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Cairo Ojougboh and his followers should retrace their steps, support Omo Agege’s efforts in building Delta APC

In this online interview he granted Ika Mirror from Canada during the week, the Agbor born legal luminary cum politician Barr. Festus Ofume, a leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Ika Federal Constituency has commended the leadership prowess of the Deputy Senate President of Nigeria, Senator Ovie Omo Agege and the efforts he is making towards achieving victory for the APC in Delta State come 2023. Ofume has a Bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B) from the University of Benin and a Master of Laws degree (LL.M) from the prestigious Osgoode Hall Law School, York University in Toronto, Canada is also an astute business analyst with many years of experience acquired from both North America and Nigeria. He was one time the Delta State chairman of Young Democratic Party (YDP).

Excerpts: Please may meet you sir?Thank you for the opportunity to grant this interview. I’m Mr. Festus Ofume, a practicing lawyer based in Abuja with offices in Lagos and Abuja. I’m a member of the All Progressives Congress, APC. I’m from Ward 6, in Ika South Local Government Area, Delta State. Politically and before joining the APC I was the Delta State chairman of Young Democratic Party (YDP) and her governorship candidate in the 2019 governorship election.

As a stalwart of the All Progressives Congress in Ika South, how is the party doing in your local government at the moment? Generally, in Nigeria the APC is doing very well as a party and Ika South is not an exception. APC is waxing stronger by the day. Recently, you can see the massive defection of members of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to the APC. The defection is happening everywhere including Ika South. APC is taking over everywhere in Nigeria. In fact, I can tell you without mincing words and you can take it to the bank that Ika South is APC irrespective of the fact that PDP is currently the ruling party in the state. The body language and movement of the people of Ika South have shown that they will support no other party than the APC. In the next few months,we are going to witness a serious defection of members of PDP into APC. We are harnessing them and we have assured them that APC is where all progressive minds belong. We are peace loving people. We believe in good governance and true democracy.

Why is APC in Ika Federal Constituency divided?The APC in Ika Federal Constituency is not divided. We are one family and especially in Ika South. We have one APC where every member belongs. What you are see happening in Ika South is a situation where some group of persons who are known as political jobbers are trying to hijack the leadership of party without following the due process. This set of people have shown to us that they do not believe or understand due process. We are not like that in APC. These persons came from nowhere and want to destabilize the peace and unity of APC in Ika Federal Constituency. We have told them clearly from the beginning that there is no place for them in APC. They are not part of us. They are business people who are using our APC platform as a tool to achieve their selfish aim. The real members of APC are doing their best to grow the party. We are not deterred because we know our real members. Those agents of destabilization do not stand anywhere. We don’t have faction in APC in Ika Federal Constituency.

Recently, Hon Dr Cairo Ojougboh was declared the maximum leader of APC in Ika Federal Constituency and one of the leaders in Delta State by his followers. How true is the declaration? I was surprised when I heard the news from the media that Hon Dr Cairo Ojougboh was declared the maximum leader of APC in Ika Federal Constituency. I have been asking our party leaders and executives both at the Federal and State about that position and nobody seems to know where that is coming from. The position is alien to the APC leadership at all levels. The truth is that in APC we are process oriented people and we respect hierarchy. Hon Dr Cairo Ojougboh was at the House of Representatives to represent Ika Federal Constituency and as an APC member we accord him that respect. The party also have recognized other leaders like Barr Felix Morka, Hon Doris Uboh, Hon Hilary Ibude, Hon Kingsley Noye Philips, among others. For instance, Barr. Felix Morka (Chief Servant) is a pioneer leader of APC and back bone of the party in Ika South. So, to hear that some group persons under the disguise of APC came together and declare Hon Dr Cairo Ojougboh as the maximum leader of APC in Ika Federal Constituency is the highest level of rascality. I asked where did that idea come from?. To me it’s an overzealousness and it should not be. However, everybody is free to say what he or she wants to say,but, all we know is that in the APC Constitution there is no provision for a maximum leader.

Why has the Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ovie Omo Agege not working together with Hon Dr Cairo Ojougboh,Chief Great Ogboru and Rt Hon Victor Ochei? The Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ovie Omo Agege is the APC leader both in Delta State and South South. He is a good leader who is always making sure that APC moves forward. I don’t know where people are getting the information that he is not working with everyone in the party. Omo Agege is an open hearted leader who is dedicated in building and strengthening APC in Delta State. His office is open to all members of APC. Those who are genuinely APC members are seriously working with Omo Agege ahead of 2023. Large percentage of the successes we have recorded in Delta APC today could be attributed to Omo Agege’s leadership. So, the likes of Hon Dr Cairo Ojougboh, Chief Great Ogboru and Rt Hon Victor Ochei should join hands with Omo Agege to build Delta APC as the invitation is still very much open to them. There is only one APC in Delta State of which Senator Ovie Omo Agege is the leader.

