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There is nothing good about my growing up-Oby

Ahead of her 30th music anniversary which comes up later in the year, your PEN MASTER, after a prolonged search in Ekwuoma, c caught up with seasoned musician, Princess Oby Eluemunor who is also an indigene of Ekwuoma in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. In this interview, the music exponent popularly called “Ika Lady of Songs” by kinsmen and lovers of her music, tells PEN MASTER (EMEKA ESOGBUE) her growing up years; the parental care, the huddles, the loss and the desire; musical career, her desire to collaborate with fellow Anioma kinsmen, Don Jazzy and Wiz Boy and what the future holds for fellow Anioma musicians. Excerpts:

Pen Master: Nice to catch up with you after a very long search that is worth it though. Can our readers meet you?Eluemunor: (Smiles) Thank you very much Pen Master. Well, my name is Princess Oby Eluemunor. I was born to Mr. and Mrs. Felix and Felicia Eluemunor of Ekwuoma Kingdom in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. I am a professional musician with passion to entertain the people and also give them happiness.

Pen Master: (Smiling) You are welcome beautiful Princess Oby Eluemunor. This prefix, “princess” in your name strikes me with so much affection and attraction. Do you happen to hail from Ekwuoma royal family? You have blue blood?Eluemunor: Well, I was told that as a Baby, I was strikingly beautiful so it won me “Princess” which has now stuck. I am not from Ekwuoma royal family but a royal clan.

Pen Master: Anyway, how was growing up for Princess Eluemunor at that time?Eluemunor: (Frowns her face and hisses) Hmm! Growing up for Princess Oby Eluemunor? There is nothing good about my growing up. I grew up as an orphan. I grew up in the wrong hands. So, nothing good in reality to talk about this development.

Pen Master: Okay but anyone can say you are a fulfilled being a female musician. Does this fit you?Eluemunor: (Laughing) I feel great. I feel honoured. I think if you ask me, I will say that music is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. Music has thought me a lot of things. Music has taken me to a lot of places. Music has made me to know a lot of people. Even personalities that people of my age cannot think of meeting, I have met a lot of them. I feel great female a female musician, doing my thing in Anioma.

Pen Master: You also play the guitar musical instrument, something outside the reach of so many male musicians. How did you come about this?Eluemunor: (Laughing) Eh! I would say that my guitar ability is not really backed professionally. I can only play my musical genre. I can only play my rhythm. In short, I play the “shakara” type. That’s what I can play. I don’t think I can adapt to playing for other musicians or outside my own musical participation. My guitar is tailored to my tune and for my own music.

Pen Master: That’s good to know but in furtherance, our readers may ask to know how music started for you.Eluemunor: Yea! I started music at the tender age of 7 because my parents were notable musicians during their own time. My Mom was the Lead Vocalist of Otu Obioma of Idumuje-Unor in the 1970s while my Dad was a local percussion player for any Otu Onye Lohe Onwu of Ekwuoma then they had only me as a child. They had only me and wherever they went for show, they took me along with them so I danced and sang with them. When I grew up and enrolled in primary school, any time, there was a festival in school, I always jumped out to sing and I sang perfectly. At home, and in farm, I sang and sang perfectly with my Mom. My Mom would sing and I would back her up. With this, I became perfect. Losing them to the cold hands of death was sad. Well, the only thing that now draws them close to my memory is music. I saw myself singing at school and in churches; everywhere I went until I grew up. At the age of 14, I released my own album which was a great hit then in Sept 24, 1993 during the time of “Osor Abiola”. The song reigned everywhere as I was in wonderment tagged “female musician”, “Okpoho na eti egwu” which took the air. Surprisingly, I didn’t attach so much seriousness to it as I merely concluded it as something one could ordinarily do. However, I didn’t know that one could develop it or make money from it.

Pen Master: Did your parents encourage you or it was the usual “don’t go into music” syndrome of that generation?Eluemunor: I know that if my parents were to still be alive, they would have given me all the support that I would need. I recall that at the time, my mother always sang for me and asked that I repeat after her. And at that age of 7, I wrote some songs and after writing these songs, I would sing it for my Mom and she would be impressed. My Dad was supportive. He played the drum for me and I would sing and dance as their Baby. I was sure that if they were alive, I would have gone farther than I am today.

