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Unemployment, a critical issue in Nigeria

– Monday Oribe

Native (Dr) Monday Oribe of Central Community (Idumu-Ugbo) in Abavo Kingdom, in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State has opined that unemployment in Nigeria is one of the most critical problems the country is facing in spite of its resources.

The Native Dr. made example with the International Labour Organization which says in sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria inclusive unemployment affects between 15 percent and 20 percent of the workforce.

He noted that young people comprises more than 40 percent of the total number of the employed in most cases.In the light of this, the Federal Government and the State government should create job opportunities for the teeming youths population who have graduated from schools.

Native Dr. Monday who made the assertion during the week at his country home is a member of the National Association of Nigeria Traditional Medicine Practitioners (NANTMP) Delta State Chapter. He appealed to government to open trado-medical centres in each local government areas in the state.

He said he specialized in the treatment of stroke, mental problems, bareness, weak erection, poison of any kind, appendicitis, diabetes, pile among others. He said he inherited the practice from forefathers.He appealed to the three tiers of government to come and assist trado-medical doctors so that they can perform better than orthodox doctors.

(Dr) Monday Oribe
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Ika News: Unemployment, a critical issue in Nigeria

Upgrade Of College Of Education

Upgrade Of College Of Education, Agbor To University Of Education, Agbor : Residents Speak

Following the announcement few weeks ago by the Delta State Government that the College of Education, Agbor has been upgraded to a University of Education, Ika Mirror Newspaper reporter on Tuesday, February 9, 2021, visited the College of Education, Agbor, to get the personal views of some workers and residents of Boji Boji Metropolis on the positive development.

Here are the contributions of some of the respondents who bared their mind on the issue.Okokoyo Peter, A Chief Lecturer, with the College of Education, Agbor, said, “It is a gladden moment for all of us, gladden in the sense that the upgrade is already overdue because all the facilities are already in place, infrastructures are in place, the manpower are already in place, so I think it’s a welcome development and overdue for the upgrade.With the upgrade, my advise to members of the College Community is that all of us should adjust to the new system either to be operating in the NUC system now that it is a degree awarding system and there are lot of give and take in it. Professionally, I know that it will definitely occur, so we all will try to adjust to the new moment of the upgrade.

Odor Uchechukwu, A Staff of Staff Model Secondary School, Agbor, said “We are all elated for the development, it’s long overdue and we know that the College of Education is almost dying, NCE is almost phasing out, so we are all happy that the institution has been upgraded knowing that it will bring development to the town too.

However, my advise to the members of the College Community is that all has to be up and doing and upgrade ourselves too, to make the University standard because if we don’t do that, it will look as if we are still running the University as NCE or we will produce half baked graduates.

Ogunbor Godswill, Deputy Registrar Exams And Records, College of Education, Agbor, said “I want to express my sincere gratitude to God Almighty for making our dream come thru and to our amiable Governor His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyichukwu Arthur Okowa, for his magnanimity to have granted us this University status, to him be the glory, we appreciate him, we have been expecting this to come and actually he has made our dream come through, we are grateful to him.My advise to members of the University Community haven attained this feat, is that the upgrading is a very lofty one, of which everybody must seat up, it is no longer College of Education, Agbor, but now a University status and we must also live to that standard of a University status in responsibilities above what we are operating on previously.

Darlington Okonma, A Staff of College of Education, Agbor, said, “The upgrade is good, it brings out development, it upgrades the society, it brings out good morals, it makes people and it also brings out good people from the society.

With the new status of a University, my advise to members of the College Community is that those that have not upgraded should use this opportunity to upgrade themselves especially the Non academic staffs and some of the Lecturers that have not gotten their doctorate degrees, so that they can meet up with international best practice.

Ugbebor Gilbert, A Lecturer, with the College of Education, Agbor, said “First and foremost we are grateful to God for using our state Governor to upgrade the College to a University level. Going by the structure, if you go through the College of Education, Agbor, you will see that we have structures on ground, there are some Universities who do not have the structures we have here, and I believe that the visitor who is the state Governor is aware of that. God is indeed helping Ika people, we are now seeing the light, we now know the importance of education, so I believe that God has touched the heart of the Governor to upgrade the institution. Again, if you look at the student population, it has reduced drastically, students are going to other places to seek for admission and they are not giving them. Moreover, if you look at the Lecturers here, in the whole of South South region, I think this school has the highest number of PhD holders, so upgrading the school, I believe is a good development for the Lecturers here and for those that have not gotten their PhD, it will make them to work harder to get their own PhD so that they can give out the best to their students. Also in terms of human resources, this school has what it takes to be a University, like I said earlier I do go to many schools, I have friends who are lecturers in other schools, we write together, we publish together, even some government and private universities don’t have the structures we have here, so I believe the Governor have done so well, I applaud him myself and I pray he will live long.