What is your take on a recent interview where Hon Dr Cairo Ojougboh lambasted and called Senator Ovie Omo Agege as a maze snatcher? I’m very disappointed in the manner and approach of Cairo Ojougboh. We expected a leader of his status to be able to address matters based on issues and be very objective in his political utterances. In trying to score points, we must not be negatively destructive. If Cairo Ojougboh wants to assert and assume leadership in Ika South and Delta North, he should show his report card of previous leadership to the people and let the followers decide on whether or not he has merited their loyalty. The time of sentiment has passed. So if a stranger provide a fatherly care and love to me, he is my father irrespective of where he comes from. As I have earlier stated, APC is made up of peace loving people who believe in due process. Senator Omo Agege is number five person in the leadership hierarchy of Nigeria and number one in Delta State as far as APC is concerned. Therefore, anyone fighting Omo Agege either in Delta State or in South South does not understand leadership procedures. APC has not done her party primary for 2023 election and I wondered why people are thinking Omo Agege is the governorship flag bearer of our party in the state. If Ojougboh, Ogboru or Ochei are interested in the governorship seat in 2023 they should talk to Deltans on their selling points and stop fighting Omo Agege. My advice to Ojougboh and his followers is that they should be dealing with issues and not persons. They should stop being personal in party politics. It might interest you to know that I from the same Ward with Ojougboh and from family basis, he is my father but, I must call a spade a spade. Even if he is my father, Ojougboh has erred. His followers should advise him. If tomorrow he becomes vice president of Nigeria we will all respect and support him based on the position which is clearly what the Senator is enjoying.. Today, Omo Agege is the Deputy President of the Nigerian Senate, it is normal to give him the due respect and support his vision for the party in Delta State. It is the right way to go.

Do you see APC overcoming her internal crisis in the state before 2023?There is no crisis in Delta APC. What people are not getting clearly is thinking that PDP is still relevant in the state. PDP may be the ruling party because it has produced the incumbent governor. APC however, is the strongest political party in the Delta state. At the moment, APC controls two out of the three senatorial districts we have in the state. This is to tell you how strong our party is in the state. With the level our party is right now in the state you can imagine what is going to happen in 2023. The coming together of Senator Omo Agege and Senator Peter Nwaoboshi is already victory for our party. We are very happy because the untiring efforts of Omo Agege is yielding good results for our party. The mantle of leadership is upon Omo Agege to deliver Delta State in 2023. Therefore, if he fails, we fail, if he succeeds, we succeed. While Omo Agege exercises his constitutional and party rights, we should support him in complementing the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari to move Nigeria forward.

What is the hope of your party in 2023? APC is a goal in 2023. We are taking over governance in Delta State. The evidences are everywhere. We are seriously engaging people on issues, what APC stands for and the failures of PDP. The PDP failed in Ika South, Delta State and Nigeria in general. Our people have said NO to PDP and YES to APC. I congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari and all APC leaders and stakeholders for giving us people’s oriented political party to ride on.

What message do you have for APC members in Ika South and Delta State ?My message for APC members in Ika South and the entire state is for them to remain resolute and committed. They should be vigilant, so as to know the enemies of the party and put them where they belong. I’m using this medium to call on all APC supporters and members in Ika South and Delta North to work with our leader Senator Ovie Omo Agege so that we can achieve what is good for us in 2023. They should also avail themselves of the opportunity of the ongoing Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) continues voters registration exercise. Our voting cards is our voting right and strenght, hence, we should take the INEC exercise seriously. Above all, we should keep giving our leaders the necessary support and encouragement they need. Together, we are going to achieve our goal of enthroning good governance and true democracy in our state in 2023.
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PDP is a dying party says APC Ika South

In a bid to ensure total victory for their candidates in the forthcoming Delta State Local Government Council election slated for March 6,2021, members of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Ika South Constituency have said that PDP is loosing its relevance and soon will you become a thing of the past and as such everyone should identify with APC.The statement was handed down during the party’s enlarged meeting held on Sunday, February 7,2021 at the Party’s Secretariat in Agbor-Obi, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.

While addressing the mammoth crowd of party faithfuls, the Caretaker Chairman of the Party, Mr. Frank Izekor stated that they have come to sensitize their members on the need for the upcoming membership revalidation and registration of the party, which commences on Tuesday, February 9,2021 at the various units in the Local Government.In his words, “We want all our members to come out at their various units to get registered. For new members are to register, while old members are to revalidate their membership card.

We also used the medium to introduce our councilorship and chairmanship candidates to our members and the need to vote them against PDP who have bastardized the affairs of the Local Government area over the years. APC is the party to be in Ika South. This shows that APC is hundred percent on ground in Ika south. Anybody that is saying Ika South is a PDP Constituency does not know the strength that we have as a party. This is one side of the party and the other two sides are not here. The message we are preaching here is reconciliation, which is channelled by Concern toMembers of the Party to see that we are ones and indeed we are one.