Pen Master: Now, Princess Eluemunor, let me ask you this interesting question: Who among the Anioma musicians would you like to collaborate with if you had the opportunity?Eluemunor: Em! I have looked forward to meeting Don Jazzy for collaboration and for making an album but I have not been opportuned to meet him. Another person I would like to meet is Wiz Boy.Pen Master: Permit me to pose this to you: Why in your opinion do we seldom see Anioma musicians collaborate to do songs unlike what obtains in other areas?

Eluemunor: Pen Master, the reason is jealousy, envy and feeling inferior complex since they are likely to feel that your fame will surpass theirs. Many would not want others to come up especially those that have the name already. It is not the way God wants it. That’s why traditional musicians in Anioma don’t want to collaborate but I, Princess Oby Eluemunor do want to bring people up. My celebration of 30th years on stage, by the special grace of God, next year (year, 2021) will have groomed those boys and girls that approached me to become musicians. I will record and help them to push. Yes, I will do that.

Pen Master: Perhaps, you have talked too often about your parents. Have your Ekwuoma people supported your musical career in anyway…?Eluemunor: …Well, Pen Master, I thank God.

Pen Master: Let us move away from music a bit. What can you tell us about your community in terms of government impact?Eluemunor: (Looking up) Hmm! Government! Government! Well, I really don’t have interest in government. I don’t have interest in politics. I don’t mingle with them. I don’t know what they are doing. The only thing I can say is that this our Governor, His Excellency, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa is really trying in terms of road construction because it affected my own community. He tried for my community. That is all I have to say.

Pen Master: Do you advise other women to play music as well?Eluemunor: Yes! I have two female musicians in my band that I am bringing up. One is from Ogwashi-Uku while the other is from Umunede. By the grace of God, I will be trying out the Ogwashi-Uku lady on microphone next year. It ought to have been this year but the lockdown scuttled our plans. I started my video but stopped it due to the lockdown. Next year, I will resume with the shooting of the video of my very first album titled “Ajor Nwunye Di”. After that, we will do the promo marketing. After the video, I will put the Ogwashi-Uku lady on microphone to see how she sounds.

Pen master: Princess, where do you see yourself in the next 20 years?Eluemunor: (Laughing aloud) Wow! Pen Master, but I should have become an old woman. I would be in my husband’s house, retired and taking care of my grandchildren, taking care of husband and resting. Maybe, play small, small show within my community and not going far again.

Pen Master: Does this music also win you uninvited men…?Eluemunor: …A lot of men; to the extent that I got confused. I got confused at a time because I didn’t know who really loved me, whether it was me, the money or fame they wanted. Music really wins me men but I thank God I have been able to stay in control.

Pen Master: …But how do you manage them?Eluemunor: Like I said, I was in control; I was in control because I knew what I wanted. I knew the kind of men I wanted and I knew the kind I wanted to live. But you know, there cannot be life without any mistake. I fell a victim then but God has turned all my victimizations to victory.Pen Master: Finally, I hear you plan to celebrate your 30th Year Anniversary of music career…

Eluemunor: I am working towards the celebration of my years of musical career on stage. I also intend to unveil Princess Oby Music and Dance Academy. I intend to train our people in music, dance and acting. The forms are already out provided you are from Anioma. If you want to learn how to play music, dance or act, come to me and purchase the form. Yes, I have been in the music industry for 30 years.

Pen Master: Princess Oby Eluemunor, nice speaking to you.Eluemunor: Thank you so much, Pen Master for this great opportunity for my fans to read me. Thank you very much sir.

Princess Oby Eluemunor
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Ika News: There is nothing good about my growing up-Oby

Okoh Towers & Suites

Okoh Towers & Suites To Be Commissioned February 6, As Official Foundation Laying Ceremony Of Okoh University, Ekuku Agbor Holds Same Day

When individuals and community do not govern self, they risk being ruled by external forces that care less about the well-being of the village”

