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Chief Benjamin Ogwun marries heartthrob

By Akinola Junior Aladejowo

It was indeed a moment of joy and celebration galore, as the Oku Dein Wu Ukpe of Agbor Kingdom, Chief Benjamin O. Ogwun,JP of Ewuru Community, Agbor, headquarters of Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State married to his heartthrob, Chukwudumebi, now Mrs Chukwudumebi Ogwun in a traditional marriage ceremony which was held on Saturday, March 13, 2021 in Agbor, Delta State.

The Marriage Reception which took place at Orewa Family Event Field, opposite Dr. Okwuada Poultry, Ewuru Road, Ewuru, Agbor, Delta State attracted high profile personalities amongst whom were, Chiefs of Agbor Kingdom, parents of the Bride, family members of the couple, friends, well wishers and a host of others.

While addressing the gathering, the Chairman of the occasion and Chief Ekpe of Agbor Kingdom, Prince Erere Ojemudia thanked God for the gift of life and a fair weather to make the day a reality.

He wished the couple a blissful married life, urging them to care, love and cherish each other, as this to him will make their marriage blossom forever.

On his part, the groom, Chief Benjamin O. Ogwun J.P, who is also the Oku Dein Wu Ukpe of Agbor Kingdom appreciated God and parents of his wife for giving him his heartthrob, saying that he is overwhelmed with joy, because it is a dream come true.

According to him, “After my retirement as a Police Officer, I ventured into business and I’m doing very fine in it. I was married and blessed with four children. Incidentally, my wife died about a year ago. In line with the doctrines of the Catholic Church, where I worship, I have to remarry, which brings about today’s marriage ceremony.

The lady who I am married to, was once married and her marriage was blessed with three children but her husband l died. I approached her and she accepted to marry me. The first thing to do is to give the children the best education in life, because I have taken them as my children, as this is part of what I celebrated”.

He used the medium to thank everyone who graced the occasion for their supports, contributions and prayer for the success of their marriage ceremony, praying God to grant them their heart desires and journey mercy back to their various destinations.

High points of the occasion were cutting of the marriage cake, presentation of gift items to the couple and taking of photographs.

Chief and Mrs Benjamin O. Ogwun,JP

Chief and Mrs Benjamin O. Ogwun,JP with Agbor Chiefs
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Ika News: Chief Benjamin Ogwun marries heartthrob

Rotary Club Of Agbor, Kenneth Gbagi Foundation

Rotary Club Of Agbor, Kenneth Gbagi Foundation ,organize Free Cataract Screening, Surgery

Rotary Club of Agbor in conjunction with the Kenneth Gbagi Foundation and Eye Care Health Initiative have carried out a one day free cataract screening and surgery exercise.

This was made known to newsmen during the screening and surgery exercise which took place recently at Leads Guest House, Boji- Boji, Owa, Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta StateSpeaking to newsmen during the exercise, the President, Rotary Club of Agbor, Rtn. Chris Monye stated that Rotary Club is a humanitarian organization whose members sacrifice their hard earned money in order to make others comfortable and happy.

He noted that the day’s event was carried out with the collaboration of Kenneth Gbaji Foundation and Eye Care Health Initiative as he revealed that the organizers of the event spent millions of naira to put the programme in place, maintaining that the surgery for about fifteen persons have been paid for by the organizers.

Speaking further, Rtn.Monye noted that Rotary Club of Agbor has carried out a lot of humanitarian services to the people of Agbor, adding that most times,the projects are carried out in the rural areas because they are the ones that suffer from different lack because their access to some basic amenities are limited.

He disclosed that Rotary Club of Agbor has dug boreholes in some rural communities and still plan to drill more.Continuing,he stated that the Renal Centre in Central Hospital, Agbor built and equipped by the Rotary Club will soon commenced activities, adding that the Renal Centre was built to reduce the stress of traveling far to take treatment by those with kidney problems.

Some of those who benefited from the eye surgery in a chat with our correspondent thanked the sponsors as they prayed that God will continue to give members of the various organisations the strength to continue in the good work.

A Rotarian working during the exercise
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Ika News: Rotary Club Of Agbor, Kenneth Gbagi Foundation

There is nothing good about my growing up-Oby

Ahead of her 30th music anniversary which comes up later in the year, your PEN MASTER, after a prolonged search in Ekwuoma, c caught up with seasoned musician, Princess Oby Eluemunor who is also an indigene of Ekwuoma in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. In this interview, the music exponent popularly called “Ika Lady of Songs” by kinsmen and lovers of her music, tells PEN MASTER (EMEKA ESOGBUE) her growing up years; the parental care, the huddles, the loss and the desire; musical career, her desire to collaborate with fellow Anioma kinsmen, Don Jazzy and Wiz Boy and what the future holds for fellow Anioma musicians. Excerpts:

Pen Master: Nice to catch up with you after a very long search that is worth it though. Can our readers meet you?Eluemunor: (Smiles) Thank you very much Pen Master. Well, my name is Princess Oby Eluemunor. I was born to Mr. and Mrs. Felix and Felicia Eluemunor of Ekwuoma Kingdom in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. I am a professional musician with passion to entertain the people and also give them happiness.

