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UNIDEL to commence academic session September 2021

UNIDEL to commence academic session September 2021–Okowa

The Executive Governor of Delta State, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, has stated that the University of Delta, Agbor among two other newly upgraded universities in the state, will commence academic session in September, 2021.

He made the disclosure on Thursday, April 8, 2021 at the College of Education, Agbor newly upgraded to University of Delta, Agbor where he inspected the infrastructures on ground for the initial take-off of the new university.

The articulate and dynamic governor was conducted round the school facilities by the College Provost, Chief Dr. Joseph Ukadike who was joined by the Commissioner for Higher Education, Prof. Patrick Muoboghare, Hon. Festus Chukwuyem Okoh, Member representing Ika South Constituency and Majority Whip at the Delta State, Hon. Sunny Tatabuzogwu, Executive Chairman of Ika South Local Government Council amongst others.

The governor who had also visited other new universities in Ozoro and Anwai respectively, expressed satisfactory on seeing the infrastructures on ground in Agbor, nothing that the University was ready to take off with it’s first academic session which according to him commences on the aforementioned date.

He said, “the facilities are good enough for the initial take off of the universities. But we may need to work on some of the structures to make them more habitable and also provide a few more facilities.

“So, in terms of infrastructures, we are not going to have any problem here in UNIDEL, Agbor while we have requested the Management Committee to look at the staff strength and quickly advice on fair review on addition of staff that are here to fit into the university.

“Secondly, we have seen that there is a road (Board road) that transverse the UNIDEL campus which is not good for us. Luckily we just finished the construction of Alihami road (Sakpomba road) that is actually the real road for and within the campus of the university.”

Speaking on the need for more space for the university, Governor Okowa asserted that Erigbe Primary School and Ministry of Education, Ika South LGA that are sharing boundaries with the university (College of Education, Old site) will be relocated to accommodate more infrastructures for the new university.

See next week edition for the seperate comments of the Commissioner for Higher Education, Prof. Patrick Muoboghare, Ika South House of Assembly member, Hon. Festus Okoh and The College Provost, Chief Dr. Joseph Ukadike, at the occasion.

Ongoing construction work at the New Site of the school

, Prof. Muoboghara explaining a point as Governor Okowa & other government officials listened

From right: Hon Tatabuzogwu, Dr Mrs. Omumu, Prof. Muoboghara, Dr. Ukadike, Chuky Dandy, Dr. Tibi & others
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Ika News: UNIDEL to commence academic session September 2021

Igumbor Otiku Secondary School Commissioned

The Executive Governor of Zamfara State, Dr. Bello Mohammed Matawalle, MON (Shattiman Sakkwato), on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, commissioned the newly constructed Igumbor Otiku Secondary School, Agbor in Ika South Local Government Area.

The sight to behold Igumbor Otiku Secondary School, Agbor is among the newly modern schools constructed by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s led government.

In his welcome address, the Executive Chairman, Ika South Council, Hon. Sunny Tatabuzugwu lamented the initial deplorable state of Igumbor Otiku Secondary School and on behalf of the good people of Ika South LGA expressed appreciation to Governor Okowa for the completion and commissioning of the school building .

According to him, “Okowa has done very well in education across the state, because education we all know remains the key to national development for a nation with good educational standard to develop rapidly.

“Sincerely, we will continue to thank the governor for the various road constructions in Agbor and his overall infrastructural developmental strides in the area, which according to him speak volumes and good of his government.

“Therefore, I encourage and appeal to students and staff of Igumbor Otiku Secondary School to make good use of the school’s facilities to avoid damage”.

While calling on the host community of Igumbor Otiku Secondary School to protect from vandalization, thanked the governors and other personalities present for coming.

Presenting Agbor Community address, the President-General, Mr. Lawrence Egun Onyeche welcomed Governor Matawalle, his counterpart Sokoto State Governor, Rt. Hon. Aminu Tambuwal, CFR among the state top government officials to Agbor Kingdom.Mr. Onyeche on behalf of the good people of Agbor thanked specially Governor Okowa for his magnanimity in establishing Igumbor Otiku Secondary School, Agbor.

According to him, “The establishment of the school came up at a challenging time when it is becoming difficult for Agbor people to access public Secondary Schools as a result of the handing over of some schools back to their missionary owners. No doubt, this action of the then government created a huge gap that has now been filled by the proactive measures of our amiable Governor Okowa (Ekwueme, the talk and do governor).

