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My husband is very loving and caring to me and our children

-Mrs Grace Ogbe

Madam, it’s a pleasure to meet you,. Could you please tell us your name?I am Mrs. Grace Ogbe, from Idumu-Idia, Agbor-Nta.Where and how did you meet your husband, Chief Martin K. Ogbe?We met at Agbor-Nta. We are natives of Agbor-Nta. His father now late was the person who wooed me for him. His father usually passed my father’s compound anytime he was going to his farm. Each time, he saw me by the well side, he always requested that I should fetch him water to drink. From there he developed special interest for me and declared that his son will marry me. Then, I was in Local Authority School.

Chief & Mrs. Martin K. Ogbe with Representatives of the Dein of Agbor at the 50thMarriage Anniversary and Renewal of Vows

Then, my husband was in another school at Agbor-Nta. He was ahead of me at school. Anytime he came out for recess he rushed down to my school, where we played and shared groundnuts together before he rushed back to his school at the sound of the bell. We shared things in common but we never knew anything called sex until we got married. I became pregnant four months after our marriage. Today, our marriage is a very successful one with three males and a female. We have many grandchildren. So, we have every reason to thank God because fifty years in marriage is not a joke. We encountered so many difficult challenges but God gave us victory.

There were times that life became so tough that we had to relocate to my husband’s father’s house at Agbor-Nta. We lived in one room apartment and later two rooms apartment with our children before we were able to build our own house. In two occasions we relocated from Boji-Boji to my husband father’s house at Agbor-Nta. His mother loved me so much. She took me like her daughter .She took very good care of me. She taught me how to take good care of my children, husband and family members. We lived like mother and daughter till her death a few years ago.What attracted you to your husband?

He is a very caring and loving man. He was always there for me and my children. He trained all our children at school. He had never slept outside our house since we got married.What business did you do to support your husband?I was a trader. I started with petty trading at home, known as (Afia counter) and later I delved into clothes business. I cooperated fully with my husband. I am very happy and thankful to God that we are alive today to celebrate our 50th marriage anniversary in good health and joy. We have no regret coming together as husband and wife.Did you support him when he was going to take a chieftaincy title from the Dein of Agbor?

Yes. I congratulated him and participated fully in the ceremony. His title is Osolobue Meni Dein (God did well for the Dein of Agbor). God has been very good to us and we will continue to thank Him.What advise do you have for young married women of today?

I don’t have any advice for many young women of today who are involved in different evil activities. Some of them don’t know how to cook. They buy soup from outside to feed their husband and children. They hire people to prepare soup and akpu (Foo foo) for them which they later serve their husband and children. That is very bad because practices like that are dangers to marriages. Therefore, if I we desire good marriage, we must be prepared and avoid unnecessary associations with people.
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