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Priest Aghagbon Julius Ogini sworn in as Justice of Peace

The Priest of the Temple of the Living God Sabbath Mission, Aghagbon Julius Ogini has been sworn-in as Justice of Peace, JP. He was sworn-in on Monday, March 1, 2021 by Justice C.N Ogadi at the Agbor High Court, Agbor, headquarters of Ika South Local Government Area, Delta State. The epoch event also includes, the swearing-in of other prominent Deltans of Ika extraction.

Speaking in an interview , Priest Aghagbon Julius Ogini said, “I feel elated. I am more than prepared to help address the moral decadence, insecurity and injustices in our society through my office as a JP. By the grace of God, I shall live up to expectations.

Before now,I have been involved in the crusade against indecent dressing,immorality and injustice. As a priest, I have changed many lives for good. We want immoral life styles to be a thing of the past and it has to start from the mission.

Aghagbon who is also as a retired secondary school principal disclosed that as a Priest of the Temple of the Living God Sabbath Mission,his prayer is for God to continue make him a light for others to see.“As a Priest of God, I don’t live a flamboyant life style because my reward is in Heaven. I am contented with what God has blessed me with. I will remain grateful to Him and also looked up to Him for everything I desire on earth.

While thanking persons who contributed in various ways towards to the success of his appointment as Justice of Peace (JP), Priest Aghagbon called on Nigerians to embrace God with the whole of their hearts, declaring that God is the only solution to the challenges facing Nigeria at the moment.

Like I said earlier I am out for service to both God and humanity. Nigerians should come back to God and serve him wholeheartedly. God is the only solution to our challenges as a country. If we embrace God with the whole of our hearts He will make our country great and the envy of other countries of the world. May God bless Nigeria.

Priest Aghagbon Julius Ogini JP, with other Justices of Peace & Justice C.N. Ogadi

Priest Aghagbon Julius Ogini JP, with family and church members

Priest Aghagbon Julius Ogini JP
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Ika News: Priest Aghagbon Julius Ogini sworn in as Justice of Peace

UNIDEL: Commissioner for Education visits COE, Agbor

Commissioner for Higher Education, Delta State, Professor Patrick Muoboghare today alongside the Surveyor General of Delta State, Mr Eboka Alex paid an inspection visit to the former College of Education, Agbor and recently christened University of Delta, Agbor to assess the facilities and infrastructure in the institution.

They were received by the member representing Ika South constituency at the Delta State House of Assembly, Hon Festus Okoh, the Provost of the College, Dr Hope Ukadike and other principal officers of the College.During the visit, Prof Muoboghare noted that the College of Education, Agbor was considered for the upgrade to a full fledged University not because of political considerations, but due to the fact that of all other state owned Colleges of Education, it is the best equipped in terms of infrastructure, accessibility and qualified manpower.

Dr Ukadike on his part, thanked them for the visit and pledged the full cooperation of management and staff of the College in the course of ongoing inspection tours leading up to the take off of the University of Delta, Agbor.

Provost, COE, Agbor, Chief Dr. Ukadike (4 right), Chuky Dandy (m),Professor Patrick Muoboghare (3rd right) & othersc
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Ika News: UNIDEL: Commissioner for Education visits COE, Agbor

How my family and I survived deadly attack from Prince Paradise

-Arum of Ile Nobu

-Arum sent his boys to destroy my cars and on-going projects in my estate says Prince Paradise

The newly installed Arum of Ile Nobu, Umunede, in Ika North East Local Government Area, Delta State, Mr Ifeanyi Ikem has raised an alarm following the recent invasion of his house at Ile Quarters in Umunede on Thursday night, February 18 by gun men. The Arum disclosed that his wife was shot by the gun men and he was rescued alongside his children by residents of the area who responded quickly and courageously put up a strong resistance.

