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T here are so many aspects of Ika culture which are being abandoned and forgotten in the present-day Ika society:

(i) Paying homage to the elders, idioma or diokpa of Idumu.This was done in many ways:-

a. Through the reserving of the dreg of palmwine to the most elderly man. Whenever people or the descendants of a kindred, ebon gather to drink palmwine, the dreg (the last cup of the calabash of a palmwine) is reserved as a tribute and loyalty to the idioma or diokpa.

b. Offering of meat Ohuhu: It was the tradition that whenever any adult of Ika man killed any of the following animals, bush pig, ezi, antelope, mgbadan, deer, ele, etc, in his trap in the bush or with his gun, some portions of the meat would be offered to the idioma or diokpa and the people of his Idumu (See Chapter Four for details on Ohuhu).

(ii) Communal labour orun ogbe: The ancestors of the Ikaland helped themselves through communal effort. They built houses for their kinsmen with mud walls and roofed them with mgbodo (igbodo), and worked in their farms without any payment except for the entertainment given to them by the person they helped (See Chapter Fourteen for details in Communal build of ulo ejan.)

(iii) Nowadays, the Ika people find it difficult to carry out such civic duties which were carried out by the age-grades. For example, a particular age-group is charged with weeding and sweeping the major streets of the village, market squares, playgrounds and lanes in the villages, especially during festival periods. They weeded farm and stream roads when the needs arose and performed a lot of other duties. Communal labour is a big problem now facing the Ika people at home. This has to do with manpower shortage. The youths drift to urban and industrial towns in the country and abroad to look for employment in ministries, industries, firms, etc.

(iv) Wrestling contests during some festivals: In the years past, and on such days, the elders and the youths in a village would assemble at the square or playground for the wrestling contest for the year. Nowadays, the youths of Ika do not attach any importance to this important aspect of Ika culture. It is only the small boys that wrestle in their respective villages, if at all.

(v) Native dance: In the days of the Ika ancestors, new native dances were released regularly by the native musicians. They introduced different tunes of music which they teach the youths. There are various types of music for entertainment on different occasions and nights. Agbara was Ika’s famous music for entertainment on happy evenings or Eken days. Other native dances are Ojerima, Okangan, Kokoma, egu ogbugba, egu ofufe, etc. At present, no new native music is being released by Ika musicians and the old ones are fading away. The Ika elders, who danced them, are so old now that they cannot teach them to the modern Ika youths. The modern sophisticated orchestras have taken the places of the Ika native music. The dangerous aspect of this phenomenon is that modern instruments are no substitutes for ancient and customary musical instruments of the Ika people. As the youths neglect these native music, such music may die away with the elders who danced them. Ekpere trumpet and drumming of the Ika musical instruments cannot be left out. The case of ekpere is most disturbing. Ekpere which gives melody to all Ika native music is rapidly passing away. The modern youths of Ika are not prepared to learn ekpere trumpet. Many drummers of Ika musical instruments are also “passing” away without replacements.

Most traditional rulers seem to have abandoned their traditional roles and responsibilities in Ika polity. Some of them have become Christians while others are neither Christians nor pagans. Many of them pay little attention to the maintenance of sacred places, traditional rules and sanctuaries, which were the mainstay of the purity and holiness of the palaces. Many traditional rulers have restructured and equipped their palaces in modern ways; and yet, many of them have destroyed, or abandoned their ancestral ways of sanctifying their palaces. All in all, it is becoming very apparent that the Ika traditional culture is shrinking with the emergence of new generation of the Ika people.

However, the view is still held that despite the presence of religious organizations and educational enlightenments in Ika nation, the average Ika indigene is obsessed with superstitious beliefs. While many Ika people may wish to be regarded as connected with one or the other of the fashionable Churches in Ikaland, many are, at heart, still having regard for their indigenous beliefs. It is now becoming clear to the most optimistic Christian evangelists that the problems of the Churches in Ika today is the divided loyalty of most of their followers between Christianity with the Western culture and the Traditional Religion on the other hand. It is well known that in strict personal matters relating to the passage and crises of life, most Ika people may regard the Traditional Religion as a final succour. In hospitals and maternity homes, for instance, people who are on admission, and have declared themselves Christians, and indeed are practising Christians, have medicines prepared in traditional ways smuggled in simply because, psychosocially at least, that is more effective, in that it is a consecrated medicine with the touch of a divine healer in contrast with some mere “coloured water” or pills. In matters concerning providence and general well-being therefore, most Ika people still look upon their own religion or herbal medicine as a way out.