T F HodgeOne of the newest figure to emerge on the world stage in recent years is the social entrepreneur.This is usually someone who burns with desire to make a positive social impact on the world, but believes that the best way of doing it is, as the saying goes, not by giving poor people a fish and feeding them for a day, but by teaching them to fish, in hopes of feeding them for a lifetime.In the course of my writing career, I have come to know several social entrepreneurs in recent years, and most combine a business school brain with a social worker’s heart.The triple convergence and the flattening of the world have been a godsend for them. Those who get it and are adapting to it have begun lunching some innovative projects for their communities.It is in this class of social entrepreneurs that our own Isaiah Okoh belongs to.A man who has decided to use his hard earned money to develop and transform his native village of Ekuku Agbor to the status of a modern city.He has singlehandedly powered all the streets in Ekuku Agbor with solar powered lights.He has built a 40 rooms and 3 presidential suites hotel in Ekuku Agbor. The hotel is reputed to be the biggest and with the most modern facilities in Ika land.All the rooms ensuites, with air conditions and 24 hours power supply.Secured and located in a seren environment.Fitted with Olympic size swimming pool.Modern Gym facilities with Bar and a resturant that serves both local and international cuisines.The conference hall is equipped with modern facilities that seat hundreds of guests.This and many more are available.Isaiah Okoh, the social entrepreneur is not ending there!He is taking the notch higher by building a modern University for his people.The official foundation laying ceremony of Okoh University will take place same day with the official opening ceremony of Okoh Towers and Suites on the 6th of February, 2021. Time 10am.The venue is in Ekuku Agbor. The land of hope.

Isaiah Oko

Okoh Towers & Suites
The post Okoh Towers & Suites appeared first on IKA Mirror Newspaper Online.
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Ika News: Okoh Towers & Suites

Upgrading Is Different From Establishment Of A University, And A University Is A University

– Emmanuel U. Tibi, Ph.D.

It is with grief in my heart that I have to write about what should ordinarily gladden our hearts, that what we have long been praying for, vide: the upgrading of the College of Education, Agbor to a University of Education, Agbor is about to come through.

Instead of celebrating the enablers of the glorious legacy that is about to be bestowed on our community, we are contending with misguided comments, vituperations and outlandish outbursts from people within and without our communities. It is however necessary that we should try to put the records straight, in order that all of us do not fall prey to the trap of gullibility which ill-informed people are setting all over the place, for us to collectively fall into.

For starters, it is important that people understand that the Delta State Government led by H.E. Senator (Dr.) A.I. Okowa has just submitted three (3) bills to the Delta State House of Assembly for the upgrading of three existing institutions to three full-fledged universities. None of these three bills is meant for establishment of a new university. Emphasis is on their prior existence and as canvassed, they are all deserving of upgrading. It is clearly not possible to upgrade what does not already exist and in upgrading an existing facility, you only take the facility to a higher level than it was before the upgrading. It is as simple as that.

College of Education, Agbor had been existing since 1980 as an NCE- awarding institution, until 2006, when efforts were made to upgrade it to a position of preparing students for the award of Delta State University, Abraka’s degrees in education, (Bachelors only) in an affiliation arrangement. Having gone through the various crucibles of academic maturity and integrity, the College started hankering after being uplifted to University of Education, Agbor. This is because that is the only way to grow and develop. If the electric transformer serving a community becomes inadequate because of increase in households or facilities depending on it, what is done is that a bigger transformer is installed to replace the smaller one. You do not go and install a nuclear reactor in place of the small transformer. Transforming College of Education Agbor to University of Education, Agbor is a monumental leap for our community. It might look like a small step taken in the eyes of people who are bereft of ideas about the system, but it is a giant leap for mankind.

Every person who has a clear vision of what progress means to a community should thank God and pray for Dr. A.I. Okowa-led government for being this visionary, this bold, this resourceful and this credible in discerning people’s yearning and taking steps to meet their expectations, within the limits of public resources.

I do appreciate the limitations people have because in tertiary education, you follow your discipline, and do not know much about other disciplines. It is expected that before people make public statements about issues outside their purview, they ought to consult persons who are more informed about such issues. I am particularly worried about statements that are emanating from persons who are members of the College community, who are giving out information to the public that tend to portray the action of government on this upgrading programme, in bad light.

These people have neither seen, read nor heard the content of the bill. Basically, a university is a university; it is established or installed through upgrading, with the authority to award degrees in disciplines that its Senate (and with input from the Governing Council) approves, based on the availability of human and material resources for such programmes, as confirmed by National Universities Commission (NUC) through accreditation of such programmes. It is bewildering that people can just cook up outlandish theories about a system they are neither part of, nor have access to its inner workings, and peddle such inanities to an attentive public, and causing such grievous damage to our collective psyche. My guess about this bill on College of Education Agbor, transmuting into University of Education, Agbor must contain elements that identify at least five or six faculties of which only one would be faculty of education.