The turn up today was massive. We understand where the country should be, that is why we brought out youths to run for the election. This is inline with the law that was signed by President Buhari, “Not Too Young To Lead”. So, APC is in the front to project young people to lead. These are people that will listen to the voices of the masses, because the old people don’t care about the welfare of the masses.

Our people should be passionate and stay with APC, because this is the turn of APC to shine, as PDP is a dying party in the Local government”Also speaking, the State Auditor of the Party, Mr. Godwin Okpor noted that they are out this day to create awareness about the membership registration of the party , positing that without it they can’t vote and be voted for.

This is what the National has for us. The registration will commence this week Tuesday at the various units in the Local Government Area. It is very important that everyone comes out to register, because that is your qualification as a member of APC. If there is any problem, supervisors will move round to rectify it, as the exercise will last for two weeks”, he stated.In the same vein, the Chieftaincy of the Party and Special Adviser to the Deputy Senate President on Political Matters, Barr. Felix Morka expressed gratitude to all who present at the meeting, affirming that their labour of love will not be in vain.

According to him, “The essence of this registration is for easy identification. You don’t join a political party to gain something but to effect good governance in the society. We are suffering in this country because of terrible record of bad governance. This is why we need to join a political party to effect good changes. The registration is more important than the election, that is why you must come out to register.The idea of bringing the party together has long overdue. I have worked tirelessly to do it. It is really a good thing that we come together as one. We cannot talk about peace and reconciliation without talking about the truth. Once you have a sustainable truth, there is no need for correction, because everyone is already known what to do and how to do it.

We are all going to work hard to ensure that our candidates emerge victoriously at the poll.

Mr. Frank Izekor

APC Councillorship Candidates at the meeting

Leaders of the party at the meeting

Cross section APC faithful at the meeting
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Ika News: PDP is a dying party says APC Ika South

Ukpe-Anioma Merges With Sunny Onyejose Led APC, As Membership Registration Commences

The members of a political pressure group which goes by the name Ukpe-Anioma, has during an enlarged meeting of the All Progressives Congress (APC), merged formally with the Hon. Sunny Onyejose, led APC in Ika North East Local Government Area, as the party embarks on her nationwide membership registration and validation of the old cards.The epoch making event which took place on Tuesday, February 2, 2021, at the party secretariat located along Owa-Ekei Road, Opposite Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministry, Boji Boji Owa, was witnessed by the party chieftains, members and all the 14 Ward Chairmen in the local government area.

In a brief remark, Hon. Sunny Onyejose, the Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Ika North East Local Government Area, before the Party Executives were dissolved by the National Committee, appreciated the party faithfuls for honouring his invitation to the day’s meeting, he enjoined them to be fully involved in the membership registration exercise and the validation of the old cards of their great party.

Continuing, he informed the gathering that members of Ukpe-Anioma, in Ika North East led by Chief Barrister Alex Ikpeazu, has joined them fully in APC, saying that he wants to let everyone know that with the merger they all are now working together as a team.

He urged everyone coming into the party to know that Party Is Supreme, emphasizing that party loyalty is not 99% but 100% loyalty, so that as individuals they will be able to achieve their dreams, noting that party politics is about interest.

Hon. Onyejose, enjoined the newly inducted members to be patient and work for the party especially now that they are preparing for the forthcoming local government election, he urged everyone irrespective of the group they belong, to work towards achieving the goal which they all have been fighting for, stressing that they should vote for all the APC candidates in order for them to emerge victorious in the forthcoming local government election scheduled for Saturday, March 6, 2021. He also advised the APC candidates vying for elective positions not to betray the trust reposed on them by the party faithfuls.

Speaking further, Hon. Sunny Onyejose, charged the party Executive and Coordinators to mobilize the people in their various Wards and Units to go and register and validate their old cards.

After the formal induction of members of Ukpe-Anioma into the APC, Mr. Aghedo Johnson, a spokesperson of the group, during an interactive session with Ika Mirror Newspaper reporter, disclosed that what prompted the merger of Ukpe-Anioma with the Hon. Sunny Onyejose led APC was a National issue, saying that when their leader Chief Barrister Alex Ikpeazu and the members of Ukpe-Anioma, whose numerical strength, he revealed was over one thousand persons in the local government area, discovered that there was light on the side of Hon. Sunny Onyejose, they decided to join him and his viable team.

Mr. Aghedo, was optimistic that with the merger they are going to win and make a positive impact in the forthcoming local government election, he enjoined all the members of Ukpe-Anioma, to join forces together with the Hon. Onyejose, led APC, so that they can withstand other parties in the local government election slated for Saturday, 6th March, 2021.