However, I strongly believe that the School, can do more than Education courses since we have the structure, going by the name, if you look at some Higher institutions, for instance in London, we have London School of Economics, there they study Law, so I believe that the University can do more than Education Courses and I pray that it will touch the heart of the state Governor to also recruit Lecturers in other field so that this institution can do more than educational courses, and apart from that when you look at the place where the school is located, it is the center of the state and Agbor people are very hospitable they welcome visitors.I believe that this school is going to develop the community, it’s going to develop our children, so what the Governor has done is a great thing for Ika Nation and I also believe that by the grace of God many students will come to this institution for their educational pursuit because of the suitable location.

Azikiwe Ehiedu Samuel, A Staff of the Consultancy Unit of the College of Education, Agbor, said “It’s a welcome development, we want to appreciate His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, for even taking the bold step in making the school to be upgraded to a University status, because it has been long overdue and for that we really appreciate him.With the upgrade, I will like to encourage the students to see this as an opportunity to upgrade themselves especially the NCE students who more often than none do not continue their programme and end up in the NCE level, so I urge them to endeavour to advance further to the University level. For the Lecturers, some of them are still within the Masters degree level, so now that the school has been upgraded to a University level, let them equally upgrade themselves by going for their PhD programme, equally for the Non teaching staffs who came into the College with NCE, OND or First degree, they should as well upgrade their certificates to higher level, while those with Masters degree should go for their Doctorate degree, that’s the advise I have for all my colleagues that are here with me.

Edeme Benson, A Retired Government School Principal, said “The upgrade of the College of Education, Agbor to University of Education, is a welcome development that is highly appreciated, kudos to our proactive Governor Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, because of his pragmatic leadership acumen.

Having a University in Ika Land will further enhance the growth and development of the place with several students from all walks of life coming here for studies. Even the NCE graduates will use the opportunity to upgrade their certificates.

I will also advise the Lecturers in the College of Education, Agbor, who are still using the Masters degree certificates, to redouble their efforts and go for their Doctorate degree certificate before they will be shown the way out from the institution. For the Non academic staffs, I urge them to improve themselves and go for higher certificates in order to be fully accommodated in the upgraded citadel of learning”.
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Ika News: Upgrade Of College Of Education

LG election: PDP Ward 8, 20 leaders hold strategic meeting

Ahead of the March 6 Local Government Council election, a coalition of party men and women of the People’s Democratic Party involving Ward 8, 20 (DISEC wards) and generally Ward 6 (Federal Ward) of Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, has kick started plans toward ensuring maximum votes for the party.

This was, as the ward’s leaders held her strategic meeting on Thursday, February 11, 2021 at Agbor-Nta, Agbor.The meeting called at the instance of the Ward Chairman, Mr. Friday Kiweze, charged the leaders to channel their energy towards routing out eligible voters across the wards to vote for PDP in the election, adding that they will not spare a vote for the opposition party.Mr. Friday speech was corroborated by that of the most senior leader and State executive of the party, Hon. Collins Bello, who posited that APC has no ground in both wards.

Hon. Bello who took the leaders round memory lane as to making the party stand out in their votes, urged all political appointees from the wards to rededicate their commitment, particularly to show capacity while warning strongly against anti-party practice.He also charged the ward woman leader, Mrs. Patient Obuseh, to live up to her expectations while calling on her to always attend ward meetings.A one time governorship aspirant from the Ward, Dr. Chukwuma Nwaonicha, preached peace and unity amongst the leaders, stressing that only with such drive will they be able to achieve the needed result in the election.

Dr. Nwaonicha used the medium to commend Hon. Collins Bello for his passion towards ensuring a stronger, better and progressive PDP in the wards.On his party, the ward election coordinator, Hon. Michael Abanimoro, assured of hitch-free campaign cross the wards. He however disclosed that date for the ward campaign shall be announced after a committee meeting fixed for the next day.The meeting ended with great excitement as all present expressed their readiness for the election.