Pen Master: (Smiling) You are welcome beautiful Princess Oby Eluemunor. This prefix, “princess” in your name strikes me with so much affection and attraction. Do you happen to hail from Ekwuoma royal family? You have blue blood?Eluemunor: Well, I was told that as a Baby, I was strikingly beautiful so it won me “Princess” which has now stuck. I am not from Ekwuoma royal family but a royal clan.

Pen Master: Anyway, how was growing up for Princess Eluemunor at that time?Eluemunor: (Frowns her face and hisses) Hmm! Growing up for Princess Oby Eluemunor? There is nothing good about my growing up. I grew up as an orphan. I grew up in the wrong hands. So, nothing good in reality to talk about this development.

Pen Master: Okay but anyone can say you are a fulfilled being a female musician. Does this fit you?Eluemunor: (Laughing) I feel great. I feel honoured. I think if you ask me, I will say that music is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. Music has thought me a lot of things. Music has taken me to a lot of places. Music has made me to know a lot of people. Even personalities that people of my age cannot think of meeting, I have met a lot of them. I feel great female a female musician, doing my thing in Anioma.

Pen Master: You also play the guitar musical instrument, something outside the reach of so many male musicians. How did you come about this?Eluemunor: (Laughing) Eh! I would say that my guitar ability is not really backed professionally. I can only play my musical genre. I can only play my rhythm. In short, I play the “shakara” type. That’s what I can play. I don’t think I can adapt to playing for other musicians or outside my own musical participation. My guitar is tailored to my tune and for my own music.

Pen Master: That’s good to know but in furtherance, our readers may ask to know how music started for you.Eluemunor: Yea! I started music at the tender age of 7 because my parents were notable musicians during their own time. My Mom was the Lead Vocalist of Otu Obioma of Idumuje-Unor in the 1970s while my Dad was a local percussion player for any Otu Onye Lohe Onwu of Ekwuoma then they had only me as a child. They had only me and wherever they went for show, they took me along with them so I danced and sang with them. When I grew up and enrolled in primary school, any time, there was a festival in school, I always jumped out to sing and I sang perfectly. At home, and in farm, I sang and sang perfectly with my Mom. My Mom would sing and I would back her up. With this, I became perfect. Losing them to the cold hands of death was sad. Well, the only thing that now draws them close to my memory is music. I saw myself singing at school and in churches; everywhere I went until I grew up. At the age of 14, I released my own album which was a great hit then in Sept 24, 1993 during the time of “Osor Abiola”. The song reigned everywhere as I was in wonderment tagged “female musician”, “Okpoho na eti egwu” which took the air. Surprisingly, I didn’t attach so much seriousness to it as I merely concluded it as something one could ordinarily do. However, I didn’t know that one could develop it or make money from it.

Pen Master: Did your parents encourage you or it was the usual “don’t go into music” syndrome of that generation?Eluemunor: I know that if my parents were to still be alive, they would have given me all the support that I would need. I recall that at the time, my mother always sang for me and asked that I repeat after her. And at that age of 7, I wrote some songs and after writing these songs, I would sing it for my Mom and she would be impressed. My Dad was supportive. He played the drum for me and I would sing and dance as their Baby. I was sure that if they were alive, I would have gone farther than I am today.

Pen Master: Now, Princess Eluemunor, let me ask you this interesting question: Who among the Anioma musicians would you like to collaborate with if you had the opportunity?Eluemunor: Em! I have looked forward to meeting Don Jazzy for collaboration and for making an album but I have not been opportuned to meet him. Another person I would like to meet is Wiz Boy.Pen Master: Permit me to pose this to you: Why in your opinion do we seldom see Anioma musicians collaborate to do songs unlike what obtains in other areas?

Eluemunor: Pen Master, the reason is jealousy, envy and feeling inferior complex since they are likely to feel that your fame will surpass theirs. Many would not want others to come up especially those that have the name already. It is not the way God wants it. That’s why traditional musicians in Anioma don’t want to collaborate but I, Princess Oby Eluemunor do want to bring people up. My celebration of 30th years on stage, by the special grace of God, next year (year, 2021) will have groomed those boys and girls that approached me to become musicians. I will record and help them to push. Yes, I will do that.

