, we are going to resist any attempt to destroy our good work.On the issue of court case, my company sued Samuel Nwaneri, Solomon Ugbebor, Innocent Onwuegbuzie, Stephen ChimaOf Idumu Osoba and Osegbene in Umunede for 1billion naira for damages and defamation of character after they have told the public that Prince Paradise Estate is a scam . On 2nd of March we went to Agbor high court but they were all absent in court and only sent a lawyer .

Dollar man and Pero called and said they are going to assassinate me for developing Ika South without coming to settle them with “Deve”, that I will not last more than this year because they are going to kill me. I have my evidences and the police is already trailing them and they are on the run.

Comr. Prince Emmanuel Okonye
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Ika News: New Arum of Ile Nobu who escapes with police handcuffs

A Lecture Presented By Ewere Okonta

A Lecture Presented By Ewere Okonta At The Commity Of Dedicated Friends (CDF) Third Distinguish Lecture Series, Held On 28th, February 2021 Topic: Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict is a normal part of any relationship. After all, two people cannot be expected to agree on everything, all the time.The key is not to avoid conflict but to learn how to resolve it in a healthy way.

When conflict is mismanaged, it can cause great harm to a relationship, but when handled in a respectful, positive way, it provides an opportunity to strengthen the bond between two people.Whatever the cause of disagreements and disputes, by learning these skills for conflict resolution, you can keep your personal and professional relationships strong and growing.

What causes conflict?Conflicts arises from differences, both large and small. It occurs whenever people disagree over their values, motivations, perceptions, ideas, or desires. Something these differences appear trivial, but when a conflict triggers strong feelings, a deep personal need is often at the core of the problem.

These needs can range from the need to feel safe and secure or respected and valued, to the need for greater closeness and intimacy.Think about the opposing needs of a toddler and a parent. The Child’s need is to explore, so venturing to the street meets that need. But the parent’s need is to protect the child’s safety, a need that can only be met by limiting the toddler’s exploration.

Since these needs are at odds, conflict arises. The needs of each party plays an important role in the long-term success of a relationships. Each deserves respect and consideration.In personal relationships, a lack of understanding about differing needs can result in distance, arguments, and break-ups. In the workplace, differing needs can result in broken deals, decreased profits, and lost jobs.When we recognize conflicting needs and are willing to examine them with compassion and understanding, it can lead to creative problem solving, team building, and stronger relationships.Key takeaways in conflict resolutions:

A conflict is more than just a disagreement. It is a situation in which one or both parties perceive a threat (whether or not the threat real)Conflicts continue to fester when ignored. Because conflicts involve perceived threats to our well-being and survival, they stay with us until we face and resolve them.We respond to conflicts based on our perceptions of the situation, not necessarily to an objective review of the facts. Our perceptions are influenced by our life experiences, culture, values, and beliefs.Conflicts trigger strong emotions. If you are not comfortable with your emotions or able to manage them in times of stress, you won’t be able to resolve conflict successfully.Conflicts are an opportunity for growth. When you are able to resolve conflict in a relationship, it builds trust. You can feel secure knowing your relationship can survive challenging and disagreements.How do you respond to conflict?Do you fear conflict or avoid it at all cost?If your perception of conflict comes from painful memories from early childhood or previous unhealthy relationships, you may expect all disagreements to lead to conflict as demoralizing, humiliating, or something to fear.If you are afraid of conflict, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.When you enter a conflict situation already feeling threatened, it’s tough to deal with the problem at hand in a healthy way.Instead, you’re more likely to either shut down or blow up in anger.Healthy and Unhealthy ways of managing and resolving conflict:Unhealthy Responses to conflict:An inability to recognize and respond to the things that matter to the other person.Explosive, angry, hurtful, and resentful reactions.The withdrawal of love, resulting in rejection, isolation, shaming and fear of abandonment.An inability to compromise or see the other person’s view.Feeling fearful or avoiding conflict; expecting a bad outcome.Healthy Responses to Conflict:The capacity to empathize with the other person’s viewpoint.Calm, non-defensive and respectful reactionsA readiness to forgive and forget, and to move past conflict without holding resentment or anger.The ability to seek compromise and avoid punishing.A belief that facing conflict head on is the best thing for both sides.The ability to successfully resolve conflict depends on your ability to:

Manage stress quickly while remaining alert and calm. By staying calm, you can accurately read verbal and nonverbal communication.