Those in attendance were; Hon. Collins Bello, Hon. Michael Abanimoro, Dr. Chukwuka Nwaonicha, Hon. Mrs. Pat Onyesome, Mr. Desmond Ekuh, Ichazu Sunny, Ibude Ebigwu, Giweze Friday, Ben Igumbor, Dr. Osiele, Peter Egun, Alele Fred, Igbeneme Justina, Obuseh Patience, Nwaonicha Martins, Ojomah Nwachukwu, Kenneth Osabor, Oki Ikenchuku, John Egede, Augustine Igbenigun, Lucky Happy Onyeacholem, Edgar Onyeka Odiase, Sunday Ebigwu, Victor, Francisca Jacob, Roseline Okwuazun, Joel Onyeacholem and Williams Chukwuyem.

Leaders and members of the wards in a group photograph

Hon Collins Bello speaking during the meeting
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Ika News: LG election: PDP Ward 8, 20 leaders hold strategic meeting

Igbodo Farmers Raise Alarm Over Fulani Herdsmen Invasion

The people of Igbodo Kingdom, especially farmers, have raised the alarm over the invasion of their farmland by suspected herdsmen of Fulani extraction, warning that if nothing was urgently done, they may resort to self help.

Speaking with journalists during the week, the Acting President-General Igbodo Development Union (IDU), Mr. Peter Igah lamented the menace of Fulani herdsmen in Igbodo which according to him was unbecoming and total unacceptable.

According to him, “We can’t imagine living with fear in our own community. The invasion of Igbodo farmlands by the herdsmen portends grave consequences for every member of our community for the fact that it’s an agrarian community.

The Fulani herdsmen are no longer distant story for all, but an ugly reality going by the recent invasion of our farmlands and consequently destroying of farmlands and crops worth millions of Naira.“The most painful aspect of it was the setting ablaze people’s farmland that’s nearly to harvesting. The lives of our people are threatened because those who saw the Fulani herdsmen said they were armed to the teeth with guns and other sophisticated weapons.

Mr. Igah stated that despite several complains to security agencies, concerned bodies amidst several meetings that none have yielded result, appealing to the state governor, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa to stop the potential peace threat and restore security in the land by asking the herdsmen to steer clear of their farmlands.

He reminded Governor Okowa to know that if the excesses of herdsmen not curtailed could cause impending famine and hunger in the state.

Mr. Peter Iga

HRM Osedume I, the Obi of Igbodo
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Ika News: Igbodo Farmers Raise Alarm Over Fulani Herdsmen Invasion

Welcome To The Fifteeneth Century

I walked briskly, almost running, I knocked at the door of my uncle’s gate which was not too far away from mine.Amanda had called, asking me to come.

I knocked repeatedly, but the door was never opened.The rain was drizzling, and as time flew by, it became more savage.I was done waiting. Since the fence was not too high, I might be able to jump over, and make my presence known.I guess they didn’t hear.

Quickly taking all the agility in me, I jumped over the fence, thanking God I landed on my feet.On my feet touching the ground, the door of my uncle’s house was wide open waiting for me.Then I saw the unexpected!

It was Amanda…… laying lifelessly on the floor.I didn’t need to take a second look as my eyes could not be deceiving me.With my shocked expression, a scream escaped my lips…And they all turned to look at the intruder.

My uncle’s wife- Aunt Deborah looked like a child who had just been caught stealing from her mother’s pot, while uncle Joe looked like he was going to explode any time soon.

I took another good look at the lifeless Amanda.And my eyes caught the sight of their bloody hands.Murderers!!!!!!!

I quickly took to my heels and fled from the compound, not looking back.Blood ceased flowing from my body.

My brain stopped functioning.And I lost focus.THEN,BOOM!!!!I fell on the floor.I saw stars.

After a period of what seemed like ages, a bright light shone into my eyeballs.


Hello everyone, what do you all think?I writing a novel, so give me your opinion on this prologue.

© Nma Ewere.
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Ika News: Welcome To The Fifteeneth Century

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s DayBy Ochuko Grace

Valentine’s Day Ochuko Grace, Nduka Stella Dorcas, Anita Onyinyechi Chibuogwu, Ifeanyi Marvellous, Iduwe Onyi Bervily, Dariese Edesiri Joy and Ifeanyi Faith

St Valentine Day is an annual frendship admiration.Every year on 14 February people celebrate this day by sending messages of love and affection to partners ,family and friends .A card sent, often anonymously ,on St Valentine’s day to a person one loves or is attracted to.The holiday has origins in the Roman festival of lupercalia,held in mid-February. The festival which celebrated the coming of spring,included fertility rites and paring of of women with men by lottery.At the end of the 5th century ,Pope Gelasius replaced lupercalia with St.Valentine’s Day.