Pen Master: Perhaps, you have talked too often about your parents. Have your Ekwuoma people supported your musical career in anyway…?Eluemunor: …Well, Pen Master, I thank God.

Pen Master: Let us move away from music a bit. What can you tell us about your community in terms of government impact?Eluemunor: (Looking up) Hmm! Government! Government! Well, I really don’t have interest in government. I don’t have interest in politics. I don’t mingle with them. I don’t know what they are doing. The only thing I can say is that this our Governor, His Excellency, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa is really trying in terms of road construction because it affected my own community. He tried for my community. That is all I have to say.

Pen Master: Do you advise other women to play music as well?Eluemunor: Yes! I have two female musicians in my band that I am bringing up. One is from Ogwashi-Uku while the other is from Umunede. By the grace of God, I will be trying out the Ogwashi-Uku lady on microphone next year. It ought to have been this year but the lockdown scuttled our plans. I started my video but stopped it due to the lockdown. Next year, I will resume with the shooting of the video of my very first album titled “Ajor Nwunye Di”. After that, we will do the promo marketing. After the video, I will put the Ogwashi-Uku lady on microphone to see how she sounds.

Pen master: Princess, where do you see yourself in the next 20 years?Eluemunor: (Laughing aloud) Wow! Pen Master, but I should have become an old woman. I would be in my husband’s house, retired and taking care of my grandchildren, taking care of husband and resting. Maybe, play small, small show within my community and not going far again.

Pen Master: Does this music also win you uninvited men…?Eluemunor: …A lot of men; to the extent that I got confused. I got confused at a time because I didn’t know who really loved me, whether it was me, the money or fame they wanted. Music really wins me men but I thank God I have been able to stay in control.

Pen Master: …But how do you manage them?Eluemunor: Like I said, I was in control; I was in control because I knew what I wanted. I knew the kind of men I wanted and I knew the kind I wanted to live. But you know, there cannot be life without any mistake. I fell a victim then but God has turned all my victimizations to victory.Pen Master: Finally, I hear you plan to celebrate your 30th Year Anniversary of music career…

Eluemunor: I am working towards the celebration of my years of musical career on stage. I also intend to unveil Princess Oby Music and Dance Academy. I intend to train our people in music, dance and acting. The forms are already out provided you are from Anioma. If you want to learn how to play music, dance or act, come to me and purchase the form. Yes, I have been in the music industry for 30 years.

Pen Master: Princess Oby Eluemunor, nice speaking to you.Eluemunor: Thank you so much, Pen Master for this great opportunity for my fans to read me. Thank you very much sir.

Princess Oby Eluemunor
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Ika News: There is nothing good about my growing up-Oby

Ogboi Ezekiel Egbon joins Ika South Chairmanship race

Basking in the euphoria of Not Too Young to Lead, a stalwart of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Comr. Ogboi Ezekiel Egbon, has joined political gladiators to run for the number one seat in Ika South Local Government Council ahead of the forthcoming local government polls.Ogboi who hails from Ogbe-Akina in Ogbemudein Community, Agbor made his ambition known in a parley with newsmen over the weekend.

Ogboi Ezekiel Egbon

The young and emerging leader with International knowledge in politics explained that he was eager to change the narrative in Ika South while being focused on bringing basic amenities to the door step of the people.Ogboi who holds a Bachelor degree in medical science, further narrated how he would make Ika South more workable to become a peaceful society for development to strive.

Our elders use to say that ‘youths are the leaders of tomorrow’. Therefore, I, Comr. Ogboi Ezekiel Egbon, has come to uphold the barton of leadership in Ika South LGA. I have the zeal and charisma to engage Ika South in a Resourceful and Youthful leadership.

If given the mandate, I assured that both young and old of our great party PDP and the entire LGA will enjoy fresh breath, insecurity will be reduced to it bearest minimum while working in line consonant with the SMART drive of our disguised Governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa,” he said.

While urging the people to come out en mass to exercise their franchise at the poll, Ogboi appealed to them to support his aspiration as they join hands to effect the needed change in Ika South.
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Ika News: Ogboi Ezekiel Egbon joins Ika South Chairmanship race

Ika South PDP tours Wards,7, 8, 9

Calls for more support for Okowa

The leaders and members of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Ika South Local Government Area Chapter, have taken their thank you tours to Wards 7, 8 and 9. The federal three wards were visited consecutively on Saturday last week, November 28.

The PDP Chairman, Ika South, Mr Jude Onya in his speeches during the tours on behalf of the party called for more support for the Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s government.He disclosed that Governor Okowa, has done marvelously and excellently well as testimonies about the governor’s good works abound everywhere in the state.