“It is worthy of note that this effort has brought Secondary education closer to the door step of our children who cannot afford Private Schools exorbitant fees and trekking long distance to attend the few available public schools.“We will forever remain thankful to Okowa because by the construction and commissioning of Igumbor Otiku Secondary School he has continued to put smiles on our faces. But, just like Oliver the Twist, I want passionate appeal to the governor to help facilitate the approved upgrade of state of facilities of Alihame Secondary School, Alihame.

“This kind of gesture of the governor has greatly increased the access to Post Primary Education in Agbor metropolis having three secondary schools at strategic locations along the Old Lagos/Asaba Road Agbor.“In the same vein, I also want to appreciate Okowa for his efforts towards improving road networks in Ika nation, entire Delta State and most especially in Agbor Kingdom with ongoing road construction works. I say thank you, Ekwueme. I appeal to you sir to remember Mariere Street, Uromi Junction axis, particularly Obi Road, UBE Road and others.“I appreciate immensely Okowa for the infrastructural development witnessed currently at the Central Hospital Agbor, especially, the on-going renovation and construction of a modern mortuary, Resident Doctor’s block and a new Out Patient Block (OPD)”.

Continuing, the PG pleaded that more teachers both at the Primary and Secondary Schools, medical personnel (Specialists as Surgeon, Gynecologists, Pediatricians and Nephrologists should be posted to the LG for more productivity and put in the abandoned Seventy (70) million naira Dialysis Centre donated to the Central Hospital by Rotary International, through the Rotary Club of Agbor.

Mr. Onyeche further remarked that Agbor people are happy with Okowa for using his good office to ensure the upgrading of the College of Education Agbor to a conventional university named University of Delta, Agbor, saying that this will provide a golden opportunity for our children who are being denied admission and frustrated into seeking admission into other universities.

On his part, the Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education, Chief Patrick Ukah disclosed that the construction of Igumbor Otiku Secondary School, Agbor was approved in 2016, while work commenced in 2018 under the then Barr. Chinedu Ebie, his predecessor.

Chief Ukah confirmed that IgumborvOtiku Secondary School, Agbor which is to be commissioned has been built according to specification and comprising the following facilities such as two numbers building of twelve classrooms each with toilets, examination hall, administrative block, Chemistry, Physic and ICT Laboratories, landscaping/drainage system to control erosion, perimeter fence and gate house, water facility and so on.While thanking the governor for tremendous initiatives towards the growth and development of Education in the state, the Commissioner remarked that no doubt that Igumbor-Otiku population numbering of 1700 has help to decongest the over population of its neigbouring Ogbemudien Secondary School, Agbor and thereby easing the enrolment pressure.

Responding, Governor Okowa expressed joy, thanking specially the Governor of Zamfara and Sokoto States for their love and friendship they have made them to honour his invitation. According to him, “I thank God for the successful completion of Igumbor Otiku Secondary School. I have only two years in office as governor, but hopefully, we will do more needed to be done for the people. Whatsoever left undone will be accomplished by my successors.

“Most importantly, the upgrading of facilities at Alihame Secondary School, Alihame will be executed”, Okowa promised.He revealed that Igumbor Otiku Secondary School was commissioned alongside newly constructed network of roads in Okpanam and the new Delta State Traditional Rulers Secretariat, Asaba. The governor assured that he will continue to do what is required for the people, recalling that handing over schools to Missionary owners would have led to many school children dropout for the fact that their parents does not have enough resources to afford private school education.

Governor Okowa concluded by stating that his joy knows no bound for the fact the school children faces depicts that they are so happy and proud to be students of Igumbor Otiku Secondary School, Agbor.Speaking with newsmen, the school Principal, Mrs. Grace N. Egbon said, “I, my students and staff are overwhelmed with joy on this day of our school commissioning. To me, I see myself as the blessed principal to first head the school now that it has been commissioned.

“Indeed, the government of Delta State under the administration of our own Governor Okowa has spent so much money on the construction of the school and provision of all other facilities to enhanced teaching and learning.“We are most grateful to Okowa for providing a modern school, his fellow governors of Zamfara and Sokoto states and a host of other dignitaries for coming”.