Magical practices still take place throughout Ikaland. They are often times applied to meet new circumstances. For example, many young native doctors specializing in the preparation of magical objects of all kinds abound in Ika. New magical objects and preparations are imported from the communities around Ika culture. Some carry amulets which they claim have magical powers around their necks, waists and arms, for protection against evils or evil spirits. Many also consult diviners in secret. There are of course, education and the Churches to give positive enlightenment and combat magic practices, but it will take time before there is a decline of superstition in Ikaland.

Beliefs in gods may linger on as ancestral worship persists. Many Ika people still believe in the spirits of the forests, those of streams and other areas, even if they do not worship them. The ancestors may habe their cults transmuted, but the belief in the nearness of the dead is very strong with the people of Ika community culture. The large and ornated tombs, the long obituaries and the popular memorial services and masses testify to this. Christians may still name their children baba-abia, Abiamuwe, Uwerihun etc, which means “my father has returned to earth”, “I have come back to earth”, “there are other lives ahead”. All these are strongly inclined to traditional beliefs. If there is a death in the family, for instance, Christians cut their hair like the other members of the family do. What all these portray is that we are still living in both worlds of the Christians and that of hate non-Christians. By all these beliefs and practices, Ika Christians seem very close to their cultural root than they are to Christianity.

The study of the new Churches reveals that they seek to incorporate elements of indigenous religion into the formal Christian religion. Their mode of worship is very traditional. For example, traditional musical instruments are now used, and their songs are at times, very similar to those used in the shrines of Ika local deities. Some of the new Churches have prophets and apostles who are reputed to have the power of traditional medicine-men. They heal the sick, define the causes of misfortunes and prescribe remedies that are not very different from those normally prescribed by the Ika traditional medicine-men. But at the same time, they read the Bible and pray through Jesus Christ. Although the adherents of these new Churches appear generally devoted, they are still not as devoted as the practitioners of the Traditional Religion in Ika nation. Indeed, in times of real life crisis, most of the members resort to the traditional faith in secret. This situation may continue in Ika for a long time to come.

Witchcraft belief and magic flourish as ever in Ika community culture. For example, in most cases, the educated ones even attribute to witchcraft their failure at work, their failure to have children, or seek magical protection against diseases. They may use new types of medicine but of magical kind. Many have recourse to the medicine-men and to the European trained doctors. A medicine-man serves as a link between the villagers and their ancestors, he may interpret a patient’s sickness or nightmares as due to an angry ancestor who has been neglected, and demand that money be sent home to make offerings.

In all the villages and towns in Ika community culture, the ancient religion is still practised by many people. Some people have become largely Christians while many others have nearly rejected it. Also, many men and women out of sheer carelessness and laziness have joined Churches and Sects if only they would be freed from being subjected to traditional trials and sanctions. And the majority of these crusaders of the new Churches are women who cannot find husbands, or wives suffering from infertility. Yet, others are those who have found no jobs. Even in the villages, and among those who have accepted the new religion, there is a great substratum of traditional beliefs which must never be left out of Ika community culture. These are the ancient ideas which constantly reappear in Christian societies in Ika. They are not only the spiritual Churches that are currently trying to weld traditional concepts with the imported religion in Ika community culture. For instance, the Catholic Church which, for sometime banned the second burial ceremonies and the taking of titles by her members has partially revoked the ban with a justifiable conviction that such practices are parts of people’s culture.For many people in Ika, Christianity is quite superficial and has no real answer to life’s personal difficulties nor deep-rooted influence on the people’s moral problems. Those people that have affinity with the community’s Traditional Religion in the past, or on beliefs in the phenomena like reincarnation, witches and wizards, clandestine forces, spiritual world, ancestors, deities, spirits, etc, may continue to be shaky. For instance, if such people are threatened by insecurity, death, disease, famine, etc, they may quickly fall back on their indigenous religion for succour. This apparent situation may continue to make some people in Ika to deal only superficially with Christianity while yet, many people may be taken off of Christianity by the ‘evil and unhealthy practices’ of some members of the Churches and Sects.

It is not enough to embrace a faith that is active once a week, either on Sundays or Fridays while during the rest days in the week, nothing is done. It is not enough to embrace a faith which is locked up six days, and opened only once or twice a week. Unless Christianity fully occupies the whole person as much as, if not more than the Traditional Religion does in Ika community culture, most converts to these faiths will continue to revert to their old belief and practices, for perhaps six days a week and certainly in times of emergency and crisis.

