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Keeping the girl child save

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This perennial times associated with Covid-19 parents must keep watch on their female children- judging from the recent happening of reports of defilement of the girl child.

Just the other day as I walk along one of the roads in DDPA layout area of Agbor, I overheard a woman who is in her late 20’s telling her daughter of about 11 years old, to go to one of the fine buildings on the opposite side of the road. Looking at the house through the dwarf fence, I could see that it was well endowed with beautiful flowers and assorted types of fruit trees. From a reliable source I later found out that the owner of the building stays abroad. The only occupant of the building is one Musa the gateman.

Hear what the woman was telling her daughter “Kate, go and play at Musa compound, your body will receive fresh air; Musa will pluck some fruits for you” what do you expect, Musa, the gateman will surely take advantage of the innocent girl. This woman feels she was doing the right thing. Far from it, for instance, if anything happened to the little girl, the girl will never forgive her mother in life.Some women will leave their little daughters to the mercy of funny uncles, bad street boys, fake pastors, house boys, etc.

Most mothers don’t even care to be seeing their female children roam about- leaving them to their fates- instead of engaging the girl child in house chores and meaningful ventures. You have cases of defilement. Most times parents are to be blame- due to their negligence or I don’t care attitude. In fact mothers should try teaching their girl child in the way of the Lord. And secondly, to know the type of friends they keep. Forbade them from visiting where they ought not to be in the neighbourhood. Even forbid them from bad associates. This doesn’t mean that you are denying her of social life- just to keep her away from recalcitrant children. It is your duty. Let them read the Bible and the girl child will be trained to become responsible to her.

So let mothers do the needful back by prayers_ by so doing the girl child will be safe!
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