The School Principal stated that teaching in a school like Igumbor-Otiku Secondary with that state of facilities of a modern school makes learning easily understood, because of the practical for further illustration. She assured the governor that with the infrastructural standard of the school, they can compete favourably with any school elsewhere.

Mrs. Egbon further remarked that teaching and learning have improved since she assumed Principal of the school on January 14, 2020, saying that the school population is such that the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has now conditioned them to having morning and afternoon classes as part of its precautionary measures to curtail the spread.She said that she has continued to encourage her school never to see education as a scam and rather take their studies more seriously for their betterment tomorrow as future leaders.

The former Chairman, Ika South LG, Hon. (Barr.) Victor Okoh beaming with smiles said the Ika South people will not stop appreciating Okowa for his good deeds, which he said was the reason they are gathered. He gave kudos to the governor, stating that Igumbor Otiku Secondary School will enhance the standard and quality of education in the area.

The Councilor of the school host Ward, Hon. Donald Okonta said a look at Igumbor Otiku Secondary School building is an explanation that Governor Okowa’s name is synonymous to good and excellent things. While expressing joy and thanks to the governor specially, he stated that with the ongoing Okowa transformation that his ward soon to be renamed Agbor London.

Side view of Igumbor Otiku Secondary School
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Ika News: Igumbor Otiku Secondary School Commissioned


Since he was sworn in in 2015 as the executive governor of Delta State, Senator Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa has left no enlightened person in the state in doubt concerning his concept of governance. He has defined his purpose, which is to make a difference by impacting positively on the state and the people, on the principles of justice, equity, and fairness. In doing this, he has thus far, tried to engage experienced and high calibre professionals in his cabinet. He has also ensured that, as much as possible, the different parts of the ethnoculturally plural state are accommodated in political and other appointments.

Then, in the critical area of physical infrastructure, the empirical evidence on ground is that of equity. On road construction in which he has visibly demonstrated unerring focus and great commitment, there are areas yet to be covered, but keen and nonpartisan watchers of the development pattern can predict with some precision that those areas will ultimately become part of the infrastructure revolution.

Our focus here is however on the establishment of three new universities in the state. These are at Anwai, Agbor, and Ozoro. On the surface and given the huge and ever- rising numbers of candidates of Delta State origin seeking varsity admission, the establishment of three new varsities is most commendable.

But as a Delta indigene I am concerned about the financial and cost implications of establishing three new varsities at the same time. Although I am not part of the government of the state, and hence I am not in a position to know the financial strength of the government, I have been part of the varsity system in Nigeria long enough to have a fair idea of what it takes or what it should take to run a university and ensure that minimum national standards are maintained while aspiring and working towards minimum global standards.

That the three new varsities are but an upgrade of existing institutions does not in any way mean fiscal resources would not be appropriated for their basic infrastructure needs. The new varsities will have to employ the required academic and non-academic staff. There will also be administration comprising the office of the vice chancellor, the registry, the bursary, works and services, etc, etc.

One would have thought that the government of the state would have expanded infrastructure and facilities at the Delta State University, DELSU , Abraka, to enable it to increase the number of students it can admit. Anwai campus should have been allowed to continue as a degree-awarding college of DELSU. Again, the polytechnic at Ozoro should simply have been made a campus of DELSU.

The College of Education, Agbor would appear to be the institution richly deserving of the upgrade it was given. That would have meant two autonomous Delta varsities instead of the four the state now has. The College of Education, Agbor should simply have been transformed into a conventional university with the following faculties, education, arts , sciences, agriculture, social sciences, and management sciences. Education students would then choose their core teaching disciplines from the other faculties.

The point here is that the state ought to have considered one additional autonomous varsity at Agbor and ensure that it is expanded and equipped to annually admit a significant number of eligible candidates. Many countries in Africa do not have four public universities!

For a government that is committed to all-round development of the state, establishing three autonomous varsities in one fell swoop would be a critical financial challenge. The state has been battling with payment of long outstanding retirement benefits to deserving ones. There is also the problem of healthcare delivery.

If the decision to establish three new varsities was not a decision cast in iron, the government may consider a review, that the state can have a credible public varsity system that the government and people of the state would be proud of, and that the status of the varsities may not in the future be reviewed and thereby generate political dissension and wrangling and community agitation.