He said, “A day before yesterday which was on Thursday, February 18 around 10pm to 11pm at night my house was attacked. On that fateful night, my people were in my house, so, I put on the generator because there was no light. They were with me till about 11pm before they left for their various houses. As soon as they Ieft, I put off the generator and went to bed to sleep. I was about to sleep off when I had voices in my compound and immediately my dogs started barking. For some minutes I kept quiet, then the strange gun men started asking ” Who dey who dey?”.Their voices were not familiar to me at all. My wife responded by asking who is that? .One of the gun men responded by saying, “It is me come and open the door”. My wife responded a second time, saying, “I’m asking who are you and you are telling me to come and open the door.” One of the men in his response said he was looking for “Mr BEST”, that my wife should come out from her room and open the door. My wife then asked for his name and he said his name is “Mr SUN’ . At this moment, he was standing at the window side of my room. I quickly and cleverly brought down the curtains. The same man shouted that I should come and open the door, that we just put off the generator. That was to say that they have been around monitoring me . Another member of the gang insisted that I must open the door. I said to myself if these people are police officers they won’t come at that time of the day to arrest me.I looked through my window and discovered that they were not on uniform. They were putting on morfty, only one of the gang members that wore a bullet proof vest and a jeans jacket.

They stated that they came to arrest me. While still inside my room,I quickly put on my short nicker and get prepared for the worst. By this time they were hitting the gate leading to my parlour very hard and almost destroying it. As their boasting was getting too serious, we had no option than to start shouting that night. Our shouts did not stop them as they went ahead to remove the glasses in some of the windows, removed the iron protector and gained entrance into my children’s room. My wife started shouting. My brother who lives near my house heard our shouts, summons courage, came out outside and called the man who lives in the next house. I resisted the three armed men who gained entrance through the window. Additional three armed men later walked into the house making them six in number. They dragged me out .Then, I realized that they were all armed. Some of them were with AK47 and others with small pistols. They kept dragging me until they noticed that many of our people have trooped into my compound asking why they were dragging me.“When they saw that more persons were trooping into my compound, some with motorcycles and some with touch lights in their hands, one of the gang members said to his colleagues that they should go but, the one that held me said no. They shot sporadically into the air so as to scare people away from my compound. My younger brother asked the armed men “who sent you people?”, What is the problem? What did he do that made you people to attack him?. It was at this point they opened up and said that the person who sent them was “PRINCE PARADISE”. I asked, what did he say I did to him?. The leader of the gang said he is accusing me of the vandalization of projects and cars in his estate, noting that I sent people to destroy Prince Paradise Estate. That I also sent people to destroy the cars of the engineers working in the estate. The statement got me very angry and quickly I asked them, “Did he send you people to come and kill me?.They came with three cars. When they saw the crowd in my compound they left me, rushed into the cars and zoomed off. My brother and I chased after them. Our intention was to hold one of them but in that process they shot my wife on her leg. We chased them but they excaped. I thank God that my wife is responding to treatments.

I don’t really know this person called “PRINCE PARADISE“. Before now, he invited me to Agbor where he lives and I declined. I did not vandalise his project or cars, it was just a false allegation against me. This matter has gotten to the hands of government. We are waiting to hear what government will do about it because I do not want to take laws into my hands. I want the people of Ika nation to know that PRINCE PARADISE is after my life. He should be held responsible if any evil thing happened to me,my wife and children.

Meanwhile, Prince Emmanuel Okonye, MD/CEO Prince Paradise Global Concept (PPGC), in an interview with Ika Mirror stated that he invited the police to arrest Mr Ifeanyi Ikem (Arum of Ile Nobu), pointing out that Arum and his boys destroyed cars and other items worth millions of naira in his estate.

His words, ” I invited the police to arrest Arum for using his boys to destroy cars and other properties in my estate. They have carried out the wicked act more than three times. I reacted by bringing in the police because I must protect my business, it’s my source of livelihood. I’m an easy going and peace loving man who meant well for my people. I want the best for my people, hence, I came down from abroad to contribute meaningfully my quota to the growth and development of Ika nation. Arum and his boys should stay away from my estate. My estate is in Emuhu and not Umunede. I cannot be doing business in Emuhu and boys from Umunede will be asking for “Deve.

