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Ochiwar Dialysis And Analysis: Intelligence Is Not A Gene

Did You Know That James Watson, one of the scientists who discovered the helical structure of DNA, believes that stupid is a disease and stupid people should be “CURED ” LIFE is more you learn more you see.Intelligence is not a gene. Scientific are eager to find the gene that will let them make bright babies, but the truth is that, whatever intelligence is, it’s not a gene’s. The intelligence is the most widely priced of all human attributes. It’s our believe that which most clearly distinguishes us from the Animals. We can think about analyses and deliberately change the world nothing else is capable of such facts. Surely therefore, the more intelligence we have the more supremely human we are now. It’s claimed, we shall soon be able to make ourselves more intelligent. The broad finding of a comprehensive report to be published is still going on by the National Institutes of Health, NIH in Washington. The NIH studied the DNA of zoo of the brightest children and found critical genetic difference that could provide, in the word of professor Robert plomin.A leader of the research, a significant sources of prediction for intelligence. So we can be able to take care of stupid babies, identify brilliant children at birth and ultimately with the aid of gene therapy design smarter children. Dr Joe Tsien of Princeton, who involved in isolated a gene that seemed to make mice more intelligent put it in a nutshell, this point to the possibility that enhancement of learning and memory or even IQ is feasible through genetic engineering. The histories of genetic and the measurement of IQ are histories of extravagant since the unraveling of structure of the DNA molecule in 1953, we have been consistently promised astounding new power of intervention in human reproduction and health, since the early 1970’s when scientists discovered how to recombine manipulate DNA, These promises have formed a publicity deluge, Yet not a single person has been cured of anything by gene therapy.

The medical alteration of their DNA , we appear to have found the genetic bases for any serious single gene disorders such as cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy. But the only effective treatment is abortion.The scientific measurement of IQ is a modern obsession inspired by the spread of mass Education for more than hundred(100) years people have been subject to battles of test that aspire to rate their mind on a numerical scale. This has been crudely successful somebody with an IQ at eighties (80) will pass fewer exam’s and end up poorer than somebody with a IQ at one hundred thirty (130). But does this mean IQ is a real faculty of the brain or merely an index of our ability to do well in society?Further more doubts about the consistently of IQ test has been massively increased by the discovery of the fyn effect. James Flynn, applied old IQ test from the 1920’s to modern children. They did incredibly well. Indeed, if IQ test over the years were measuring a consistent quality, then human race was getting smarter at an unbelievable rate.

In reality of course what the Flynn effect showed was that IQ test are specific to the culture in which they are set not objective measurement of intelligence. And yet some people are more intelligent than others and Clever parents do tend to have clever offspring intelligence appear to be real thing and there does seems to be an inherited component. Yet, we do not know other than intuitively, what intelligence is. And although there may well be a large inherited component, there is also certain to be on unquantifiable effect arising from an environment in which its valued.Finally, science is proving that our body’s ability to heal and repair itself is greatly effected by our beliefs , thoughts, emotions and intentions for they have a profound vibrational effect upon our continually modifying genetic codes. We are the programmers of the code DNA activation is our software upgrade.

Anthony Okwue AKA Ochiwar
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Ika News: Ochiwar Dialysis And Analysis: Intelligence Is Not A Gene

Bestman Gives Out Daughter In Marriage

The immediate past Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman in Ward 9, Ute-Okpu, Deacon Anthony Okoh, also known as, Bestman gave out his daughter, Ogechi Miracle Anthony, in marriage to Onyeji Kelvin Ebodi.Ogechi and Onyeji were on Saturday November 21, 2020 joined in holy matrimony at the auditorium of Church of God Mission (CGM), Ute-Okpu Provincial Headquarters, also known as, Progressive Centre by the resident pastor, P.A Eromosele.

At the end of the church service, a colourful reception was held in their honour at Shalom Event Centre, where everyone who attended was treated to a sumptuous meal and choice wine.

In a brief interview with journalists, Deacon Okoh thanked God for the life of the couple, declaring that their marriage is blessed as he wished them a happy married life. He then appreciated all present for coming to share in their joy.

Couple with bride’s parents

The couple in their separate speeches expressed thanks to God for the success of their marriage. They thanked their family members, friends and well-wishers for their supports. They said their coming together as husband and wife was a dream come true.