The name of a university does not in any way limit that university to the number or types of programmes that it can operate for as long as it is able to satisfy NUC and other stakeholders that it has the wherewithal to efficiently and effectively operate and deliver graduates that will represent the best interest of such a discipline.

The Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijebu Ode was formerly Tai Solarin College of Education, Rivers State University of Education, used to be College of Education; both are awarding straight honours and/or education degrees to the students in the liberal arts and sciences, technology and vocational studies disciplines.

All the Universities of Technology and Universities of Agriculture established in Nigeria have Schools of Education where they award education degrees in technology, vocational and entrepreneurial studies.College of Education, Agbor, since inception was designed as an NCE-awarding institution, but over the years it had been running diplomas programmes in computer science and other disciplines that are clearly not part of the mandate of its establishment.

My appeal is that we should pray ceaselessly for this upgrading effort to succeed and also pray for the enablers and influencers of this project to have the resilience, zeal and capacity to deliver on this project which has been variously dubbed a legacy project for our community.End the fallacy and embrace objectivity, please.
The post Upgrading Is Different From Establishment Of A University, And A University Is A University appeared first on IKA Mirror Newspaper Online.
Source: Ika News Agbor
Ika News: Upgrading Is Different From Establishment Of A University, And A University Is A University

Anioma House of Assembly holds New year bash

… installs patrons

A sociopolitical group for the emancipation of Anioma youths in Agbor under the auspices of Anioma House of Assembly, on Sunday, January 17, 2021, rolled out drums to celebrate the new year.The epoch making event held at Ogbeisere community in Ime-Obi, Agbor was indeed a unique day for the group which is gradually gaining precedence as a strategic forum to push for good of the people and effective representative.

Members dancing at the ceremony

A leader of the group, Chief Gabriel Ogbekile, the Onyewuihian 1 of Igbanke kingdom, in his address expressed happiness while noting that Anioma House of Assembly was a rallying point for the peole, adding that the association provides not only political views but create job opportunities for the youths and also assist the downtrodden in the society.

He commended members for their contributions to the association and also charged them to remain focused.Earlier in his address, the Chairman of the association, Mr. Kennedy Ogboi, described the occasion as a happy day for the group.He thanked God for keeping members of the association alive into the new year amidst his prayer for God’s continuous blessings.

Going forward, Mr. Ogboi buttressed the importance of brotherhood, positing that such initiative remains the only solution to drive peace and love in the society and therefore enjoined the people, most importantly the political class, to be their brothers keeper.He further stressed that Anioma House of Assembly has come to stay, thereby advising all to key into the developmental agendas of the association.He laid emphasis on political class treating the people with respect, justly, fairly and equitably.

We shall further strengthen our resolve to work together, take a very inclusive look at problems in our community and rally round ourselves to provide solutions,” he added.As part of their initiative to properly guard the association, the members unanimously installed three respected individuals namely, Mr. Monday Agven, Mr. Christopher Ibude (Xto) and Mr. Frank Enwemeka (Uncle O) as patrons respectively.

The new patrons were also charged to see to the growth and positive development of the Anioma House of Assembly with the motto: “Together we shine”.Speaking with journalists shortly after the ceremony, The Agbor Area Commander of the Police Community Relation Committee (PCRC), Chief Darlington Edobor Igheghe, described the association which according to him started like a joke, as a welcome development.He added that members are respected individuals, very industrious and peaceful people.

He enjoined them to continually embrace peace and also organize sensitization programmes on peace building that could possibly educate the youths to desist from crime and other violent acts.He congratulated the newly installed patrons just as he advised the association to continue in their good ways.Climax of the ceremony was the cutting of cake and dance to sweet DJ tunes. Participants were fed with good food and drinks.

Mr. Kennedy Ogboi speaking at the ceremony

From left: Agven, Ogboi, Ibude, Enwemeka, Chief Ogbekile & Chief Igheghe

Members dancing at the ceremony

Members of the association cutting the cake
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Ika News: Anioma House of Assembly holds New year bash

Monday Akpolo celebrates daughter’s first birthday amidst funfair

It was a special day for the family of Special Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Security Matters and stalwart of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, Comr. Monday Emenim Akpolo, as they rolled out drums to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday.