JGN Onyekpe, PhD, FHSN, teaches History at the University of Lagos, Akoka.
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Nobody can fix Nigeria except God

Bishop Promise Dibie

The Right Rev’d Dr Promise Dibie, JP is the Diocesan Bishop of Christ Army Church of Nigeria, The Greater Light Diocese with its headquarters at St Peter’s Christ Army Church of Nigeria at 6, Umudein Lane, off Umudein Street, Agbor, Delta State.In this exclusive interview with Ika Mirrorin his Bishop Court in Agbor, the indigenous and famous Bishop, author and educationist talked about his background, education and service in the vineyard of God. He also spoke on state of the nation and why Nigeria cannot be fixed except God intervenes.

Excerpts:May we meet you sir?I am The Rt.Rev’d Dr. Promise Dibie JP, Diocesan Bishop of Christ Army Church of Nigeria, The Greater Light Diocese with its headquarters at St Peter’s Christ Army Church of Nigeria,6, Umudein Lane, off Umudein Street, Agbor,Delta State. Christ Army Church of Nigeria is the First Indigenous Church in Africa. I am from Alisimie, Agbor, headquarters of Ika South Local Government Area. I was born in Kaduna. My late father, Ven. Bernard Dibie was a civil servant. He retired from the Nigerian Port Authority. I did my primary and secondary school education in Lagos after my father was transferred from Kaduna to Lagos. I had a Higher School Certificate result before I gained admission into Edo State University(Now Ambrose Alli University)Ekpoma where I studied English Language . I did my National Youth Service Corps in Rivers State College of Education, Port–Harcourt. After my NYSC programme I taught briefly in Agbor as a teacher before leaving for Abuja where I became a part- time lecturer at the University of Abuja . I was working in that capacity until God called me to work fully in his vineyard.I resigned my appointment in 2016 and obeyed the voice of God.

Was your late father, Ven. Bernard Dibie the founder of Christ Army Church of Nigeria?My late father was not the founder of Christ Army Church of Nigeria but, he was the one who brought the church to Delta State. Christ Army Church of Nigeria was founded in 1916 by late Garrick Braide, a Nigerian from Rivers State . The church headquarters is in Bakana, Rivers State. We have over nine hundred branches in Nigeria. Agbor is the Diocesan headquarters of the church in Delta State.

Why did you take the risk of quitting the teaching profession for a clergy work?The Lord said I should resign and I obeyed Him. Before my resignation from the teaching profession, I have published over twenty books .At the moment, two of my books are used in Delta State both at the secondary and university levels. One of my books was dedicated to the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Delta State, Peter Mrakpor,SAN .

How has it been since your resignation for a full time ministry work?The Lord has been doing His great work. Since my ordination as Bishop, I have been able to build the church cathedral. I influenced the tarring of the church road through Hon Ndudi Elumelu. He worships here in Agbor with us. The church also has street light, installed by individuals and not government.

You appear simple and not flamboyant despite your connections in Nigeria.What do we attribute that to?Empty drums make noise . I am not an empty drum. I am the vessel of God . I have a good background, education and exposure. When I was at the university I wrote the history of Agbor. The first person of Agbor extraction to achieve that feat.I have been to over sixteen countries of the world to preach the word of God.

What is the challenge of working fully in the vineyard of God?There is no challenge that couldn’t be surmounted because the Lord has given us the grace to do this work . I am not a hungry Bishop. The good Lord has provided for me all that I want to succeed in life and ministry.

Do we have hungry Bishops?Yes some people open church because of what they will eat . To such people, how to satisfy their stomach is everything their ministry represents.

Are you a member of Christian Association of Nigeria CAN?Christ Army Church of Nigeria is a member of CAN. But, I don’t attend CAN meetings. I have my reasons for that decision .

As a famous Bishop,how cordial is your relationship with the Delta State Government ?I am a Bishop and not a government official. The only relationship I have with government is that some of its top officials worship in our church. Outside that, I don’t relate much with government.

What is your take on the moral decadence among youths in Nigeria today?We have failed as parents, church or government. We have all failed to live up to our responsibilities of building good homes for our children . Some of us were not brought up properly . When the home, church or government fails, what do you expect in the society? . If you don’t make heaven hold your parents, church or government responsible . Again, some of us that are men of God don’t tell our members the truth. As teachers of the gospel we must always tell our members the truth .God judges the heart but, Christianity must be transmitted in such away that you transmit it to others .For instance, as a Bishop how will you feel when you see me drinking in a beer parlour? What will I tell my members?. Therefore, as spiritual fathers, parents or leaders we must live by example.

