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APC Ward Congress in Ika South was very successful

Frank Izekor

Frank Chuks Izekor is a stalwart of the All Progressives Congress,APC in Ika South. In this interview with Ika Mirror he spoke on the outcome of his party’s Ward Congress in Ika South and Delta State at large.

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What was the outcome of the All Progressives Congress, APC Ward Congress in Ika South Local Government?

The outcome of the APC Ward Congress held in Ika South and indeed across Delta State was very successful, the successes it recorded even beat our expectations, especially, with the large turnout of party members who coordinated themselves in a very peaceful manner. I think this is the best ward congress that the APC has so far had since it was registered as a political party.

Please can we say the Congress was a success?

Yes, it was very successful and peaceful and the reason was that the party members knew what was at stake and it can only take a very peaceful atmosphere to achieve that. So they came out en mass to participate in the congress with a great zeal to rewrite history, and this they did.

How successful was the Congress when followers of Dr. Cairo Ojougboh, Olorogun Great Ogboru, and Rt Hon Victor Ochei boycotted the election?

The crisis that has bedeviled the party for quite some time was the lack of clear-cut leadership. Before now, any member who finds himself or herself in the category of a leader will always go to the National

Leadership to try to influence anything possible to his advantage without considering the interest of other leaders in that same cadre. So, they will always come back to Delta to claim the party leadership. This was a major problem that made the crises linger for too long as none of these leaders was ready to acknowledge or recognize another as a leader above him or her.

But, since the emergence of the Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege as the Deputy President of the Senate which constitutionally placed him as number five in the political hierarchy in the country, he automatically became the leader of the Delta APC and indeed, the leader of the South-South zonal chapter.

The National leadership of the party recognized him as such and therefore, every other leader at this time was supposed to align with that well-defined leadership structure.

But unfortunately, this was not to be as greed and ego took over these other leaders, instead of joining hands with the DSP to move the party forward, they started fighting him.

But this fighting will not produce any meaningful results because the national leadership having recognized DSP as Delta APC leader will not allow any other person, no matter how well placed to take over that leadership role in Delta State.

As for Congress, they decided to boycott it if they did boycott it because it was safer for them to do so having lost out totally in the nomination processes. Their initial plan was to hold a parallel congress but the warning given by the national leadership to expel whoever engaged in parallel congress made them go for the option of boycotting the congress.

Is the boycott not going to affect negatively impact the outcome of Congress?

No, it won’t because Congress guidelines as issued by the National leadership were observed and obeyed. The reports from all over the state revealed that the congress was very peaceful and successful. On what basis therefore will the so-called boycott affects the outcome of the congress? You may recall that their initial outburst was that the congress forms were hijacked, but the state chairman came out to say that no form was hijacked and that the forms were in custody.

What plans are on ground to assuage aggrieved APC members in Ika South?

It is normal for some members of any political party to be aggrieved after Congress since there is no way it will go the way everyone expected it. It is also normal that after such congresses, those who emerged winners should be magnanimous in victory because one thing that differentiates great and progressive leaders from others is their attitude in the victory, their capability to set in motion a rebuilding process. More also, when such a contest or striving was within the same political family or party, then it becomes more interestingly observable how the winners of such contest chose to view their victory.

It is one thing to see it as “I am the winner”, and there is another to see it as “responsibility” to further advance and position the party to achieve collective goals – winning future elections. If victory is viewed from the latter perspective, then it is a victory for the party. APC is the winner.So, one of the plans on ground is to reach out to those aggrieved members to assuage them and allay their fears with a promise to accommodate their interests as much as possible.

Please do you think APC will get it right this time in Ika South by taking over the lead in the local government in any future election?

If whether we will get it right, we’ve already gotten it right and have taken the lead in Ika South politics.I look through the list of our Ward Chairmen and ward officers that were just elected, you will know that APC Ika South has never had it so good. For the first, we have all the leaders in Ika South, except one, coming together to produce one united executive list and all the previous tendencies bringing in their very best hands into the executive committee. So I believe that after the inauguration, you will begin to see the very best of APC Iks South.

What message do you have for all APC members in Delta State?

While I heartily congratulate all the newly elected ward executive committee members of our great party, I will conjure all that much of the onus of our party victory in 2023 in our various organs of the party lies in our hands.

A prerequisite for our success is our ability to generate ideas and birth processes that can lead us to take over Delta State from the PDP come 2023.

We must begin to imagine processes that will further unite and strengthen the party in our various LGA’s, having election victory as our goal.

I will therefore advise that we apply inclusivity in piloting the party affairs in our local government areas. Bring on board all who are willing and ready to cooperate; all who are willing and ready to abide by the ideologies of our great party and are sincerely interested in the party’s victory come 2023.