In an attempt to restore the soul of the Ika cultural beliefs, the traditional foundation of a ritual has gradually been introduced into all the gatherings, be it civil or traditional in nature. Such a ritual always proceeds the Christian prayers, that is, the ‘traditional breaking of kola nuts’. This ceremony is always performed in a traditional setting. Kola nuts are presented and broken in the traditional manner with the avowed purpose of helping the Ika people to pray to their God/gods through the dialect which the kola nut understands. “Kola nut does not understand any other language but vernacular.” Libations are poured with drinks, and the prescribed details of the foundation of the ritual are carried out. This is often accompanied by poetic affirmations of justice and fair play, and invocation of the gods of the Ikaland to enforce the traditional concepts. Kola nuts and drinks are shared in the traditional way as a form of communion.

“Our recommendation, therefore, is that all the Ibos, Christians as well as non-Christians, acknowledge those links with our patrilneal ancestors in the pouring of libation and in the giving of kola nuts.” (Prof. (Rev.) Ilogu Edmund).To be continued…
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Ika News: T here are so many aspects of Ika culture which are being abandoned and forgotten in the present-day Ika society:


And his eyes…They were shining like the moonlight.His gaze…Was deadly.

It held so many emotions that I couldn’t comprehend.His silence spoke millions of words.What did you expect me to do…?I still held the pestle with my left hand incase things went south…You know…But then…

When I took one step back… everything went dark.The lights went out…all thanks to NEPAMy good Lord decided to punish me for all my sins today.Then…

NEPA brought the light again!Finally,I saw him.Staring eye ball to eye ball.On a normal basis, I would just hit him and run …But today, it was just different.My guts were betraying me.I wanted to act tough in front of him,But a tear betrayed me.He was already seeing my weakness.Now I await my death.He gnawed at me.

He moved towards me…Slow and steady.And in one sharp move, he jumped on me…Disgusting rat.Clawing my legs, biting my foot, crawling up to my stomach, scratching my skin, tearing my shirt…Goodbye to planet earth… it’s time to meet my creator.It is finished.

I was going to get killed by a rat.I haven’t even lived up to half of life and my it was going to end right now.A rat was going to kill me.Wake up!Wake up!Tomorrow na JAMB and you don already sleep.Lazy girl.So this was all a dream.


©Nma Ewere.12-06-21
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Mr and Mrs Stanley Scofied Osaretin dedicate their baby to God

The family of Mr and Mrs Stanley Scofied

The family of Mr and Mrs Stanley Scofied Osaretin of Ozanogogo, Ika south Local Government Area on Sunday, June 6, 2021 dedicated their new born baby, Washington Efe Stanley to God.

The dedication ceremony took place at God’s House of For Church, Agbor, Delta State.

The Resident Pastor, Lucky Silas while presiding over the ceremony stated that there is nothing impossible for God to do. He urged all present in the church to have faith in God.

Testifying of the goodness of God before the congregation, Mr and Mrs Stanley Scofield Osaretin gave God the Glory and thanked Him for the successful delivery of baby Washington Efe Stanley.

According to the family, “We cannot thank God enough for his goodness upon our family. In many ways, God has proved to us that He is with us. The successful birth of baby Washington Efe Stanley is a testimony”.The parents of the new born baby thanked all who came to share in their joy and prayed for God to bless them.

“On behalf of myself, my wife and our son I specially thank all my friends and well wishers both far and near, most especially those that came from Ozoro, Benin City , Asaba and Warri for celebrating with us. My heartfelt thanks also goes to Osaretins and Osagies families. God bless you all,” Mr Stanley Scofied Osaretin stated.
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Ika News: Mr and Mrs Stanley Scofied Osaretin dedicate their baby to God

Monarchs, community chiefs, hotelers, others honour Chief Ibude on his birthday anniversary

June 7, 2021 was yet another remarkable day for the Chief Executive Officer of Sunny Inn Pleasure Park and Hotel, Agbor, Chief Sunday Solomon Ibude, as he marks his birthday anniversary in a grand style.Chief Ibude, a member of the Delta State Justice of the Peace Association and triple Chief in Agbor and Ika land respectively, whom many has described as an accomplished business man was on the occasion celebrated by not less than three traditional rulers from Ika land among which include, HRM. Obi Anthony Ogbori, the Obi of Ejeme Aniogor, HRM. Obi Chukwuma Jikeme (JP), the Obi of Ute-Ogbeje and HRM, Obi Ezeagune Augustine Nzemeke okolie 111, the Obi of Egbudu Akan, respectively.