The Couple

The Couple with Clergymen and their wivies

Couple with bride’s parents

Couple with both families
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Ika News: Bestman Gives Out Daughter In Marriage

PDP Ika South Begins Tour Of Electoral Wards

The tour of electoral Wards in Ika South LGA by the leadership of PDP in Ika South kick-started today.The Party entourage was led by the LGA Chairman of the Party, Mr Jude Onya.

Other stakeholders of the Party in the Chairman’s entourage includes Rt Hon Barr Victor Nwokolo, Hon Festus Chukwuyem Okoh, Hon Barr Victor Okoh, Hom Sunny Ogwu, Rtn Peter Idion, High Chief Godfrey Atuke, Dr Donald Peterson, Dr Amechi Ehimatie, Sam Nwa Igumbor, Chief Philip Igumbor, Chief Dr Philip Okwuada, Chief Denis Araro, Hon Collins Bello, Chief Isioma Okonta, Godwin Ezedom, all LGA Party Exco members, political appointees and so many other party chieftains too numerous to mention.

In each Ward visited, the Party Chairman expressed appreciation to the members of the party for their wonderful performance during the past general election, the súccesful party Congress and for their maturity and patience during his period of absence.

He maintained that what is required from all members and stakeholders of the Party is an expression of undiluted loyalty to the Party and to the Governor of the State.

He reiterated that the Governor of Delta State, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa has used the instrumentality of the State to bless the good people of Ika South in the area of sumptuous political appointments, construction of very many roads linking many communities, human capacity development programs that has absorbed thousands of our youths and women and skill acquisition packages with starter packs for benefitting persons.

In his words, Mr Jude Onya emphasised that the Sen Okowa administration, in the history of the several administrations in Delta State has surpassed their records with good and people-friendly policies.He therefore demanded that all members of the Party in Ika South are duty-bound to comply with all the directives handed to the Party from the Governor as he is and remains the leader of the Party in the entire State.Other persons that made remarkable speech today were Rt Hon Victor Nwokolo, Hon Festus Chukwuyem Okoh and Barr Victor Okoh.It is on record that party members, leaders, aspirants, appointed and elected Government officers and stakeholders from all the 4 Wards visited today turned out in their very large numbers to welcome the party leadership on the tour

From right: Hon Mrs Patience Agboma, Mrs. Bridget Irubor, Hon Friday Naihoma & Hon Sunny Tatabuzuogwu
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Ika News: PDP Ika South Begins Tour Of Electoral Wards

Ogbe-Ikoro Forum Visits Jude Onya

Onya Calls For Unalloyed Loyalty To Okowa

The members of OGBE IKORO FORUM in Ekuku Agbor on Wednesday, November 25 paid a courtesy visit to the Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party in Ika South Local Government, Mr Jude Onya at his residence in Agbor.

The group led by Comr Jerry Ehiwario, SSA to the Governor of Delta State, on Students Affairs had in attendance other prominent indigenes of Ekuku Agbor like Chief Christopher Nwaka (Ebi of Agbor), Chief PC Aniemeke (Onyedozihien) Chief Bayo, Chief Vester Nwanze, Hon Ifeanyi Nmoyem (PDP Chairman in Ward 5), Mr Friday Irubor (SA to the Governor on Community Development), Hon Evans Ughe (Leader of the Legislative Arm Ika South Local Government Council), Lawrence Eze, Comr Augustine Omeife, Mrs Blessing Ngbakor and other members of the 20-man delegation.In his speech, Comr Jerry Ehiwario thanked God for His divine and benevolent spirit and protection of the Party Chairman and members of OGBE IKÓRO forum.He emphasised that the group is excited about the fact that an indigene of their community, in the person of Mr Jude Onya, is the head of the PDP in the local government area.He stated that the position currently occupied by Onya is an exalted and strategic one which requires the full support of all.He then disclosed that members of their forum decided to come ahead of others in Ekuku Agbor on a congratulatory note to express their satisfied mind to the Chairman.He assured the Party helmsman that the group have implicit confidence in him and in his leadership qualities that he has exhibited this far.Responding to the group, Mr Jude Onya, the Chairman of PDP in Ika South LGA expressed appreciation to the officers and members of the Ikoro Forum for the courtesy visit to him.He noted that he has personally discovered that the secret of politics is loyalty to the leadership. And he has advised himself to continue to do same to the Governor of Delta State at all times and in all situations.He emphasised that during his reign as Chairman of the Party, he would love that all citizens of Ekuku Agbor to demonstrate their unalloyed loyalty to Sen Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, stating that any directive handed down by the Governor must be acknowledged and implemented to the latter.He informed the group that the politics in Ward 5 before now has not been satisfactory due to the presence of some dissident persons and groups. He therefore charged the Ikoro Forum to ensure that the situation changes for good with the new reality on ground.He went further to declare that Ekuku Agbor as a community will no longer be the same as the Governor who chose and empowered him to become the Chairmen of PDP in Ika South LGA is aware of the infrastructural shortcomings that the community is facing and that he will address it in due course.He appealed to the group to ensure that love and unity reign supreme among them for the needed developmental stríde in the community to be actualised.

