Billionaire Keys Master Class with Prince Okonye

Billionaire Keys Master Class with Prince Okonye

—Guest of the week: Joe Morgan, the Oworwor King

The Monday, August 9 edition of Billionaire Keys Master Class was both educative and impactful as participants had a field day. The highly advertised programme is anchored by the young, energetic and innovative Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director, Prince Paradise Global Concept (PPGC), the company behind the building of the first indigenous ultra modern estate in Ika Land.

The guest of the week was the celebtrated Oworwor King, also known as, DatAgborBoy, Eze Egwu Joe Morgan. The highly travelled Nigerian music maestro of Agbor extraction began his lecture with a brief hint on his background, musical career and how he feels as the eldest son of the legendary music icon of blessed memory, Cyril Chukwuemeke Kennedy Morgan, popularly referred to as, Dr C.K. Morgan.

Joe Morgan, born fifty-two years ago in Agbor grew up both in the royal palace and Lagos where he did his primary and secondary school education. Thereafter, he proceeded to Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State where he studied Accounting.

He said, ” After my graduation, I worked briefly with Zenith Bank Plc in Lagos. I was among the first thirty staff of the bank.

“While at the bank, I was doing well but fulfilment came after I delved into music. Music was the main thing in my father’s house, everyone was into it. I was a good guitarist and my late father prepared me for the task right from my tender age. Today, by the grace of God I have no regret going into full time music.

Coming to the business of the day, Joe Morgan listed his five billionaire keys to include: Time, happiness, self discovery, sober reflection and trust in God.

His words, ” TIME: the first killer of any dream is time. If you want to succeed in life please do not allow time to distract you. Work hard to achieve your dream and do not be discouraged by time. Everyone has his or her season to shine, so, wait for your time and season and do not allow that of others to weigh you down.

“The second key is HAPPINESS: For you to succeed in life you must be genuinely happy for others. Be happy that your friend, neighbour, brother or sister is moving forward. You are bound to succeed in life when you are happy with other person’s progress.

“The third key is SELF DISCOVERY. In the journey of success, self discovery is very important. You cannot succeed if you failed to discover who you are. When you discover yourself success will be inevitable”.

” The fourth key is “IT IS GOOD TO CRY”. You learn more when you cry. You become more mature and experienced when you cry. If it does not pain you, it will not pay you. Whatever that makes you to cry adds value to your life.

“Fifth, “TRUST IN GOD NOT CHURCH,”. If you want to succeed in life put your trust in God and not man. Good will guide and direct your path to success not church. Don’t be deceived, God is the ultimate and the only one you can put your trust in.

He concluded by calling on young Nigerians who want to make it in life to work with the above stated five keys. “When you apply these five keys appropriately and be disciplined, the sky will be your starting point,” Joe Morgan stated.

While thanking Prince Emmanuel Okonye for the laudable initiative, he called on young business people in Ika Land, Delta State and beyond to key into the programme as they are not going to regret when they did.

On his part, Prince Emmanuel Okonye disclosed that the Billionaire Keys Master Class was his brain child, borne out of his desire to help mentor and create future successfull businessmen. He added that the programme which holds every Monday morning is spice up with different resource persons who have carved a niche for themselves in their different fields of endeavours.

He maintained that success is not achieved without applying the right principles, stressing that until the right steps are taken success is inevitable.

He commended Joe Morgan for sacrificing his time to be at the programme and also, all persons who participated. He said subsequent editions of the programme will be more educative and interesting.
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