On the shooting of Arum’s wife, Prince Okonye said, ” The police officers did not shoot her. If at all she was shot, Arum and his boys did that to her to further deceive the public.”

Mr Ifeanyi Ikem

Prince Emmanuel Okonye
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Ika News: How my family and I survived deadly attack from Prince Paradise

Unemployment, a critical issue in Nigeria

– Monday Oribe

Native (Dr) Monday Oribe of Central Community (Idumu-Ugbo) in Abavo Kingdom, in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State has opined that unemployment in Nigeria is one of the most critical problems the country is facing in spite of its resources.

The Native Dr. made example with the International Labour Organization which says in sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria inclusive unemployment affects between 15 percent and 20 percent of the workforce.

He noted that young people comprises more than 40 percent of the total number of the employed in most cases.In the light of this, the Federal Government and the State government should create job opportunities for the teeming youths population who have graduated from schools.

Native Dr. Monday who made the assertion during the week at his country home is a member of the National Association of Nigeria Traditional Medicine Practitioners (NANTMP) Delta State Chapter. He appealed to government to open trado-medical centres in each local government areas in the state.

He said he specialized in the treatment of stroke, mental problems, bareness, weak erection, poison of any kind, appendicitis, diabetes, pile among others. He said he inherited the practice from forefathers.He appealed to the three tiers of government to come and assist trado-medical doctors so that they can perform better than orthodox doctors.

(Dr) Monday Oribe
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Ika News: Unemployment, a critical issue in Nigeria

Okowa, Nwokolo, Okoh, others, bag Abavo Clan Union awards

The umbrella group of the Awu(Abavo) people, Abavo Clan Union (ACU) has presented awards to the executive governor of Delta State, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa(Good Governance award), member representing Ika Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives, Hon(Barr) Victor Nwokolo(Service to humanity award), a popular author and custodian, Chief Dr Ferdinand E.Onyekpeze(Culture and tradition award) and other well meaning sons, daughters and friends of Abavo Kingdom. Other awardees are:His Royal Majesty Uche Irenuma 11, the Obi of Abavo Kingdom (Peace Initiative Award), Chief Agbejie Osemeha(Culture and tradition award), Council of Olotus, Council of Chairmen,Barr J.B.Ibude, Francis T. Ebimaro, and Okpe Community (Community Administration awards),Pastor Ifeanyi Agbeyeke, Mr Ngozi Isibor, Deacon Obiazi Johnbull, Mr Fortune Ebie, Sam Mayanwo, Mr Ema, Inner Circle, Committees of Concerned of Citizens,Chief Philip Agbeyeke, Abavo Clan Union, Asaba Branch (Community Development awards), Mr Alex Dumdum Ikhanagbon(Agriculture,oil milling award), His Excellency Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, CSP Ogwaa Samuel, Chief Charly Gboma, Miracle Okoh(Security awards), Mrs Veronica Okowa, Dr Amayo(Health Care Delivery awards), Barr V.N.Adaikpo, and Barr I.G.Kalikwu(Legal profession). Others are: Prof Ogwu, Dr Igabari John, Mrs Egwuelu(Education), Rita Izuoje, Pastor Timothy Ujam(Sports), Abeku, Mrs Romina Onyeario(Music), Pa Joe Onyibe, Frank Whyte Osabohien, Friday Olokor(Journalism), Bishop John Bienose,Rev. Fr. Ibude Victor,Rev Fr Jude Okocha, Rev Felix Uwaya, Rev.Sis. F.A.Osih(Christian Religion), Vannesa Alex(Beauty Pageant award), Dr Donald Peterson (Human capacity building award), Rt Hon Martin Okonta, Hon(Barr) Victor Okoh, Hon Chukwuyem Okoh, Hon Cosmos Igbinije,Hon Cordillia Anyangwu, Hon Festus Izoje, Hon Frank Aghedo and Hon Francis Ogini(Politics).The ACU maiden award ceremony took place on Saturday, February 6,2021 at the Abavo Civic Centre, Abavo, in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State. It was attended by prominent Abavo indigenes, including the immediate past chairman, Ukwuani Local Government, Hon(Barr) Osakwe, the President-General, Agbor Community, Mr Larry Egun Onyeche and Dr Donald Peterson.