Also in attendance were notable palace Chiefs of Agbor kingdom such as, Chief Benjamin Ogwu, the Okwudein-Wukpe of Agbor kingdom, Chief Loius Usifo, the Akpara of Agbor, Chief Wilson Agbobu, the Ekadein- menim of Agbor and Chief Kester Utebor, the Dein Kamma 1 of Agbor kingdom. Other personalities present were Prince Innocent Obaseki, Pastor Kelvin Agwui and members of various social clubs.It was indeed an exciting moment for Chief Ibude who wears the titles, Odozi Obodo of Ejime Aniogor kingdom, Agubata of Egbudu Akan kingdom and Mebuozosume Dein of Agbor kingdom, respectively.The JP who was overwhelmed with joy while speaking at the ceremony, thanked God for keep him alive to celebrate more years.

He said the occasion by his plan, was just a get together with friends to mark the day but was amazed with the large turn out of friends and well wishers to now have the event became an elaborate party.He expressed gratitude to the kings who he described as his mentors, for finding time to celebrate with him despite the distance and prayed God blessings upon them.

Meanwhile, the monarchs in their seperate remarks, described Chief Ibude as a worthy son, humble and unassuming gentle man whose philanthropic gesture according to them, speaks volume.They pointed out that Chief Ibude is kind-hearted, peace-builder and a man they were pleased with. Hence, their presence to celebrate the special day with him.

“We love him as a son who is living well and we are proud of him,” the monarchs added.While urging the people to emulate Chief Ibude, the monarchs encouraged him to continue in his good ways and in the same vein wished him longevity.

Climax of the ceremony was the cutting of birthday cake, group photographs with the traditional rulers and friends and the stylistic dance by the celebrant. All present were well entertained with good food and drinks.

Chief Sunday Ibude cutting his birthday cake with his wives & Monarchs

Chief Sunday Ibude cutting his birthday Chiefs

Chief Ibude in a group photograph with hotel directors

Chief Ibude in a group photograph with some members of Agbor Gha-Ihun
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Ika News: Monarchs, community chiefs, hotelers, others honour Chief Ibude on his birthday anniversary

Nwaonicha Congratulates Emu, Ogadi On Appointments As Okowa Advisers

A Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Delta State and an American trained Organic Chemist, Dr. Chukwuma Nwaonicha, has congratulated an accomplished banker and former commissioner of economic planning in the state, Dr. Kingsley Emu, on his appointment and subsequent inauguration as Chief Economic Adviser to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa.

Nwaonicha in his congratulatory message said, “My family and I, congratulate Dr. Kingsley Emu, on his well deserved appointment and inauguration as the Chief Economic Adviser to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa. Emu has truly carved a niche for himself in the area of advancing robust economic development policies.

“I have a very strong confidence in Emu’s capacity to come up with economic policies that will help our result oriented governor, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa to finish strong in his SMART Agenda programmes for Deltans.

“Our congratulatory message also go to former Ika North East Local Government PDP chairman, Chief Godwin Ogadi, on his appointment and inauguration as Special Adviser to Governor Okowa. Chief Ogadi’s appointment is a right step in a right direction. He is indeed a grass root leader whose contributions to the advancement of PDP in Ika North East is great. I’m very optimistic that Ogadi will perform very well as Special Adviser to Governor Okowa.”

While wishing the duo of Dr Kingsley Emu and Chief Godwin Ogadi well in their new public engagements, Nwaonicha who currently serves as Executive Assistant to Governor Okowa, on Special Duties, thanked the governor for finding Emu and Ogadi worthy to serve in his administration as Special advisers.

He used the medium to call on Deltans not to relent in their continued support and prayers for Okowa who he said is doing his best to move the entire state forward.

Dr. Chukwuma Nwaonicha

Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa

Chief Godwin Ogadi

Dr Kingsley Emu
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Ika News: Nwaonicha Congratulates Emu, Ogadi On Appointments As Okowa Advisers

Felix Caregivers Charity Foundation Out To Help The Less Privileged -Felix Edema

Felix Caregivers Charity Foundation has been established to help cater for the needs of the less privileged people in the society. The aims and objectives of the foundation was disclosed by the founder and Chairman, Mr Felix Edema in an online interview he granted Ika Mirror during the week.Enjoy reading:

Please can you introduce yourself?My name is Felix Edema, a native of Umunede living in United Kingdom. The Chairman of Felix Caregivers Charity Foundation.