Control your emotions and behaviour. When you’re in control of your emotions, you can communicate your needs without threatening, intimidating, or punishing others

Pay attention to the feelings being expressed as well as the spoken words of others.

Conclusion:Be aware of and respect differences. By avoiding disrespectful words and actions, you can almost always resolve a problem faster and easily.We should strive always from letting disagreement generating to conflicts. Even when it results to that, we should always adopt healthy Responses to conflict resolutions.

Thank you for listening and God bless you all.
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Ika News: A Lecture Presented By Ewere Okonta

Ogor Obuh Congratulates Chief Dr. Phillip Onyekpe On Appointment As JP

Mrs Ogor Esther Obuh, the wife of late iconic Community leader and elder statesman, Tony Obuh, has congratulated Chief Dr Phillip Onyekpe JP, on his appointment and successful swearing in as a Justice of Peace.The Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, who was at Oki – Agbor Community, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, to rejoice with the Obasogie of Ugbeka Kingdom, on Monday, March 1, 2021, in a chat with Newsmen stated that the Justice of Peace Award bestowed on the Community leader was well deserved.

She described Chief Dr. Phillip Onyekpe JP, as a honest and upright man, saying “I am sure they have checked his pedigree before he was made a Justice of Peace, you know it’s not easy to just make someone a JP, he deserves it and I know that he is going to do well.

I wish him long life and for him to continue doing what he is known for, he is known for truth, he should stand for truth no matter what happens.

Mrs.Ogor Esther Obuh, a philanthropist and loving daughter in-law to the Oki Community, used the medium to encourage members of the great PDP family in the community to keep campaigning even to the camps of other people that are not in the Peoples Democratic Party, saying “I know that 100% victory for us is sure, in fact a win win all the way”, she concluded.

Mrs Ogor Esther Obuh

Chief Dr. Phillip Onyekpe, JP
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Ika News: Ogor Obuh Congratulates Chief Dr. Phillip Onyekpe On Appointment As JP

Festus Okoro now Justice of Peace

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Festy Motorcycles with head office at Abraka Road by Convent Street, Mr Festus Okoro has been sworn-in as Justice of Peace by Justice C.N Ogadi of the Agbor High Court. Okoro was sworn-in alongside other twenty Justices of Peace on Monday, March 1, 2021 at the High Court in Agbor. The epoch event was witnessed by family members, friends and well wishers.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Festus Okoro,JP thanked the Delta State Government for finding him fit and worthy for the office of Justice of Peace. He promised to abide by the rules and regulations guiding the JP office.

He expressed appreciation to his friend, Mr Chukwuma Aliagwu, JP, his family members and all persons who in different ways contributed towards the fulfilment of his dream of becoming Justice of Peace.
The post Festus Okoro now Justice of Peace appeared first on IKA Mirror Newspaper Online.
Source: Ika News Agbor
Ika News: Festus Okoro now Justice of Peace

How my family and I survived deadly attack from Prince Paradise

-Arum of Ile Nobu

-Arum sent his boys to destroy my cars and on-going projects in my estate says Prince Paradise

The newly installed Arum of Ile Nobu, Umunede, in Ika North East Local Government Area, Delta State, Mr Ifeanyi Ikem has raised an alarm following the recent invasion of his house at Ile Quarters in Umunede on Thursday night, February 18 by gun men. The Arum disclosed that his wife was shot by the gun men and he was rescued alongside his children by residents of the area who responded quickly and courageously put up a strong resistance.