I will also crave and appeal to all who might feel aggrieved to put aside all individual grievances and take up the party interest, which is election victory. Let’s join hands to achieve our goal. Taking over Delta is our goal.
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Ika News: APC Ward Congress in Ika South was very successful

Delta North APC holds Unity Conference

…Harps on more commitment, love, oneness

It was indeed a gathering of who is who of All Progressive Congress, APC leaders and members in Delta North Senatorial District, where mammoth crowd of members and leaders of the party converged to hammer on more commitment, loyalty, love and oneness, as this to them will foster unity and progress in the party.

The conference which was held on Saturday, June 12, 2021 at Royal Courtyard Hotel, Agbor, Delta State attracted the presence of the immediate past Acting Director of NDDC on Project, Chief Hon. Dr. Cairo Ojougboh, Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei, Delta North APC Chairman, Chief George Okafor, the state secretary of the party, Comr. Chidi Okonji and other dignitaries from all works of life.

In his welcome speech, the Delta North APC Chairman, Chief George Okafor said that he is very delighted to welcome everyone to the meeting.In his words, “This second unity conference of the party in the Senatorial District has proved our critics and detractors wrong in their notion that our district cannot forge a common front in the build up to the next level political dispensation. With the array of leaders and stakeholders drawn from the three federal constituencies and nine local government of our District, we are set in motion to deliver the district in elections at all levels come 2023.

To recast on our last resolutions, it becomes necessary to remind us that APC Delta North is seeking the understanding of our sister district to concede the APC Delta State chairmanship position to us. We therefore urge our college of leaders to reach out to others leaders and stakeholders in the South and Central Districts to actualize this aspiration.I want to state here that our unity in this district is immeasurable. We should all ensure that we rise above primordial sentiments and always put the overall interest of APC ahead of our personal ambitions. We should all resolve to enthrone internal democracy in preparation of the party for the polls in 2023″.

He therefore thanked college of leaders for their unrelenting efforts to see that the part move forward, noting that they could not have asked for a better set of political overseers for APC Delta North than them.Also speaking, the former lawmaker, Chief Hon. Dr. Cairo Ojougboh assured them that they have put heads together, so that everybody in the party will be carried along.

“We have been groomed and we can stand as a party. If another party gives you money in an election and you take it to betray your party. The other part will see you as a betrayal and you can not benefit anything from both parties.

Your starting point is your loyalty, commitment, faithfulness and love for your party. We must resolve to work for APC. No body can intimidate you. Knowingfully well that no external factors can distrust what we have organized. We are very determined and we will not quiet. If you respect us, we will respect you.

President Buhari is already addressing the issues of insecurities. So, we should not complicate things for him, rather we should behave ourselves well to make things easy for him.Our leaders must remain loyal to the party in all areas of life”, he affirmed.

Also speaking, the former Speaker of Delta State House of Assembly, Rt Hon. Barr. Victor Ochei thanked the convener and other leaders for resolving that APC Delta North have come to stand and united.He noted that they are ready to work as a team, adding that they should not waste their time on people who do not understand why they are in positions.

He stated, “Meeting is the key to a political party success. Our congresses will soon commence, let us work together as a party to produce the next APC Delta State Chairman. This is the only position that can be zoned in accordance with the party’s constitution. We are desirous to produce the next APC Delta State Chairman. For we to get this, we must be united. If you want to join us, you are welcome but you must go your ward first to get registered.

If you are interested in any position, buy your form and start working now. You can come together in your ward to produce one person to avoid imposition of candidate. The congress will not divide us but make us stronger. We will give anyone who is representing Delta North a full support and better representation”.

In the same vein, the former APC candidate for Delta State House Assembly in Ika North East Constituency, Comr. Barr. Ifeanyi Williams Aghaolor maintained, “Today’s meeting is a successful one. For the time first, everybody was speaking their mind, where imposition of candidate was condemned. The turn up today shows that APC is taking over Delta state in 2023. This implies that we are formidable.

The level of indiscipline in this party should be stopped. It is a pity that some of our leaders will go to PDP and pledge their loyalty. This is called anti party. We should stick to APC.Our leaders should not be far from the members.There should be mentorship in our party to achieve the party’s ideologies”.

Comr. Barr. Ifeanyi Aghaolor

Chief Hon. Dr. Cairo Ojuogboh

Chief George Okafor

Some of the nine LG Chairmen

Cross section of the party’s faithful
The post Delta North APC holds Unity Conference appeared first on IKA Mirror Newspaper Online.
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Ika News: Delta North APC holds Unity Conference