What is the history Valentine DayBy Destiny Ifechukwude Chibuogwu

I interviewed Mrs Stella Chibuogwu and she said Valentine’s Day is not a big deal as it is something that comes and go even little children knows about it. She said like Christmas that comes and go but all she knows is for lovers and married couple not boyfriend or girlfriend that in the Bible, she gave example that is her church Christ Embassy they do lovers party for only married people who come together with their loved ones where gifts will be shared. She called on couples to identify with their loved ones during the period.

What is Valentine’s Day?By Nduka Stella Dorcas

First of all what is Valentine’s day, Valentine’s day is also called St.Valentine’s Day, which usually occurred (February 14) when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts.What are the origin of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day occurs every February 14. Across the United States and others place around the world,candy, flowers and gifts are exchange between loved ones , from the ancient Roman .

How I will spend my Valentine’s Day

I will spend my Valentine’s Day in my church, singing and praising God for his blessings and mercy. I wish everyone out there happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s DayAnita Onyinyechi Chibuogwu

My name is Anita Onyinyechi Chibuogwu, a student of Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi- Uku, a Department of Business Administration ND 2.I am an I .T student of Ika Mirror Newspaper.

I was sent to interview Mr Henry Omelebelechukwu OforegbuAbout Valentine’s day….Mr Henry Omelebelechukwu Oforegbu said that the origin of Valentine is that Valentine was a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the 3rd century.

Story has it that during the time of Emperor Claudius who passed a strict law against marrying a Christian, Valentine knowing fully well his life was in danger took it upon himself to unite soldiers who were in love with their lover’s in a holy matrimony.Getting married in secret,his reputation grew due to his sacrifice he made to love and for love.Eventually Valentine was found and jailed for his crime against Claudius law….while in jail Valentine took care of his fellow prisoners and also his jailor’s blind daughter whom he loves so much. It was said that Valentine cured the girl’s blindness.

One of his letter’s to the girl who was blind before he was executed was written “signed by your love Valentine”Valentine was executed on February 14th, the year 270That’s is the reason we celebrate Valentine’s Day February 14th every year.According to Mr Henry Omelebelechukwu Oforegbu,Valentine’s Day is to remind people how much we as humans can love even amidst the huddles of life… it’s quite a day single goes out to celebrate and to remind humanity we appreciate each other with love.Life can be so hard full of up and down but let’s not forget that love is all we need to cure usLove is the elixir to it all.

Valentine’s DayBy Ifeanyi Marvellous

According to historians, Valentine’s Day is a successor of the ancient Roman feast of lupercalia dating back to 300 BC. Every year between February 13 and February 15, the Romans engaged in celebrations and rituals to honor the coming of spring. One of these rituals involved sacrificing a dog or a goat and using its skin to gently slap women, an act that was believed to increase their fertility. In addition, lupercalia debuted the ancient version of a blind date. Men and women names were drawn via a lottery and randomly matched to spend the holiday together. If they fancied each other at the end of the feast, they would marry soon after. In the 5th century A. D, Pope Gelasive decided to expel the pagan holiday and replaced it with a day for the celebration of a Martryl called Valentine, who was executed by Emperor Claudius. There are different legends about who St Valentine was. One tells the story of a christian priest who was imprisoned and fell in love with his jailers daughter.

My knowledge about St ValentineBy Iduwe Onyi Bervily

Valentines Day is also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the feast of Saint Valentine’s.It is celebrated annually on February 14. It is also the celebration of love and affection

Valentine’s Day occurs every February 14. Across the United States and in other places around the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of Saint Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint and where did these traditions come from? Find out about the history of Valentines Day, from the acient Roman ritual of lupercelia that welcomed spring to the card-giving customs of Victorian England.The history of Valentine’s Day and the story of it’s partron saint is shrouded in mystery. We do know that February has long been celebrated as a month of romance, and that St Valentine’s day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman traditions. But who was Saint Valentine, and how did he become associated with this ancient rite. When Valentines actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death. Still others insist that it was Saint Valentine of Terin, a bishop, who was the true name sake of the holiday. He, too was beheaded by Claudius II outside RomeIn addition to the United States, Valentines Day is celebrated in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France and Australia. In Great Britain, Valentines Day began to be popularly celebrated around the 17th century.

