The Character In My Book

So I cry out…A helpless cry.He sears my soul with his words.I am as light as feather, as stiff as board.Cutting deep into my flesh; he knows no bounds.So I cry out…A helpless cry.

No humanity left.No hope left.I look at him as he lets me drown into darkness.In this world where weakness is a curse.Where your strength are your flaws.I watch my heart leave into a lonely space.I have nothing left.No more to have.

No strength to fight.No reason to live.I lay on my chest,Look my demon in the eye;Those striking green eyes.Drinking in his features again;His conspicuous nose,‘killer lips’His angular well chiseled chin.His slender aligned shoulders.

And lastly his midnight black hair that portrays nothing but wealth.So I say to him;“do your best, destroy me.

You see… I’ve been to hell and backI admit, you kinda bore me”Because he can strike me, try to wear me down.I let my words fill his mind with dirt.So let him shake me, crack me, break me, take me down.Because in the end, he’s only a mirage.So I make this illusion void.



31-07-2021©Nma Ewere
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