What do you think is the way forward ?We should go back to the old time religion .Those old days when whatever our parents said were correct and final.In those old good days you dare not challenge your parents on anything.We were disciplined.

Unfortunately, today, reverse is the case .Today , everyone is seeking after money .If the devil gives you a cap, he will take your head . There is no free gift from the devil .So, we have to go back to the old religion where hard work, discipline and honesty were upheld . The new pattern of life most of us are enjoying is not taking us anywhere .The youths of this present generation don’t want to work but,they want to enjoy .If you make money your watchword , you will not get it .Don’t pray for money, pray for connection. It is the connection I have in Jesus Christ that is helping me to succeed in life and ministry.

You said you have published twenty books so far ,what drives your writing skills?I am always in touch with people . I was very young when I started writing . I like writing. I write on ideas and issues. My writing skills are imbedded in me . I have done a lot of publications. I was a Chief Examiner for West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) for over twenty years. During the period, I prepared WAEC questions in English Language all over Nigeria.

Do you have a role model?Jesus Christ is my role model because He has never disappointed me and He will not disappoint me.

How do you relax?I like enjoyment. If you don’t relax, when you collapse and die your members will run to another church. I always take care of myself very well.I don’t play with my health, I take very good care of it.

Please can you tell us more about yourself?I am a peace-loving man.God has blessed me. I love discipline, hardwork and humility. I don’t like flamboyant lifestyles. I don’t like pride. God needs people with character. If you have anointing, and no character you will surely go down. Anointing without character is useless. Heaven is looking for those with character. If you have character you are blessed.I am not proud because I am from a home where we cooked rice once in a year. I went to school on barefoot. During my growing up days who were you to eat egg and sardines outside?If you were seen or caught eating egg or sardines, the entire village will summon you for a meeting.Who were you to attend night parties?. In our church in Lagos those days you dare not miss a service. I played organ. Each time I played my Dad loved it, he appreciated me with ‘Itoror'(Kobo) each time I performed very well.

How is your marriage life?I am married with two children, a boy and a girl. My wife is the regional manager of Access Bank Nigeria PLC, Anambra State. I love my family.

What is your advice for Nigerian Leaders?Do we really have leaders? I don’t think we have sincere leaders in Nigeria!

So what is the way out of the leadership problem in Nigeria?Nobody can fix Nigeria except God. Our political leaders are all enriching themselves to the detriment of the people. It is bad to amass billions of naira when your fellow Nigerians are suffering. Presently, in Nigeria, there are no jobs for our teeming unemployed graduates and no functional infastructures. I have searched round, unfortunately,I am yet to see who will fix Nigeria. We are not honest in our ways. Nigerians were not at home the day God created honesty. Nigeria will not move forward until we embrace honesty and serve God diligently with the whole of our hearts.

Recently, you were sworn in as Justice of Peace by the Ministry of Justice, Delta State.Can we say the new title will spur you in your service to God and humanity?We thank God for the honour from the Delta State Government through the Ministry of Justice. I am also a Jerusalem pilgrim. I am a peacemaker, I make peace everywhere I go.In most of my books, I preached peace. I pray that peace will return to Nigeria. Let us build peace in our homes,in the church and in our country. Let us put our hope in God. Finally, let us be truthful in our daily lives. 
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Ika News: Nobody can fix Nigeria except God

Chief Benjamin Ogwun marries heartthrob

By Akinola Junior Aladejowo

It was indeed a moment of joy and celebration galore, as the Oku Dein Wu Ukpe of Agbor Kingdom, Chief Benjamin O. Ogwun,JP of Ewuru Community, Agbor, headquarters of Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State married to his heartthrob, Chukwudumebi, now Mrs Chukwudumebi Ogwun in a traditional marriage ceremony which was held on Saturday, March 13, 2021 in Agbor, Delta State.

The Marriage Reception which took place at Orewa Family Event Field, opposite Dr. Okwuada Poultry, Ewuru Road, Ewuru, Agbor, Delta State attracted high profile personalities amongst whom were, Chiefs of Agbor Kingdom, parents of the Bride, family members of the couple, friends, well wishers and a host of others.