Jude Onya

Members of Ogbe-Ikoro Forum during the visit
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Ika News: Ogbe-Ikoro Forum Visits Jude Onya

Court remands suspected phone thieves

Two men who were reported last week for allegedly stealing phones in Agbor have been remanded by the Magistrate’s Court in Agbor.

It be could recalled that the accused persons, Chukwuka Omosor, (30), an indigene of Kwale and Frank Joseph, (30) who hails from Owa-Alero Community in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State were apprehended by members of Agbor Gha-Ihun security group on 20th of November, 2020 after they were involved in phone theft operations at Imudia Street and Orikeze Avenue, Agbor.

They were charged at the court presided over by Magistrate S. A. Anini, on two major count charges of conspiracy and theft which could possibly serve them a maximum punishment of 7years in prison.

Just as expected, men of the formidable security group were also at the court while ensuring that justice is served.

However, the court remanded the suspects at Nigerian Correctional Service, Agbor as the case was adjourned to December 17, 2020.
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Ika News: Court remands suspected phone thieves

Do not let anyone stir you into unnecessarily protest

Do not let anyone stir you into unnecessarily protest— BEDC, Agbor Business Manager Tells Residents

The Business Manager of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC), Agbor Business Unit, Engr. Bamgboje Akinlabi Amos, has urged members of the public not to allow anyone to stir them unnecessarily into participating in any protest against the establishment.

The BEDC Business Manager, gave the charge while reacting to the notice of protest on the installation of Prepaid meters on transformers instead of individual houses, as alleged by the members of the Ika Landlords and Landladies Association during their visit to his office on Tuesday, November 24, 2020.

In a swift reaction, Engr. Bamgboje Amos, on Wednesday, November 25, 2020, during an interactive session with Ika Mirror Newspaper reporter at his office, located by Uromi Junction, Agbor; stated that the meters that were installed on the transformers are Check Meters and Not Prepaid Meters as alleged by members of the Association.Here is the excerpt of the brief session

May we meet you Sir?I am Engineer Bamgboje Akinlabi Amos, The Business Manager, Agbor Business Unit of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC).We are aware of the recent visit of the President and members of the Ika Landlords and Landladies Association to your office with a notice of protest on the installation of Prepaid Meters on transformers instead of individual houses. Please kindly explain what it entails to the general public, so that everyone will understand the situation better?

Actually, members of the Ika Landlords and Landladies Association came yesterday (Tuesday, November 24, 2020), to tell me about their intention; but first, I had told them that those meters that were installed are Check Meters, they are not meant for billing. Before the meter was brought to Agbor, I discussed with Mr. Vincent Arimokwu, the President of the Association with some members of his team when they visited my office, I told him that a meter is coming to Agbor, and would be installed as it was installed in Asaba; explaining that we call them Check Meters when they are installed on transformers; we also believe that any transformer that have them, have been approved for individual metering. All this I discussed with him. I felt bad yesterday when he led his team here; instead of disseminating proper information to them, he led his team here telling us that they want to protest on that; when I had told him earlier that the meters are not meant for billing. They are only meant for Check Meters, so that individual persons can be metered on any transformer that such meters have been installed, I took time to explain all these to him, the last time he came to my office.

Are you saying that it is not Prepaid Meters that were installed on the transformers?Exactly. Digital Meters and Check Meters, are what was installed on the transformers and not Prepaid Meters. The meters are quite different from Prepaid Meters.

The masses want to know why it is taking BEDC so long to provide them Prepaid Meters; what is causing the delay?In March, 2020, or there about, I attended the meeting of the Ika Landlords and Landladies Association, where I told them that MAP was on going as at then and that if we are able to get to a particular level of MAPPING, we are going to commence the installation of the Prepaid Meters; before the advent of the dreaded coronavirus pandemic which prompted the general lockdown. However, immediately after the lockdown, we continued with the process. Presently, as at yesterday (Tuesday, November 24, 2020), over 40 persons had paid for their individual Prepaid Meters, while many are still going through the processes of the Prepaid Meters. The 40 persons are those whose White Meters have been installed in their transformers. Currently, we have over 60 transformers with those meters that are ready for individual Prepaid metering.