From left Chiedu Ebie Esq. Hon Victor Nwokolo & Dr Chukwuma Nwaonicha

He pointed out that Ika South has benefitted immensely from the Okowa’s government, particularly in the areas of road constructions and appointments.

According to Onya, “We are here to thank you all for your continued support for our leader, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and his government. While we say thank you to everyone here, we are appealing that you double your support for our result and people oriented Governor.“Governor Okowa has done marvelously and excellently well particularly for Ika South.We have never had it so good in the past. Outside, the laudable achievements of Governor Okowa in road construction, education, health care, job creation and empowerment programmes in our local government, Okowa has given large percentage of our people political appointments. Whatever we are today in politics is Okowa who put us there, hence, we must continue to support him and his government.

Ika South PDP Chairman, Jude Onya, Chiedu Ebie, Hon Sunny Ogwu & Peter Idion

He further said, “the only person we are going to obey his instructions is Governor Ifeanyi Okowa. He is our great leader and benefactor. All his plans are geared towards the good of all Deltans. He sees ahead of all of us as far as politics is concerned.Therefore, we must continue to respect him and obey his instructions.

Governor Okowa meant well for all Deltans.We are very proud of him and we are not going to disappoint him. Our loyalty to Okowa and his Government is one hundred and one percent.

Mammoth crowd of PDP members turned out in each of the wards that was visited. Among those present were top political leaders of the party.The chairmen of the various wards visited, Mr Obiazi Uwujaren(Ward 7), Mr Agidi(Ward 8) and Muchochoh(Ward9) on behalf of their members pledged total support for Governor Okowa even as they thanked him for putting smiles on the faces of PDP members in Ika South, especially the youths. They promised to remain committed and supportive of the Okowa’s government.

The member representing Ika Federal Constituency at the Green Chamber of the National Assembly, Hon Victor Nwokolo in his remarks during the tours thanked the people of Ika South people for their support for Governor Okowa, urging them to keep on with the good work.

Cross section of PDP Ika South Ward 7 leaders
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Ika News: Ika South PDP tours Wards,7, 8, 9

Dein of Agbor commissions Akpara Tailoring Institute

His Royal Majesty (Dr) Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekwuzi I, the Dein of Agbor, has commissioned Akpara Tailoring Institute at Ogbeisere Quarters in Ime-Obi, Agbor, Delta State. The well attended ceremony took place last Sunday at Ogbeisere and was witnessed by Agbor Palace Chiefs, the Police Area Commander in charge of Agbor, ACP Imeh Udofia, members of Ogbeisere Community, Dr Donald Peterson, Theresa Ugbobu,Hon Andrew Agwaze, Isoko Isioma, among others.The Royal Father while cutting the tape marking the official opening of the Institute commended the effort and wished the owners of the business outfit, Chief and Mrs Louis Usifoh well in their venture. He thanked them for considering Agbor for the Institute, advising that Agbor sons and daughters should endeavour to invest at home.In an interview, Chief Akpara disclosed that the Institute is out to serve the needs of Agbor residents in the area of fashion. He added that the Institute is equipped with modern facilities, hence, customers’ satisfaction is their watchword. He thanked Dein Keagborekwuzi I, for honouring them with his presence. He also thanked everyone present to witness the ceremony, noting that he is grateful to all of them.

HRM (Dr) Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekwuzi I flanked by his Chiefs as he commissionsAkpara Tailoring Institute
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Ika News: Dein of Agbor commissions Akpara Tailoring Institute

Menace of SARS in Ika land

The Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) constitute nuisance in Agbor and environs with their illicit activities ranging from illegal stop and search of individuals or their phones, vehicles and demanding cash from their victims.

They even go as far as escorting some of their victims to any nearby ATM to make withdrawals ranging from ten thousand to a hundred thousand naira or more.

This broad daylight extortion of citizens is at best embarrassing and inhumane as they have been known to impound vehicles of many who refused to part with their hard earned money.They have even been known to go into shops and without presenting search warrants or properly identifying themselves, ransack goods and other valuables in search of incriminating items. The hapless shop owners can do nothing but look on and hope that their goods are not destroyed.

These actions of SARS go against the tenets of the constitution and they should be called to order. The police are supposed to be our protectors, but they have now turned oppressors. Citizens are now scared of reporting cases to the police because they will be charged money at the station. One has to even pay the police in order for them to make arrests. Bail which is supposedly free is now a revenue generating source for the police.

Government and other relevant authorities should look into these issues of SARS and the police generally in order to restore public confidence in them.

Chief Dr Yomi Oduselu Hassan,The Ekwueme 1 of Akumazi Kingdom.Chief Dr Yomi Oduselu Hassan
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Ika News: Menace of SARS in Ika land