Valentine’s DayBy Dariese Edesiri Joy and Ifeanyi Faith

History of Valentine:There are many theories on how Valentine’s Day began,but the most noted one began in Rome in the year 265. Emperor Cladius 11 wanted a fierce team of young men to fight in his armies.He found out that when young men are in love or sharing their lives with a wife and children,they tend to be more cautions.Claudius may have outlawed love, but he could not stop it . young men and women still fell in love and wanted to become couples in the eyes of the church.

Valentine Day is celebrated each year, 14 February . Valentine’s Day is celebrated with your loved ones,be it your friend, your spouse, your parent or your children.Typically, people will celebrate by giving gifts such as flowers and chocolates as well as share a special dinner together.
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Ika News: Valentine’s Day

Origin and meaning of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine Day, is also called Saint Valentine or the feast of Saint Valentine and it is celebrated February 14th every year. The origin of Valentine started from the ancient Roman which are also responsible for the name of our modern day of love. Emperor Claudius executed two men both named Valentine on February 14th of different years in the 3rd century A.D.

How I will celebrate my Valentine’s Day?First, I will go to church and thank God for keeping me and my loved ones alive because there is a saying that says, ” in anything you do in life, put God first”. Then after thanking God,I will go and visit my loved ones,share that happy moments with them,wish them a happy Valentine’s Day. Nothing much just celebrate that special lovers day with my loved ones.. Thank you.
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Ika News: Origin and meaning of Valentine’s Day?


In Ika, an Obi is regarded with religious awe. “He forms yet another link in the hierarchy of society which passes from men to Obi, to ancestors, to gods and up to the Supreme Being.”

In the olden days, the Obis of Ika guarded their supremacy very jealously. No one within the kingdom was allowed to rival them in prestige or pomp. For example, it was a crime for the ordinary mortal to wear clothes resembling any of the Obi’s, build a bigger house than his, use his medicines or watch him eating. He had great magical power and was feared by all his subjects. The Obi was supreme. His decisions had a divine authority, and there was no appeal. He had the power of life and death. He would order the deposition or execution of Chiefs. He would command his people to till the royal fields and repair, or rebuild the palace and his commandment was urgent. He could appropriate the major game animals killed by hunters, and he exacted a penalty from any household, a member of which had been responsible for causing a virgin girl to become enceinte. He could take as a wife, not merely any unmarried girl he pleased, but the wife of any of his subjects. If two suitors quarrelled over a girl, the Obi might settle the matter by appropriating the girl himself. His servants bared their shoulders, and women, their breasts before him. His wives were guarded and attended to by castrated domestic men. Offenses against him were punished more severely than those against ordinary people. People never spoke to him without going down on their knees, and at times touching the ground with their heads.

He was said to be confined to his palace. His subjects treated him with differential respect. He ate alone. The parings of his hair and nails were secretly buried, for if some evil-minded medicine-men were to get hold of them, they might work them into a charm against the Obi’s health or life. He appeared attended to by a crowd of naked serving boys, some carrying ada, ebeni and other insignia of royalty; the greater part of the nobility and gentry also followed in the train. In those days, such public appearances were on rare occasions during important ceremonies when the people rejoiced at his appearance.

Like in the olden days, the Obi is not merely the head of the kingdom but he is the symbol of its unity. In him is unified all aspects of political system and the tenets of his kingdom’s religion. He is the head of the Idibie; he controls the diviners, the Iheren, the Omu, the priests, the witches, the magicians and all cults in the kingdom. As he is believed to be the nearest to the spirits, he is believed to have more powers than anyone else in the kingdom. His political superiority is emphasized in many ways, one of which is through praise names. He receives all the great praise names to which no one else in the kingdom is entitled. These praise names include Agu (Tiger is the king of the animals’ kingdom), and the Obi is the ruler of men in an Ika kingdom. He, whose power is likened to the Great One above; one whose will must be obeyed in the kingdom; he, who owns the kingdom; he, who has the last word; Obi Okusi-ogu; Obi tutu, and so many others. These praise names indicate the notion of the king of a kingdom, and he is the most feared, reverend and adored leader to whom all powers are attributed. The king is never judged but, if his advisers are warned to be careful, then he knows he is guilty.