The colourful ceremony was held at Akpolo’s Ime-Obi residence in Agbor on Sunday, January 10, 2021, was well attended by family members, friends and well wishers who also took to the dancing floor to express their delights.

Remarkably, Akpolo was joined in the ceremony by his security team, Agbor Gha-Ihun, led by their Chairman, Comr. Monday Kiyem.Speaking with newsmen, Akpolo expressed gratitude to God for the gift of their adorable daughter, Baby Rhema Monday Akpolo.He said Baby Rhema is a special gift from God to rekindle his joy while assuring that she would be properly raised.He thanked guests at the ceremony for their show of love towards him and his family, praying the Almighty God to bless their homes with good health and prosperity.

Comr. and Mrs. Monday Emenim Akpolo, with baby Rhema

Comr. and Mrs. Monday Emenim Akpolo, with Agbor Gha-Ihun Chairman, Comr. Monday Kiyem and others

Comr. Monday Akpolo dancing with friends
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Ika News: Monday Akpolo celebrates daughter’s first birthday amidst funfair

Waziri Igumbor clocks 79

…celebrates with friends

Chronicling the life of a community leader in person of Mr. Waziri Igumbor, would, perhaps, be a herculean one.There is something people cannot take away from him, which is the shield, armour and defender of the people. He does not deny the fact of his origin as an Agbor man, but flaunts his Agbor identity anywhere and anytime as he could do anything or offend anyone in the defence of his Agbor people and race, without apologise.

Mr. Waziri Igumbor in a group photograph with friends

Wednesday being January 13, 2021, was a unique day for this godly individual as it marked his birthday anniversary.The special day offered him the privilege of celebrating with caliber of friends and family members at his Ohumere residence in Ime-Obi, Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.

Among the guests were Magistrate Chief Anene, Mr. Monday Egbudu (CEO of I.M. Property & Transport) Mr. Enwemeka Simeon Igweh (CEO of Igweh Global Property) and Mr. Igumbor Jack, the Ihara Dein of Agbor, who in their separate remarks eulogized Igumbor, describing him as a man of uncommon courage and foresight with huge network of relationship.Mr. Igumbor, in the people’s accolades, remains a man they are proud of, particularly for his achievements. They wished him many more years of birthday celebrations.

Speaking to Ika Mirror, Mr. Igumbor thanked God for making him count 79 years of his life going forward.He also thanked God for the gift of his loving family which according to him, has giving him the reason to be alive and healthy.He could not betray his love for his kingdom as he enjoined all well meaning Agbor sons and daughters to live in peace, unity and also rally round their king, the Dein of Agbor kingdom, HRM, Dr. Benjamin Ikenchuku, Keagborekuzi the first.

(L-R) Mr. Monday Egbudu, Mr. Waziri Igumbor & Mr. Mr. Enwemeka Simeon Igweh

Mr. Waziri Igumbor in a group photograph with friends
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Ika News: Waziri Igumbor clocks 79

EOB pay charity visit to Agbor Prisons, secure the release of inmate

In line with the spirit of the yuletide, members of an online community, Ewere Okonta Blogs, put smiles on the faces of inmates at the Agbor Correctional Centre when they went visiting on Tuesday, December 29, bearing gifts ranging from foodstuffs and toiletries. The visit was sponsored by two members of the platform living abroad; Mr. Isaiah Zeep Okoh based in the U.S and Mr. Oneike Eborka based in Canada.Members of the online platform, who were clad in red Polo tee-shirts, took time out to interact with some of the inmates upon which it was revealed to them some unfortunate circumstances surrounding the incarceration of some inmates.

Convener of the platform, Mr. Ewere Okonta took keen interest in one particular inmate, Lucky Michael who was incarcerated since 2019(March) on the charge of accomplice to the theft of a motorcycle. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment with an option of a fine amounting to one hundred and ten thousand naira. Ewere Okonta secured his release by offsetting the fine the following day December 30.In the words of the ex ifreedom.”this is a like a dream to me. God indeed sent an angel in human form to answer my prayers. I was in a wrong place at the wrong time. I never knew my friend was a thief. We usually hung out at a palm wine joint along Azehan Street, Agbor, but on that fateful day, security operatives suddenly stormed the joint where we take palm wine and apprehended me as my friend who they were after took off upon sighting them. They recovered a motorcycle which they alleged was stolen at gunpoint from a woman. I was interrogated and asked to lead them to his house. When they could not locate his whereabouts, I was remanded and consequently sentenced to three years imprisonment with an option fine amounting to a hundred and ten thousand naira”, he narrated.