What do you mean by the word “MAPPING”?Mapping is like a census; we need to know how many meters that would be required in Ika Nation, we need to know how many transformers that we need in Ika land and for us to know the number of persons in a particular area, we need to know how many houses are involved and in each of the compound we need to know how many blocks of flats are there, because we are going to give the meters to individuals. So, that is exactly what I meant by Mapping.

Having made this clarification, how do you see the intended protest?I don’t see any reason for the protest because it is a protest based on falsehood. The President of the Ika Landlords and Landladies Association, needs to know that any information he gets from this office should be disseminated to his people; because they are the major reason why I give out those information to him.

Using this medium, knowing that we are already within the yuletide season, what should your customers expect during this period and the New Year?Residents of Ika Nation have seen and are quite convinced that electricity supply in the area has greatly improved compared to what it was before the month of April 2020. In some areas we are having more than 12 hours supply, in other areas we are having 8, 9 and 10 hours supply; unlike what it was before when they were having two and half hours supply on daily basis. So, things have improved and I know that with the present steady power supply there will be a fulfilled Christmas celebration, more than the ones they had witnessed in the past.

Any other vital information for members of the public?Yes.. I want to inform the public that whenever they want any information or whenever they are in doubt; my office is always; come to my office, ask me your questions directly; so that you will not allow anyone to mislead you into doing what is not right; and into doing what is not needful because I want the progress and development of all the masses and communities in Ika land; that is mostly why we are here to contribute our own quota; of course we are aware that there are some areas in Ika Nation that do not have electricity supply. We are also aware that there are areas whose new transformers have not been energized, but some of them have processed their Prepaid Meters; because that is the only requirement for us (BEDC) to energize them; the approval have come. It is just a matter of time, everywhere in Ika land will be lighted up in the sense of electricity supply; I can assure you that when the masses enjoy constant power supply they will even forget that they are in Ika land; that exactly is our target. But please, I will also want to advise; don’t let anyone stir you unnecessarily into participating in any protest or anything whatsoever. However, if there is any information that you do not understand; Please walk into the office of the BEDC Agbor Business Manager; my office is always open to receive you.

I Pray that God Almighty will bless the entire citizens and inhabitants of Ika Nation and also bless the management and staff of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC).

Engr. Bamgboje Akinlabi Amos
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Ika News: Do not let anyone stir you into unnecessarily protest

Government Declares Curfew In Ute Kingdom

The Ika Northeast Local Government Council of Delta State has imposed curfew in Ute kingdoms.

declaration was announced by the Executive Chairman of the Local Government Area, Hon. Barr. Victor Ebonka, in a press briefing held on Monday, November 23, 2020 at his office in Owa-Oyibu.

According to the Chairman, the curfew was with the approval of the State Government and affects mostly the Ute-Ukpu kingdom following the unruly behaviour of her youths wherein they maliciously damaged properties and also threatening the life of their king, chiefs and traditional institution, owing to their fetish belief on the recent incident of strange disease which has claimed lots of lives.

His words, “The government attention was attracted by the impediment, and in it’s caring manner, immediately moved in and carried out detailed investigation to unravel the cause of the strange disease. The investigation, as ordered by His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, revealed that, the strange disease was yellow fever.

I must appreciate the Government of Delta State who promptly reported the case to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and the National Primary Health Care Development who promptly deployed their support team.

The State Government in its responsive and pro-active nature, timeously deployed Health Officials to the Local Government Area. The combined team of the State and Local Government Health Officials in collaboration with international agencies, carried out immediate yellow fever immunization throughout the local government aimed at ameliorating, mitigating and/or out rightly eradicating the effects of the disease.

Surprisingly, some of the youths in their fetish belief that the cause of the strange death in Ute Kingdom, particularly Ute-Okpu was not yellow fever, have taken laws into their hands by continually disturbing the peace of the kingdom wherein they maliciously/ wantonly damaged the palace, Ute-Okpu Grammar school, Area Customary Court, Ute-Okpu Police Outpost and the Market. This is an affront to the right thinking members of the community and the Government.

The youths for now have become continually unruly to the extent of threatening the life of His Royal Majesty, The Obi of Ute-Okpu, his Chiefs and the entire traditional institution. Various entreaties to them aimed at curbing these excesses seem not to be yielding the desired result.”However, the curfew had commences since Monday from 6pm to 6am, until further notice.