He is a ruler and law giver, war leader and source of wealth. His person is sacred, his subjects remove their caps and bow their heads before him in adoration and flatter him with adulations.

He is called the father of all the indigenes. He is not a despot, but a constitutional monarch whose office brings privileges and responsibilities.

He is the custodian of the custom of his people. The whole kingdom is his own possession, and his welfare is believed to be vital to all. The Obi does not necessarily administer all justice, or perform ritual sacrifices; but while he can delegate these powers to officials, he is the final source of law and leadership. The Obi cannot, therefore, be scolded in the public or blamed. The blame is levied on his advisers.

To be without a king is regarded as disastrous. And for that reason, immediately after the death of an Obi of a kingdom, a new Obi is enthroned according to the tradition of the kingdom. A lot of guided rituals are performed before the heir apparent is coronated. The rituals include a symbolic ‘meal made in respect of his predecessor’s head’ known in Ika as iri eze, ‘eating king’. A nonagenarian responded told this author that in those days, ritual human sacrifices were offered to protect the Obi from bad spirits, witches and wizards and to cleanse the land. Nowadays, cows, goats, dogs, fowls and rams are used for these sacrifices.

The purity of the Obi is protected by elaborate rituals and taboos, which were very many in ancient times. It is certain to judge from the general trend that some of them were designed to ensure good moral behaviour. The values of the Obiship are reaffirmed and consolidated by periodic ceremonies, the most important of which are ‘national or yearly festivals’, which focus on various aspects of the social and economic activities of a kingdom. During these festivals also, the Chiefs and subjects pay homage to the Obi and renew their allegiance.

To be continued…
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The Comity of Dedicated Friends (CDF) is proud to be associated with you.

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Arum of Ile Nobu, Umunede removed from office over #20 million illegal land deal

The Arum (a Traditional warlord / Administrator)of Ile Nobu, Umunede in Ika North East Local Government Area, Delta State, Mr Ndubuisi Oshiadi has been removed from office. He was shown the exit door by his people of Ile Nobu on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 after a resolution was taken on his involvement in an illegal land deal of twenty million naira( #20,000,000) with an Igbo businessman where about two hundred plots of land belonging to the Esegbena Clan was sold without the knowledge and consent of his people.

Speaking in an interview on behalf of the elders, a former president general, Umunede Progressive Union, UPU and the Igirigi of Umunede Kingdom, Chief Augustine Aghaulor said, “The Arum of Ile Nobu, Umunede,Mr Ndubuisi Usiade has been removed from office and a temporary administrator, Chukwudi Elelegwu has been appointed to act until a substantive Arum is chosen.

He was removed from office following his involvement in an illegal land deal with an Igbo businessman. The said Land meauring about two hundred plots belong to the Esegbena Clan in Umunde.He conspired with some persons in the family and collected twenty million naira (#20,000,000) from an Igbo businessman for the sales of the two hundred plots of land at a throwaway price. The transaction was illegal because it never followed due process. His duty was to co-ordinate activities affecting Ile Nobu on the advise of the elders and not to do anything at the detriment of the people. If there is going to be any plan to sell land it must be a collective decision by all the clans concerned. No stranger, no matter how highly placed in the society will dictate to us how to sell our land. The former Arum and his cohorts had earlier refused the sum of ten million naira(#10million) offered for seventy-five plots of land by Umunede indigenes in Lagos, yet, they sold two hundred plots of land for twenty million naira (#20,000,000).

We have met with His Royal Majesty, Agadagidi Ezenwali, the Obi of Umunede and he has directed that the said payment be refunded. He also directed that a substantive Arum be appointed twenty-one days after the removal of the former one. Therefore, following the arrogance, inpunity and corruption that trailed the llegal transactions, Ndubuisi Oshiadi was shown the way out. If the conspirators want peace and unity they must return the money because the land they sold belongs to all of the community. None of the clans has right to sell any land without the consent of the others.

He disclosed that a temporary Arum has been appointed from Ojubi Clan while the main replacement will come from Ozoba family because it is always rotated among the clans.

Meanwhile, at the time of filling this report, all efforts made to reach Mr Ndubuisi Oshiadi for his comment on the issue was not successful.
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Ika News: Arum of Ile Nobu, Umunede removed from office over #20 million illegal land deal