While addressing the gathering, the Chairman of the occasion and Chief Ekpe of Agbor Kingdom, Prince Erere Ojemudia thanked God for the gift of life and a fair weather to make the day a reality.

He wished the couple a blissful married life, urging them to care, love and cherish each other, as this to him will make their marriage blossom forever.

On his part, the groom, Chief Benjamin O. Ogwun J.P, who is also the Oku Dein Wu Ukpe of Agbor Kingdom appreciated God and parents of his wife for giving him his heartthrob, saying that he is overwhelmed with joy, because it is a dream come true.

According to him, “After my retirement as a Police Officer, I ventured into business and I’m doing very fine in it. I was married and blessed with four children. Incidentally, my wife died about a year ago. In line with the doctrines of the Catholic Church, where I worship, I have to remarry, which brings about today’s marriage ceremony.

The lady who I am married to, was once married and her marriage was blessed with three children but her husband l died. I approached her and she accepted to marry me. The first thing to do is to give the children the best education in life, because I have taken them as my children, as this is part of what I celebrated”.

He used the medium to thank everyone who graced the occasion for their supports, contributions and prayer for the success of their marriage ceremony, praying God to grant them their heart desires and journey mercy back to their various destinations.

High points of the occasion were cutting of the marriage cake, presentation of gift items to the couple and taking of photographs.

Chief and Mrs Benjamin O. Ogwun,JP

Chief and Mrs Benjamin O. Ogwun,JP with Agbor Chiefs
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Ika News: Chief Benjamin Ogwun marries heartthrob

Priest Aghagbon Julius Ogini sworn in as Justice of Peace

The Priest of the Temple of the Living God Sabbath Mission, Aghagbon Julius Ogini has been sworn-in as Justice of Peace, JP. He was sworn-in on Monday, March 1, 2021 by Justice C.N Ogadi at the Agbor High Court, Agbor, headquarters of Ika South Local Government Area, Delta State. The epoch event also includes, the swearing-in of other prominent Deltans of Ika extraction.

Speaking in an interview , Priest Aghagbon Julius Ogini said, “I feel elated. I am more than prepared to help address the moral decadence, insecurity and injustices in our society through my office as a JP. By the grace of God, I shall live up to expectations.

Before now,I have been involved in the crusade against indecent dressing,immorality and injustice. As a priest, I have changed many lives for good. We want immoral life styles to be a thing of the past and it has to start from the mission.

Aghagbon who is also as a retired secondary school principal disclosed that as a Priest of the Temple of the Living God Sabbath Mission,his prayer is for God to continue make him a light for others to see.“As a Priest of God, I don’t live a flamboyant life style because my reward is in Heaven. I am contented with what God has blessed me with. I will remain grateful to Him and also looked up to Him for everything I desire on earth.

While thanking persons who contributed in various ways towards to the success of his appointment as Justice of Peace (JP), Priest Aghagbon called on Nigerians to embrace God with the whole of their hearts, declaring that God is the only solution to the challenges facing Nigeria at the moment.

Like I said earlier I am out for service to both God and humanity. Nigerians should come back to God and serve him wholeheartedly. God is the only solution to our challenges as a country. If we embrace God with the whole of our hearts He will make our country great and the envy of other countries of the world. May God bless Nigeria.

Priest Aghagbon Julius Ogini JP, with other Justices of Peace & Justice C.N. Ogadi

Priest Aghagbon Julius Ogini JP, with family and church members

Priest Aghagbon Julius Ogini JP
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Ika News: Priest Aghagbon Julius Ogini sworn in as Justice of Peace

UNIDEL: Commissioner for Education visits COE, Agbor

Commissioner for Higher Education, Delta State, Professor Patrick Muoboghare today alongside the Surveyor General of Delta State, Mr Eboka Alex paid an inspection visit to the former College of Education, Agbor and recently christened University of Delta, Agbor to assess the facilities and infrastructure in the institution.

They were received by the member representing Ika South constituency at the Delta State House of Assembly, Hon Festus Okoh, the Provost of the College, Dr Hope Ukadike and other principal officers of the College.During the visit, Prof Muoboghare noted that the College of Education, Agbor was considered for the upgrade to a full fledged University not because of political considerations, but due to the fact that of all other state owned Colleges of Education, it is the best equipped in terms of infrastructure, accessibility and qualified manpower.