Meanwhile, Hon. Barr. Ebonka enjoined all citizens to comply with the Government directive as the law enforcement agents will not hesitate to arrest defaulters of the order.

Barr. Victor Ebonka

Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa
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Ika News: Government Declares Curfew In Ute Kingdom

Young Brains Academy Management

We offer quality teaching – Young Brains Academy Management

The management and staff of Young Brains Academy, located at Lucky Uzoma Avenue, behind Agbor Technical School, Alibioba, Agbor, headquarters of Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State have asserted that they offer sound and qualitative teaching to pupils in their citadel of learning.

They disclosed this on Tuesday, November 24, 2020 at the School’s premises during an interview with newsmen.

Speaking during the interview, the Headmistress of the School, Mrs. Vicklet Onyemegbulam stated that they make new things happen in the life of the pupils.

The school motto is “Education is the child’s heritage“. In other words, education makes the child what he or she will become in future.“We have sound and qualitative teachers. We also have a conducive environment and sound computer instructor with well equipped computer lab. We also teach our pupils with instructional materials, which enhance easy comprehension of lesson being taught.

We promise our parents that their children will be notable personalities they will be proud of and a great asset to the society. The children will in turn make their parents proud academically, socially, emotionally and otherwise.

We encourage parents to bring their children to us, so as to impart relevant knowledge on them, which will mould their character to contribute their quota to the growth and development of our society”, she affirmed.

Also speaking, Mrs. Mercy Okosun noted that she has been in the school more than ten years, positing that she loves working there. She averred that the school is growing very fast and that they have all the facilities required to impart sound knowledge on their pupils.

She added that soon, the school will be one of the best in Agbor.Also, the Mathematics teacher of the School, Mrs. Philomena Ijeh maintained that the pupils are performing very well in mathematics, declaring that they are the best pupils she has handled in a long time.They therefore called on parents, guardians and the general public to bring their children, irrespective of their age to the extra mural lessons that are currently going on in the school, saying that they prepare students for the following examinations, SSCE, WAEC, NECO, GCE, JAMB, NABTECH, etc, from Friday, which is 4pm-6pm,while Saturday is from 8am-4pm.

For more enquiries contact:08160736820, 08063734696, 08034562487.
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Ika News: Young Brains Academy Management

Former PDP youth leader

Former PDP youth leader,Wahehe has passed on

The death has been announced of Mr. Chinedu Okubor, also known as, Wahehe. The sad event occurred on Tuesday, November 24. The former Peoples Democratic Party, PDP youth leader died after a brief illness. He was a native of Abavo,in Ika South Local Government Area, Delta State.

Late Mr. Chinedu Okubor
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Ika News: Former PDP youth leader



Only a bastard answers to a name given him by strangers. He has no father to give him a name and so takes the name given him by strangers.Agbor has a name “Agbon” (The World), given, according to our mythology, by God Himself. For more than 4,700 years of continuous history and habitation of our land, we have borne that name in our community and wherever we go. Agbor is the name of our land and the language we speak.

Ika” is not the name or pseudonym of Agbor people. “Ika” is a name given by a renegade British Colonial Officer in 1936 to the vassals of Agbor kingdom, to spite the reigning king Agborbu of Agbor after an altercation. The name “Ika” was given to divide a once united people in the old Agbor Kingdom and whittle down the power and Majesty of their king.Ika is the name given to those vassal communities to create an identity for them different from Agbor. Ika was never meant to identify or describe the people of Agbor who already had a name and an indisputable identity.

Ika is the name given by a stranger and has no history or meaning in Agbor language and traditions.

No Agbor person alive was ever told by his parents that he is an “Ika” person. Ika is not a word with any meaning in our language or was it ever used in Agbor lore’s.

Anybody writing the history of our people and using the words “Ika History” is engaging in Fabrications and fraud. No place in that neighborhood was ever known as Ika before 1936, less than ninety years ago.

Agbor history goes far beyond 2700 BC and by implication beyond the present Dein dynasty. Dein dynasty since 1270 AD is the third dynasty in Agbor history and so far, the shortest.

Anybody involved in the promotion of “Ika” in Agbor is engaging in chicanery and deception for political gain. No Agbor person ever introduces himself as Ika. It is demeaning.

Our Local Government is named by the Nigerian Government as Ika South. We did not name the Local Government. We are Agbor people in Ika South Local Government Area. Nothing more.Agbor ni’Igidi oken ali.


Basil Okoh
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