The President-General, Abavo Clan Union, Mr Jonathan Agbejeagwe Ohioya, in his address said that the reason for the awards was to recognize and appreciate all Abavo sons and daughters, including friends of Abavo Kingdom who have in various ways contributed immensely to her(Abavo) growth and development. He disclosed that there was no sentiment in the selections of the awardees as it was mainly based on merit.

He noted that Abavo is moving on to the next level because of the relentless efforts of the awardees and other well meaning people of the kingdom. While congratulating the awardees, he urged them to keep on with the good works they are doing for his people, assuring that they are going to remain grateful to them. He used the medium to call on all Abavo indigenes both home and abroad to join efforts with Obi Uche Irenuma 11 and ACU to develop their place of origin.

One of the awardees and the immediate past chairman, Ika South Local Government Council, Hon. Barr. Victor Okoh in an interview stated that he was very happy to be honoured with a meritorious award by his people, adding that the award was given to him due to his selfless service in the Community and the entire Ika South Local Government Area.

While appreciating ACU for the honour, he said that the award will serve as an encouragement to him to do more for his community and humanity.On his part, the founder, D’PETERSON Foundation, Dr. Donald Peterson expressed gratitude to ACU for honouring him with an excellent award in Human Capacity development. He requested for the provision of forty Abavo youths and fifty teachers that will be trained freely in Computer. He asserted that any youth or teacher who is good in computer will contribute better to nation building.

Also, Barr. Ikeckukwu Kalikwu who was awarded the best legal practitioner of the year thanked ACU for finding him worthy for the award, stating that he was indeed overwhelmed with joy. He disclosed that the award was not only for him but also, to everyone who stands for justice, adding that the award will spur him to do more for his community and humanity through his legal profession.

Other awardees who spoke to newsmen thanked ACU for the awards. They promised to continue in their support for the advancement of Abavo Kingdom.

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa

Hon Victor Nwokolo

Mr. Agbejeagwe presenting an award to Rita Izuoje

Mr. Agbejeagwe presenting an award to Chief Dr. Onyekpeze F.

Mr. Agbejeagwe presenting an award to Mrs. Egwuelu
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Ika News: Okowa, Nwokolo, Okoh, others, bag Abavo Clan Union awards

Delta gives reasons for establishing 3 new varsities

Delta Government on Wednesday said its decision to upgrade three tertiary institutions to universities was to eliminate wasteful expenditure and expand admission spaces for Deltans seeking university education.Governor Ifeanyi Okowa had on Tuesday sent a Bill to the State House of Assembly to approve the upgrade of institutions.

The Bill seeks the upgrade of College of Education, Agbor to Delta State University of Education, Agbor; Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro to Delta State University of Science and Technology, Ozoro and Delta State University, Anwai Campus to Delta State University of Science and Agriculture, Anwai-Asaba.

The Commissioner for Higher Education, Professor Patrick Muoboghare, told journalists at a news conference in Asaba that the state government was spending N458 million on 1,895 staff for 2,888 National Certificate of Education (NCE) students in the state’s three Colleges of Education.He stated that students had since lost interest in NCE programmes which accounted for their low number in the colleges.

On admission space into Delta State University, Abraka, Muoboghare said that with about five hundred public secondary schools and more than five hundred private secondary schools in the state, turning out SS3 graduates every year, the number of students in the state seeking university admission every year was high.