He said, “A day before yesterday which was on Thursday, February 18 around 10pm to 11pm at night my house was attacked. On that fateful night, my people were in my house, so, I put on the generator because there was no light. They were with me till about 11pm before they left for their various houses. As soon as they Ieft, I put off the generator and went to bed to sleep. I was about to sleep off when I had voices in my compound and immediately my dogs started barking. For some minutes I kept quiet, then the strange gun men started asking ” Who dey who dey?”.Their voices were not familiar to me at all. My wife responded by asking who is that? .One of the gun men responded by saying, “It is me come and open the door”. My wife responded a second time, saying, “I’m asking who are you and you are telling me to come and open the door.” One of the men in his response said he was looking for “Mr BEST”, that my wife should come out from her room and open the door. My wife then asked for his name and he said his name is “Mr SUN’ . At this moment, he was standing at the window side of my room. I quickly and cleverly brought down the curtains. The same man shouted that I should come and open the door, that we just put off the generator. That was to say that they have been around monitoring me . Another member of the gang insisted that I must open the door. I said to myself if these people are police officers they won’t come at that time of the day to arrest me.I looked through my window and discovered that they were not on uniform. They were putting on morfty, only one of the gang members that wore a bullet proof vest and a jeans jacket.

They stated that they came to arrest me. While still inside my room,I quickly put on my short nicker and get prepared for the worst. By this time they were hitting the gate leading to my parlour very hard and almost destroying it. As their boasting was getting too serious, we had no option than to start shouting that night. Our shouts did not stop them as they went ahead to remove the glasses in some of the windows, removed the iron protector and gained entrance into my children’s room. My wife started shouting. My brother who lives near my house heard our shouts, summons courage, came out outside and called the man who lives in the next house. I resisted the three armed men who gained entrance through the window. Additional three armed men later walked into the house making them six in number. They dragged me out .Then, I realized that they were all armed. Some of them were with AK47 and others with small pistols. They kept dragging me until they noticed that many of our people have trooped into my compound asking why they were dragging me.“When they saw that more persons were trooping into my compound, some with motorcycles and some with touch lights in their hands, one of the gang members said to his colleagues that they should go but, the one that held me said no. They shot sporadically into the air so as to scare people away from my compound. My younger brother asked the armed men “who sent you people?”, What is the problem? What did he do that made you people to attack him?. It was at this point they opened up and said that the person who sent them was “PRINCE PARADISE”. I asked, what did he say I did to him?. The leader of the gang said he is accusing me of the vandalization of projects and cars in his estate, noting that I sent people to destroy Prince Paradise Estate. That I also sent people to destroy the cars of the engineers working in the estate. The statement got me very angry and quickly I asked them, “Did he send you people to come and kill me?.They came with three cars. When they saw the crowd in my compound they left me, rushed into the cars and zoomed off. My brother and I chased after them. Our intention was to hold one of them but in that process they shot my wife on her leg. We chased them but they excaped. I thank God that my wife is responding to treatments.

I don’t really know this person called “PRINCE PARADISE“. Before now, he invited me to Agbor where he lives and I declined. I did not vandalise his project or cars, it was just a false allegation against me. This matter has gotten to the hands of government. We are waiting to hear what government will do about it because I do not want to take laws into my hands. I want the people of Ika nation to know that PRINCE PARADISE is after my life. He should be held responsible if any evil thing happened to me,my wife and children.

Meanwhile, Prince Emmanuel Okonye, MD/CEO Prince Paradise Global Concept (PPGC), in an interview with Ika Mirror stated that he invited the police to arrest Mr Ifeanyi Ikem (Arum of Ile Nobu), pointing out that Arum and his boys destroyed cars and other items worth millions of naira in his estate.

His words, ” I invited the police to arrest Arum for using his boys to destroy cars and other properties in my estate. They have carried out the wicked act more than three times. I reacted by bringing in the police because I must protect my business, it’s my source of livelihood. I’m an easy going and peace loving man who meant well for my people. I want the best for my people, hence, I came down from abroad to contribute meaningfully my quota to the growth and development of Ika nation. Arum and his boys should stay away from my estate. My estate is in Emuhu and not Umunede. I cannot be doing business in Emuhu and boys from Umunede will be asking for “Deve.

On the shooting of Arum’s wife, Prince Okonye said, ” The police officers did not shoot her. If at all she was shot, Arum and his boys did that to her to further deceive the public.”

Mr Ifeanyi Ikem

Prince Emmanuel Okonye
The post How my family and I survived deadly attack from Prince Paradise appeared first on IKA Mirror Newspaper Online.
Source: Ika News Agbor
Ika News: How my family and I survived deadly attack from Prince Paradise