Earlier in a brief remark, Elder Moses Nwakor, the Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, who was also in the meeting, appreciated the party members for their large turnout, he encouraged them to use the opportunity of the ongoing membership registration of the party to woo their friends, colleagues and members of their communities who are none members to now register fully into the party, so that they can as well make their contributions in moving the party to greater heights. Continuing, he stated that the coming together of Ukpe-Anioma with the Hon. Sunny Onyejose led APC in Ika North East local government area is a wonderful development, saying “That tells you that there is unity in Ika North East, because if we want to win elections, we have to be together, for with unity we stand, divided we fall”.

Elder Nwakor, advised everyone to put aside their selfish interest and see themselves as one indivisible family because APC is the party that brought all of them together, hence they must defend APC to the core, so that they can win election, stating “It’s when we win election that we can partake from the dividends, but if you don’t win election there is no dividends”.

Mrs. Anthonia Ozioma Odafe, a woman leader and Chieftain of the APC in Ika North East local government area, in her address, urged the female members of the party to support their husbands in working hard to make sure that the party emerges victorious in the forthcoming local government election, noting that women in politics do very well, hence the slogan “No woman no Politics”, emphasizing that she strongly believes that the women can achieve a lot in the on going membership registration of the party. She encouraged them to embark on massive advocacy campaign in sensitizing the market women and members of their immediate environments to participate actively in the APC membership registration exercise.

Speaking on the merger of Ukpe-Anioma with Hon. Sunny Onyejose led APC, Mrs. Odafe, described the move as a good development, saying that she was optimistic that the Congress led by Hon. Sunny Onyejose structure is going to emerge victorious in taking over the Chairmanship position in the local government area, saying that “The alliance of Chief Barrister Alex Ikpeazu led Ukpe-Anioma with Hon. Sunny Onyejose, will make the party to be more formidable in achieving set goals, again it has clearly shown that Hon. Sunny Onyejose led group as far as the All Progressives Congress (APC) is concern, is doing very well”.

Some notable personalities at the memorable meeting included, Hon. Sunny Onyejose, Elder Moses Nwakor, Mrs. Emina Patience, Engr. Ngwokor Teddy-Jackson, Mr. Clement Uyamasi, Dr. Sunny Enu, Mrs. Anthonia Ozioma Odafe, Barr. Chris Uwakina, Mrs. Ifeoma Udeme, Hon. Egwuabor Stormy, Pastor Okoh Felix, Hon. Richard Iwerebor, Hon. Nweabi Samuel, Pastor Williams Ossai and all the 14 Ward Chairmen in the local government area, amongst many others.

Hon. Sunny Onyejose

Hon. Sunny Onyejose addressing the APC party faithful during the meeting

Elder Moses Nwakor making a speech during the meeting

Mrs. Anthonia Ozioma Odafe (m) in a group photograph with the APC Women

Cross section of APC members during the meeting
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Ika News: Ukpe-Anioma Merges With Sunny Onyejose Led APC, As Membership Registration Commences

APC government has failed Nigerians

-Hon Victor Nwokolo

The member representing Ika Federal Constituency at the Green Chamber of the National Assembly and Chairman, House Committee, on Banking and Currency, Hon Victor Nwokolo, has said that the All Progressives Congress, APC led Federal Government has failed Nigerians, noting that the sufferings Nigerians are passing through at the moment was caused by the APC government.

Nwokolo stated this while addressing PDP members in Ika South during the party’s tours in Wards 7, 8 and 9 last week Saturday, November 28.His words,”We are here to say thank you to the people of Ika South PDP for your great support for our beloved and result oriented leader, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa. For supporting Governor Okowa, it shall be well with you. May the Almighty God continue to bless,protect and sustain you.“Governor Ifeanyi Okowa is doing a very good job in the twenty-five local government areas in Delta State. Projects initiated and executed by the Okowa’s government are scattered everywhere in the state.

According to him,” If Federal Government is doing ten percent of what Governor Okowa is doing, the sufferings in Nigeria would have been reduced. That is why we are saying thank you, with unity, we will take over power from APC at the federal level. We need your prayer, we need your loyalty and support as we work towards saving our people from abject poverty.

The federal lawmaker concluded by saying, “My brother there is too much hardship in Nigeria’ at the moment. The hardship is caused by the APC government. Let nobody deceive you or tell you a different story, APC has failed Nigerians. The APC government promised to build sky scrappers in the air, unfortunately, none of the promises was fulfilled.

Another word for APC is backwardness. If you doubt go to the North, you will discover that nothing meaningful is happening there. Therefore, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has made great and positive impacts in our lives politically, we must continue to support and be loyal to him. With Governor Okowa and PDP all of us will continue to smile.”

Hon Patience Onyesom, Hon. Godwin Ezedom & Hon. Caroline Agbi
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Ika News: APC government has failed Nigerians