According to him, keeping brilliant children on the waiting list for university admission for too long is a recipe for crime.“For the 2019/2020 admission, 25,896 candidates chose Delta State University, Abraka, as first choice. Out of this number, 22,358 qualified, applied for and wrote the post-UTME examination.“Only 4,854 could find space after the admissions, leaving the remaining 21,042 candidates stranded and almost hopeless.

We need to provide for these qualified and ambitious children and this we are doing through the establishment of new universities by upgrading three existing tertiary institutions,” Muoboghare explained.He said that the state government intended to commence academic activities in the new schools in the 2021/2022 academic session once the State Assembly passed the Bill establishing them.

On his part, Commissioner for Information, Mr Charles Aniagwu, said that the motive for the new universities was to place them to become comparatively competitive and to meet the admission needs of Deltans which was on the increase on yearly basis.He commended the three arms of government in the state for their cooperation in the development of the state.

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa
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Ika News: Delta gives reasons for establishing 3 new varsities

Schools In Delta State Will Resume Monday, 18th January, 2021

— Chief Inspector Of Education

The newly posted Chief Inspector Of Education (CIE) for Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, has during an interactive session with newsmen at his Ministry of Education office within the premises of the Post Primary Education Board, Agbor, on Thursday, January 14, 2021, reaffirmed the state government position that Public and Private Schools in Delta State will resume academic activities for the Second Term of the 2020/2021 Academic Session on Monday, 18th January 2021, as earlier announced by the Delta State government.

Here are the excerpts of the interview. Happy reading.Good Morning Sir,

Please may we know you?Ans: I am Mr. Omonigho Abeke Henry, the Chief Inspector Of Education, newly posted to Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.Ques: We are aware that Public and Private Schools in the State were supposed to resume on Monday, 11th January 2021, after the Christmas break, before we got the information that it had been shifted to Monday, 18th January 2021, only for us to hear again that the resumption date has been postponed indefinitely.

As a stakeholder in the educational sector, what is the true position of things, so that the masses will be well informed?Ans: If you say that school resumption has been postponed indefinitely it is not correct, although that is the position of the Federal Government and not the Delta State Government position because education is on concurrent basis that every state wants to decide when to resume school. The Delta State Government has said that schools should resume on Monday, 18th January,2021, from all indications that position still remains.

Ques: As the Chief Inspector of Education in Ika South local government area, what is your advise to your teachers as they resume for the year?Ans: I will urge them to seat tight, they have to be disciplined, you have to have that emotional intelligence to actually know the different state of their level of learning and also identify the needs of the learners, for the fact that we have lost ground as a result of this COVID-19 pandemic. We have to look at things and offer sacrifices to see that the curriculum is not delayed because if we don’t meet up the demand of learning of covering the curriculum, you will see that at the end of the academic session the students will not be able to perform well as expected.

Ques: What is your advice to the pupils/students as they resume school?Ans: My advise to them is that they should respect their teachers, respect their parents, they should also know that they have lost ground in learning, they should do their assignment and come to school early and be prepared to learn.

Ques: Using this medium what is your general advise to both the pupils/students parents and other stakeholders within the educational sector?Ans: Well, it is a collective effort, the children, the parents and the society as well as the Ministry of Basic And Secondary Education. If we have to apportion percentage to the various stakeholders, if I should put it that way the learners will have more because if they are not ready to learn, give them all the materials and what it takes to become successful, they will still not measure up, if they are not ready to learn because you can’t break their head and put the knowledge, so they have to be studious.Then for the parents, no matter how brilliant your child is, without having the tools for learning that child will still not perform well. You will give her all the necessary tools, that is where you can now encourage that child by providing her with Textbooks, Notebooks and other writing materials.

Ques: Presently, there are some persons mostly the youths who feels that Education is a scam. In your own understanding is Education a scam?Ans: In my opinion, Education is not a scam, in the sense that Education is the key to development.