He stated that since he couldn’t raise the fine money and coming from a poor background with none of his family members being able to raise the money, he resigned to serving his time. Little did he know that a miracle was in the making for him.

He was full of praise to his benefactor and members of EOB and prayed God to bless them abundantly.Admonishing the youths to learn from his experience, he warned that crime and bad company(friends) can lead one to his doom and encouraged them to embrace lawful ventures.He also appealed to well meaning individuals to reach out to inmates at the correctional centre, noting that a whole lot of them are just a token of kindness away from freedom.

As for me, I’m heading back to my village (Igbodo) and lead a life devoid of crime”, he said with a big grin.

EOB members with the freed inmate.
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Ika News: EOB pay charity visit to Agbor Prisons, secure the release of inmate

Iyogo Youths Forum set to hold fund raising/award ceremony

The Iyogo Youths Forum, in Ogbeisogban Community, Ime-Obi, Agbor has scheduled to hold her fund raising ceremony on Saturday, December 27, 2020. The fund raising ceremony was bid to take place at the Ogbeisogban Ultra Modern Hall from 12noon.

According to the Chairman, Iyogo Youths Forum, Comrade Ehiedu Omoyi and Secretary, Comrade Ibude E. Frank, the Chairman of the day is Executive Assistant to the Delta State Governor, on Political Matters, Rotn Peter Idion, the host is the member representing Ika South Constituency at the Delta State House of Assembly, Hon Festus Chukwuyem Okoh (Chuky Dandy), the Chief Launcher is the President/Founder, D’Peterson Foundation, Dr Donald Peterson, Special Guest of Honour, the Onyefe Dein of Agbor, Chief Dr Charles Nenyiaba, while the Ajeh of Agbor, Chief Gideon Okobia, will be father of the day.

The group will honour some prominent Ogbeisogban indigenes during the ceremony. Those to be honoured are: Chief Dr Charles Nenyiaba, Hon Festus Chukwuyem Okoh, Endurance Eluma, Andy Ekpenisi, Chukwuma Aliagwu, JP, Emmanuel Emefiele (Testo), late Edomoyi Okonkwo Thomas, Innocent Imafidon, Mrs. Mahiagwu and Joe Onwubuya, for their various contributions towards the growth and development of Ogbeisogban Community.

Comrade Ehiedu Omoyi

Comrade Ibude E. Frank
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Ika News: Iyogo Youths Forum set to hold fund raising/award ceremony

Dein conferred Chieftaincy title on Regina Eledu

The Dein of Agbor Kingdom, His Royal Majesty Dr. Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborkuzi I have conferred on one of the illustrious daughters of Agbor kingdom, Mrs Regina Oweru Eledu, the Ehurieken Geni Dein of Agbor Kingdom.

The event took place on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 at the Dein Royal Palace, Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta state.Speaking to newsmen the recipient of the Chieftaincy title, Chief Mrs. Regina E. Eledu thanked Dein for the honour.

Chief Eledu stated that the conferment will spur her to do more good works for Agbor,her place of birth as she pointed out that her relationship with the palace has been for decades. She disclosed that when she was seeking admission into school of Nursing it was Dein’s late father, Obi Ikenchuku that recommended her and because of the recommendation, she was admitted without stress.

According to Chief Mrs. Eledu, “I have met Kings, I have read about Kings,but I have never met a Monarch like the Dein of Agbor. He is simple and humble. There is no word I can use to describe my King, he is just so wonderful” she saidShe urged Agbor indigenes to rally round “our King in order to take the Agbor to higher heights”.

The Dein of Agbor in his speech said that all those who have been conferred earned and merited the titles.

He pointed out that it was based on their contributions to Agbor Kingdom that they were picked to be honoured, adding that the conferment of the new Chiefs was for them to serve the people and not to cause troubleThe revered Royal Father warned against pride even as he advised that truth should be their watch word and not the pull him down syndrome.

HRM, Dr. Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekwuzi 1, Dein of Agbor, in a group

photograph with Chief Mrs. Regina Eledu and family members
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Ika News: Dein conferred Chieftaincy title on Regina Eledu