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Agama Lizard

After spending 10 hours in school, with a minimum of eight hours attending different classes, I was finally inside my dad’s car (an SUV, Toyota Highlander).At last I will have a long time to eat and sleep without getting disturbed.I didn’t bother taking off my clothes before I dug into my feast of hot Santana and ‘draw soup’.

I didn’t think twice before running into my room, locking the door behind it so as not to receive any disturbances from my amiable mother.Finally, I missed my bed.Feeling the soft cotton of my bed, I drifted into sleep immediately.Not until something happened.I felt something creeping on my leg.It has happened again.…. last time it was a cockroach, not again…I sighed as I shook my leg expecting it to be a paper or anything else.E shock me!

To my greatest surprise…. It was something I never expected.THAT BIG LIZARD WITH A RED HEAD.Agama Lizard!I nearly screamed as I jumped off the bed heading to the door.I tried my best to open the door, so as to run away from the intruder.But it just didn’t work.

I tried shooing it, but it didn’t move a morsel.It was doing press up.Forming boss!

I was about moving, when it jumped on me clinging to my neck.I woke up, sweating.Thank God it was all a dream.Not until I felt something creeping on my leg.Not again……
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