What else do you think that you can use to develop the society? Is it rituals? Is it 419?Education develops you as an individual and brings out the best qualities that is in you, it’s what you have that you can give. So, Education is not a scam, even if you are selling groundnuts, the illiterate person and the educated person is selling the same item, the packaging is different, the way you relate to the public is different. So it does not mean that you must work in government sector, even if you are a farmer, you are educated or a taxi driver, the public will see you by your attitude, even if it is skill you want to learn, you will perform better than someone who didn’t go to school. Even when you go to school, you can still learn skill.However, I urge everyone especially the youths to embrace Education because of its numerous benefits.Thank you…

Mr. Omonigho Abeke Henry
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Ika News: Schools In Delta State Will Resume Monday, 18th January, 2021

Agbor Youths Circle to enroll 50 youths under Delta State Vocational Education Centre

A community base youth organization in Agbor kingdom, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, Agbor Youths Circle, has rolled out plans to train not less than 50 Agbor youths through the Delta State Vocational Education Centre at Mbiri.

This was disclosed during the week by the President/convener, Comr. Marvin Enyosa, who posited that the youths circle was established to unite youths of Agbor kingdom for peace and positive development.He said the scholarship scheme was an approach of the youths circle to cushion the restiveness of her youths, taking them off the street to become relevant to themselves.

We hope to get 50 of our vulnerable youths empowered as trainees at the Delta State Vocational Education Centre, Mbiri.“This project is to afford, particularly vulnerable youths, the privilege of acquiring skills in the following field; Catering, Fashion/ Design, Hair dressing, Barbing, Electrical installation, ICT, Welding, Computer engineering, Event management, General craft, automobile, photography, textile, ceramics, Refrigeration, Entrepreneurship and Cosmetology.

We are going to pay for their registration and hostel accommodation fee as part of our initiative to directly impact on our vulnerable youths.“We are optimistic that beneficiaries become self-reliance, self employed and employers of labour,” he said.Speaking further, Comr. Enyosa disclosed that the programme which will run for a year, would take two parts, as candidates are to spend six months training at the centre and six extra months for industrial training outside the center while at graduation, Government shall empower successful candidates with starter packs.

He added that the project was strictly for ideal youths of Agbor kingdom which according to him shall be selected 10 each from the various zones of Agbor kingdom namely, Ekuku-Agbor zone, Ime-Obi zone, Emuhu zone and Ihu-Iyase zone, respectively.

We are presently scouting for the ideal youths from across the zones for the scholarship scheme. Hence, we are making progress,” he said.He concluded by soliciting support from well meaning sons and daughters of the land, saying that failure to build the youths could create unrest in the society.

Comr. Marvin Enyosa, President, Agbor Youths Circle

From right: Comr. Marvin Enyosa having handshake with an ideal youth for the scholarship scheme
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Ika News: Agbor Youths Circle to enroll 50 youths under Delta State Vocational Education Centre

Ultra-Modern Central Secretariat, Governor Okowa’s Master Stroke

When Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State assumed office on 29th May, 2015 he was very clear as to what his focus was. He left no one in doubt about his ability to deliver on promises made.

Side view of the Secretariat

Among key strategic projects he had in mind was the need for Delta State to have a befitting Central Secretariat Complex in Asaba. It was a well thought out project, given the fact that since the creation of Delta State in 1991, many Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government have been operating from rented buildings scattered all over the State capital.The project becomes more laudable when viewed against the reality that most of the rented buildings were designed and constructed for residential purposes and, therefore, not suitable for office use.

The multi-billion naira secretariat is a modern architectural complex of six floors expected to accommodate 27 Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the State. It covers a land area of over 40,000 square metres and is situated between the new and the old secretariat (now Olorogun Felix Ibru Secretariat), along Maryam Babangida Road, Asaba.

