Thursday, October 22


Trado-Doctors Can Cure Corona Virus Chief Okonta

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By Joel Chukwuaghonim A prominent traditional doctor in Abavo Kingdom, in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, Chief Okonta, popularly known as, Dr Who Be Who, has said that trado-medical doctors can cure Coronavirus disease, if the cause of the disease could be discovered he said. According to Okonta, “God has created all roots, herbs and their functions”. Okonta who spoke to newsmen at his country home, at Okpe, Abavo during the week while giving an example with bees in the bush said that without looking for the bee’s trouble it will not stink. “Because man has offended God that is why God has reacted by sending man Coronavirus (Pandemic) Covid 19Speaking further, Okonta advised Nigerians to search for the tree that has bees to enable them know the c...