Could you explain what led to the establishment of your foundation and how it started?Last year during the heat of coronavirus lockdown, I saw a video where people were struggling for a tuber of yam in Ika land. The video made me to share tears and realised that many people are suffering and need help to put food on their tables.

In what areas do you want the foundation to impact on lives?By providing food items and also help to send school drop-out back to school which will depend on the availability of the fund we have.

Are you going to fund it alone or you will require assistance of either government or international organizations?I will contribute in my own capacity and also seek assistance from well meaning individuals, organizations, government and International bodies.

You live abroad, do you intend administering the foundation?My trustee lives in Nigeria (Uche Anizor) and some volunteers who also live in Nigeria will help in coordination of activities of the foundation but, I will be coming to Nigeria often for major events of the foundation

How was your foundation recent activity where food items were distributed freely to people?Fine. The foundation has visted some orphanage homes and gave food items to them by my trustee and volunteers

What message do you have for the people in regards to the foundation?My message to people is for well meaning Nigerians to come together to help the less privileged by contributing their quota to this foundation and assuring them anything realised will be distributed accordingly to the less privileged for the purpose of the foundation.Thank you!
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Ika News: Felix Caregivers Charity Foundation Out To Help The Less Privileged -Felix Edema

A spectacle of shamefulness

The last day of the public holiday after Ramadan fast 2021,drew a spectacle of ovation at the Ogbeogonogo Market, Asaba,where two shameless ladies fight to a finish over a Casanova. This Casanova of a young man dating the two ladies who happened to be a students nurse of the State School of Midwifery, Asaba.

The combat was as a result of Mr Casanova dropping of the girl because she wasn’t so good in sexual bedmatic prowess.The jilted girl was not happy because she knew what she was getting from Mr Casanova. So, she decided to fight it out with her rival .

According to my source,” On that fateful day afternoon, the second day of the public holiday being Thursday, May 14, 2021,at about 3.15pm the jilted girl was coming out from Ogbeogonogo Market when she sighted her rival coming out of Mr Casanova car at the other side of the main road. She immediately crossed over and gripped her and the girls closed up in a serious fight. They were fighting as if there will be no tomorrow, tearing themselves to their panties. Thereby, exposing their succulent breasts. Mr Casanova who could not bear the ugly sight of shame the girls were exhibiting, rushed into his car and goomed off, leaving the waring ladies to their faith. The market women and people around watched with delight as the show of fight was raging. The fight came to an end when some uniformed men arrived at the scene and separated the girls.They were panting furiously for breath and looking foolish and stupid. Later, the uniform men were kind enough to send the ladies away to their different directions.

By Kingsley Igbedion 08171280408
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Ika News: A spectacle of shamefulness

Chief Ibude tasks illustrious indigenes on synergy with Monarch

Member of the Delta State Justice of the Peace Association and a respected community leader, Chief Sunday Solomon Ibude, the Mebuzosonme Dein of Agbor kingdom, and the Odozi Obodo of Ejime Aniogor, has called on all illustrious indigenes of Agbor kingdom, both at home and in the diaspora, to partner with their king, HRM, Dr Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekuzi 1, the Dein of Agbor, so as to effectively develop the kingdom.

Chief Ibude made the call while speaking to newsmen in Agbor over the weekend on the sustainable development of the agrarian community.He explained that the need for the call can not be overemphasized, pointing out that it will be unpatriotic for indigenes who are power brokers, and political giants not to show concern as to the moving forward of Agbor kingdom while positing that the betterment of Agbor should not be solely the responsibility of king.

He also said working in synergy with the monarch would boost the desired development of the kingdom with reference to both socio-economic development, insecurity and youth restiveness.According to him, “Agbor is our only home and its development is sacrosanct. We cannot leave it for outsiders to come and develop for us. Hence, we have to take responsibility.

“Agbor is blessed with lots of illustrious sons and daughters living outside the kingdom, but the questions are, how much have they done to encourage the development of the kingdom? How many companies have they established in Agbor to improve the economy of the land? or how well have they build the youths of the land? This, to me, does not strike balance.

“Agbor kingdom is for all of us and not divided by any group. We need to stop fighting ourselves, stop the eye-service practice and always see ourselves as one with equal right.

“We should stop blaming Governor Ifeanyi Okowa for doing more for his own immediate community (Owa) because we, the Agbor people also have the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Godwin Emefiele.“Agbor has both human and natural minerals resources which if properly harness, could take the kingdom to her Eldorado.”