The new edifice now completed, stand as a testimony of a visionary leadership laced with taste and beauty. The secretariat complex is the first public building with elevator systems and disability access.Hence, the secretariat is not just new but also modern. It is a project that defines and shapes the Okowa’s administration. A master piece of an architectural edifice. A landmark project.

In line with an agenda that has prosperity for all Deltans as target, the secretariat is expected to enhance coordination and synergy among the various MDAs leading to efficient and cost-effective governance.

However, in addition to the uniqueness of the secretariat was the financial template adopted by the Okowa administration. It was such that the project was financed partly in dollars and partly in naira.Recalled that the Delta State House of Assembly (DTHA), had authorized the financing of the proposed Central Secretariat Complex, Asaba, at a negotiated amount of N13, 645,131,243.47 by North China Construction Group Limited, on a contractor-financing basis. The project was financed by borrowings in the region of N8 billion and the naira equivalent of $18.5 million, in line with the terms and conditions of agreement.

As reflected in the terms and conditions, Delta State Government was to guarantee the loan of N8 billion obtained by North China Construction Group Limited (NCCG) from the United Bank of Africa (UBA) and to issue an Irrevocable Standing Payment Order (ISPO).

A public affairs analyst in the state who spoke to the writer recently noted, that the mix of both currencies was a good hedging strategy in risk mitigation, which means that all the adverse increments in exchange rates affected less than 30 per cent of the total value of the contract.“I have seen the secretariat many times but to stand in front of that structure really puts me in awe. It was an unforgettable experience when I viewed the secretariat through front and back rear of the building and l discovered a vision behind its history. Don’t miss seeing the secretariat at night when it’s lit up.

“From what I can see, 90 per cent of the workers at the site were sourced locally, this is what gives me joy and the contractors are doing a good job. A centralized office complex will help to save cost and time. It is difficult moving round Asaba in search of government offices. This is a laudable project,” he stressed.

The secretariat was a commitment to openness, transparency and serving the public interests. The ultra-modern edifice was a commitment of Okowa’s administration towards ensuring the viability and purposeful administration and coordination of governance in the state.The new secretariat is expected to accommodate the staff of various units and departments of government.

Okowa’s administration is already yielding positive results, from road rehabilitation – rural, urban and trunk, to the stadium redevelopment, facilitating electrification, restoring water supply, etc.

The secretariat which is already completed will provide a suitable atmosphere for the workers to guarantee optimum production when commissioned.
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Ika News: Ultra-Modern Central Secretariat, Governor Okowa’s Master Stroke

Delta Vocational Board Secretary, members visit Orodje of Okpe

The Executive Secretary of Delta State Technical and Vocational Education Board, ably led by Engr. Smart Ikem, paid a scheduled advocacy visit to His Royal Majesty, Orhue 1, Major General Felix Mujakperuo (retd) the Orodje of Okpe Kingdom.

In a brief remark, the Executive Secretary of Delta State Technical and Vocational Education Board, Engr. Smart Ikem, applauded the Orodje of Okpe for his leadership prowess in promoting peace and unity in Okpe kingdom.

While appreciating the Orodje, he appealed to the king to use his good office to sensitize his people on the importance of acquiring a skill to be an employer of labour and also employable.The Delta State Technical and Vocational Education Board is in-charge of all Vocational centres in Delta State.

In a swift response, His Royal Majesty, , Orhue 1, Major General Felix Mujakperuo (retd) the Orodje of Okpe Kingdom, appreciated the Executive Secretary and his team for the pivotal advocacy visit that is centered on empowering his people.He promised to sensitize his people to key into the programmes of the board that is centered on providing the requisite skills and empower the people towards living a fulfilled life.

Engr. Smart Ikem led executive with the Orodje of Okpe, HRM, Orhue 1, Major General Felix Mujakperuo (retd)
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Ika News: Delta Vocational Board Secretary, members visit Orodje of Okpe