Dr Ukadike on his part, thanked them for the visit and pledged the full cooperation of management and staff of the College in the course of ongoing inspection tours leading up to the take off of the University of Delta, Agbor.

Provost, COE, Agbor, Chief Dr. Ukadike (4 right), Chuky Dandy (m),Professor Patrick Muoboghare (3rd right) & othersc
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Ika News: UNIDEL: Commissioner for Education visits COE, Agbor

Festus Okoro now Justice of Peace

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Festy Motorcycles with head office at Abraka Road by Convent Street, Mr Festus Okoro has been sworn-in as Justice of Peace by Justice C.N Ogadi of the Agbor High Court. Okoro was sworn-in alongside other twenty Justices of Peace on Monday, March 1, 2021 at the High Court in Agbor. The epoch event was witnessed by family members, friends and well wishers.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Festus Okoro,JP thanked the Delta State Government for finding him fit and worthy for the office of Justice of Peace. He promised to abide by the rules and regulations guiding the JP office.

He expressed appreciation to his friend, Mr Chukwuma Aliagwu, JP, his family members and all persons who in different ways contributed towards the fulfilment of his dream of becoming Justice of Peace.
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Ika News: Festus Okoro now Justice of Peace

Rotn. Chris Monye installed 36th President, Rotary Club of Agbor

Rotn Chris Monye has been installed the 36th President, Rotary Club of Agbor. He was installed on Wednesday, February 24 at Leads Guest House and Gardens, Boji-Boji, Owa. The ceremony which was described as a huge success was witnessed by Rotarians, family members and loved ones.

Rtn Chris Ejime Monye was born into a humble family of Dr and Mrs . A.E Monye of Agbor- Nta, Ika South Local Government Area, Delta State. He had his early primary education at Auchi Polytechnic Staff Primary School, Auchi. Thereafter, he proceeded to St Charles College, Abavo and then to Kuje Secondary School, Lagos for his Senior Secondary education.He began his higher education pursuit at the State School of Nursing Agbor where he acquired the relevant qualifications and licensed to practice as a nurse. He was the recipient of the 1997 Prime League Award for Clinical Proficiency in Need

He bagged an HND in Public Health Nursing and PGD in Public Health. He currently works with the local government service commission as the local government tuberculosis/leprosy control supervisor. He worked diligently and researched on improving treatment outcome in tuberculosis using community based approach. He developed this tool and had presented papers on it in different fora and meeting around the world that have earned him international recognition.Today, many African countries are replicating this approach to combat TB and it’s control activities.

Chris Monye among few health professionals selected in 2010 for the President of America Emergency Plan for HIV/AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) Fellowship. He is also a Fellow of MSH ( Management Sciences for Health).He has participated in catalogs for Health meetings, seminars, and training programmes within and outside the country among which is TB supervisor course at the National TB / Leprosy Training School, Zaria, Kaduna State International TB Open Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, TB partnership meeting Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and many more too numerous to mention.

He is happily married with children.
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Ika News: Rotn. Chris Monye installed 36th President, Rotary Club of Agbor

Council Election: Physically Challenged Persons in Ika Land call for support for PDP candidates

Physically Challenged Persons in Ika Land, have called for massive support for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Chairmanship and Councillorship candidates in the March 6 local government council election in Ika Land. The Physically Challenged Persons made the call during the week at Agbor.

Speaking through their Chairman, Comrade John Paul, they said, ” We are appealing to the good people of Ika, to come out in large number to cast their votes for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Chairmanship and Councillorship candidates come Saturday, March 6. A vote for the PDP is a vote for growth and development, hence, we are appealing to our people to make their votes count by voting massively for the PDP.”

While expressing optimism that PDP will win landslide in next week’s council election, they thanked the executive governor of Delta State, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa for his love, care and concern for them, noting that they are going to remain grateful to him.

We are indeed very grateful to our dear leader and father, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa for his love, care, concern and support for us. Okowa’s administration has done us good. The governor has put smiles on our faces and make our lives better. We will remain grateful to him. And we will continue to support him and pray for his success in office.

Comrade John Paul
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Source: Ika News Agbor
Ika News: Council Election: Physically Challenged Persons in Ika Land call for support for PDP candidates