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Billionaires Master Keys Class with Prince Okonye, Chief Jude Ogbekile

Monday, August 2 was indeed a great day for the participants of the Billionaires Master Keys Class, a highly motivational and impactful class. The weekly sensational programme is always anchored by the resourceful Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Prince Paradise Global Concept( PPGC), Prince Emmanuel Okonye. The resource person of the day was double Chief Jude Ogbekile, who holds the titles of Omeke-Okwu of Otolokpo Kingdom and Esama of Igbanke.

Billionaires Master Keys Class with Prince Okonye

Chief Ogbekile, pioneer and the immediate past chairman,Ika Village Square (IVS) and member, Delta State Printing Company started by giving a brief hint on his background, education and why he left his place of birth in Nigeria for abroad.

Açcording to the revered Chief Ogbekile, “I was born into the famous Ogbekile family of Igbanke. I’m the third son of my father. I was not born with a silver spoon. I strived and worked hard to achieve what I have today. I started my primary school education at the age of 11 and through dint of hardwork I was able to complete my secondary education as well as my University education where I studied Computer Science.

Chief Ogbekile before his lecture disclosed that life is not a bed of roses as his parents were not rich financially but, mentally prepared to face any task ahead of them.

He stated that he was also a good guitarist and played in the band of his late uncle, Chief Ucheka Eluehike. He later left music for abroad where he stayed briefly and returned back to Nigeria to establish his company in 2009. The story since his return from abroad has changed for good.

He gave his five billionaire master keys to include:One. Have a good plan for any business you intend to establish.

Two.Develop a good habit. A good habit beggats blessing

Three. Be open to learning. Don’t stop learning

Four. Don’t be brainwashed by religious fanatics.Five.There are mistakes in business,so, learn from the mistakes.

He urged young persons to be focused, hardworking and disciplined for there is no short cut to success.

He added that every successful person in life has passed through many hurdles in life and succeeds. He noted that success is achieved by those who are prepared and are ready to grow in life.

He concluded by calling on young Nigerians to apply the right principles to success without which they will stand to face failure in the future.

On his part, the anchor, Prince Emmanuel Okonye expressed gratitude to Chief Jude Ogbekile for his success nuggets to participants of the programme. He stated that Ogbekile’ s background was a great motivation, hence, all young persons should learn from him.

He called on Nigerian youths to wake up from slumber, believe in themselves, develop themselves and invest in themselves so as to achieve their desired goals in life.
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