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My wife cooks very well, she is the best

-Chief Martin K.Ogbe

Chief Martin K.Ogbe is the Osolobue Meni Dein of Agbor. He is a revered community leader andsuccessful transport owner. On December 27 last year he was celebrated alongside his, Mrs Grace Ogbe by their children as they marked their golden jubilee (50years) in marriage. In interview he granted Ika Mirror the Agbor-Nta born Agbor Palace Chief spoke on the journey so far and why he will continue to love his wife.Enjoy reading:

May we meet you sir?I am Chief Martin K. Ogbe, the Osolobue Meni Dein of Agbor kingdom. I am a community leader and Palace Chief.

How do you feel celebrating your 50th marriage anniversary with your beloved wife and children?I feel fine and great. I am very grateful to the Almighty God for the grace, favour and good health. Celebrating 50 years in marriage with my beloved wife, Mrs. Grace Ogbe is not a mean feat.Not all couples who got married the same time with us are privileged to celebrate today. It’s not by our power but by the grace of God. Hence, we decided to give back the glory to God through thanksgiving and praises to His name. We got married 50 years ago and today, we are very happy and grateful to the Lord that our marriage is blessed with lovely children and grandchildren.

Where is your place of origin?I am from Idumu Orue Quarter in Agbor-Nta, Agbor. While my wife is from Idumudia, also in Agbor-Nta. We grew up almost at the same time at Agbor-Nta. We became friends when we were still at Agbor-Nta. We dated for seven years before we got married.

Why did you marry her?I married her because I saw a good behaviour in her. At that time I had up to three women to choose from, I saw progress in her, hence, I got married to her.Was there any challenge from her parents?No. Her parents were aware we were friends. I assisted her father in his farm works. Her father before his death told his family members to allow me marry his daughter.

How did you feel the day you got married?I felt happy and fulfilled the same way I felt when we celebrated our 50th marriage anniversary on December 27,2020.

How would you describe marriage?Marriage is an institution that requires patience, trust, tolerance and love. Life is full of ups and down. When you are disciplined, committed and responsible, you will surely enjoy marriage. We are very happy in our marriage. As we celebrate our marriage is blessed with four children and many grandchildren. We will remain grateful to God for keeping us alive till today.

Challenges?The challenges are too much but, we were victorious. There were challenges from family members, friends and business. I was into transport. I was the founding chairman, Lagos Park, Agbor. During the time I encountered many serious challenges. I was able to overcome by the grace of God. My wife stood by me in all the challenges. I am very proud of her.

Happiest moment (s) in marriage?The day I got married, the days our children were born and our 50th marriage anniversary.What quality do you admire most in your wife?She is a very good cook. She is the best. She takes very good care of my family members. I have never slept without food. She is very caring and loving.

What advice do you have for newly married couple?There is a proverb in our Agbor language that says, “Orii ejijen atabe onu ” (He that hurries his food usually bites his tongue). What I am saying in essence is that life is slow and steady. When couples are patient in their marriages and allow love reign, they will always succeed. Couples should avoid dishonesty, lies, intolerance and embrace anything good that will lead to success in their marriages.

What is your prayer for your children?My prayer for my children is that they will be greater than me. They will prosper in all they do in life. They will live long to celebrate their own golden marriage anniversaries.
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