Speaking further, Ibude called on the political class in Agbor to stop playing politics with sentiments, pointing out that their misgivings through partisanship or by way of ‘party is supreme’, was also dragging the kingdom behind.

He also called on the Nigerian Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. LEO Irabor, to help recruit willing Agbor youths into the military while supporting the unemployed in the land.

“Therefore, I am using this medium to appeal to all and sundry of Agbor kingdom to partner with our respected king who needs everybody to make Agbor kingdom a better place for all,” Chief Ibude added.He concluded with words of prayers for the land and for the king to live long on the seat of his ancestors.

HRM, Dr Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekuzi 1,

Chief Sunday Solomon Ibude
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Ika News: Chief Ibude tasks illustrious indigenes on synergy with Monarch


I have studied her for the past eight weeks.And I have noticed…That she has done nothing…But have been criticized.And when I approached her,She gave me ‘the lesson’Her words read thus;“you don’t want to be gossiped, you don’t want to be criticized.You don’t want to be mocked, you don’t want to be embarrassed,Then don’t get ready to be published”I then thought about what she just said.It is only then I notice…That they certainly fit her records.When she misspells a word,They call her ‘dumb’.When she contributes actively on class activities,They say ‘too serious’.When she sleeps during class hours,They call her’ lazy’.When she talks when everyone is talking,They call her ‘talkative’.When she sings during the assembly,They say she ‘croaks like a frog’.she trips,They call her ‘clumsy’.When she decides to crack joke,It is called ‘lame’And when she finally decides to be static,They say ‘see as you just sit down’Now, I have realized that“Whatever you say or do, people will ‘say’ and people will criticize, whether good or bad”I guess criticism is a part of the human gene.

nmas corner

©Nma Ewere05-06-2021
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Alijemisi Community holds annual conference, inaugurates ADC members

Alijemisi Community, Alisimie, Agbor, Delta State, last Saturday, May 29 held her annual conference. The conference which took place at Alijemisi Hall, Alijemisi was attended by many indigenes of the Community, including women and youths.

The chairman of this year’s conference was an illustrious son of the community, Mr Dan Ayidu, ably represented at the ceremony by another prominent son of the community, Hon Charles Aliagwu.In his address, Mr Dan Ayidu welcomed his kinsmen to the conference, noting that the essence of the conference was to unite them as one big family for the overall development of the community.

He called on youths in the community to be passionate and committed in their educational pursuits and be good ambassadors of the community. While thanking the Delta State Governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa for the upgrade of College of Education, Agbor to a full fledged University(University of Delta, Agbor), he advised that students in Agbor should key into the opportunity by making sure they enroll in the institution.

Speaking in a related development, Ayidu said, “The crucial challenge we have now is about the installation of our community transformer and the community primary school roof which was removed in error, noting that he had discussed the issue with the Chairman, Delta State Universal Basic Education Board, Hon Sunny Ogwu.

He appreciates Hon Charles Alihagwu for influencing the electricity transformer at Alijemisi through Peter Idion and other transforming projects he influenced to Alijemisi during his time as councillor.He concluded by thanking his people for the various roles they are playing towards the development of Alijemisi, urging them to keep on with the good work.

The Chairman of the 2021 Alijemisi Conference, Elder Moses Nwakor expressed joy over the large turn up at the conference. He described his people as peaceful and hospitable, stressing that the development of Alijemisi Community remains their top priority. He used the medium to call on all sons and daughters of the community not to relent in contributing their quotas towards the growth and development of Alijemisi.

Other issues discussed at the conference centred on the way forward for the community. Notable among the issues discussed were the challenges of electricity and the poor state of the community primary school building. However, the community call for support got a boost as Mr Dan Ayidu donated the sum of fifty thousand naira (#50,000) and also promised to repair the community electricity transformer.

High point of the conference was the inauguration of Alijemisi Development Committee, ADC. The ADC new executive comprises: Onyibe Peter, Chairman, Amos Isibor, Vice-Chairman, Obuseh Lucky, Secretary, Rufus Ngbeken, Treasurer, Monday Aborkor, Assistant Secretary, Alihagwu Friday, Member, Ukpoma Moses, Member Ezukwuse Nath, Member, Elumah Isijekoelu, Member, Chidi Egede, Member and Agboehike Philip, Member.
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Ika News: Alijemisi Community holds annual conference, inaugurates ADC members