Addiction And Its Impact

Addiction is a bad habit . Once addicted, it becomes very hard to stop; only by the special grace of God .Those people who are addicted to alcohol is a serious matter. Some persons prefer drinking of alcohol to eating of food. They drink alcohol as if there will be no tomorrow. They are so addicted to alcohol that when they are broke (no_money)They resort to drinking on credit. Addiction to alcohol had made some persons behaving foolishly Imagine a man after getting drunk, staggered home.His wife was at the door, seeing his wife ,he voiced out “Madam, your face looks familiar, ‘have forgotten where I once met you”. Angrily, his wife draged him into the house . you see what alcohol addiction can cost. What of those who are addicted to smoking of cigarettes, after eating if they don’t smoke cigarettes, it seems as if they have not eaten anything.

They smoke anything smokeable because they are addicted to smoking! Again this me, too much of it, may look foolish. Am mentioning of persons addicted to sex They have sex indiscriminately. Be it, male or female, these persons lack self-control and discipline for sex. They can have sex anywhere anytime; because they are so addicted to have sex. Even, some married men who are so addicted to sex, whenever they are in the mood and it happened that their wife were not around, they shamefully do it with their daughters. Instances abound. On the news, a man was reportedly to have been having sex with his two little daughters. This shows the extent of addiction and associated bad habit. Some women with high level of libido and are so addicted to having sex; often pay young boys to have sex with them once they are in uncontrollable mood to have sexual satisfaction.

The worst are those addicted to taking of drugs. It leads them doing things unimaginable not palatable to the society. My coming up with this topic was as a result of a true to life story on how addiction can go .So relax and read on!

Mr Amose and his wife, Vero (not real names) live in Asaba. Mr Amose is a tricycles (keke) rider and his wife manages a provision store along Nnebisi Road.And she is a Nursing mother .It happened one afternoon that Mr Amos rushed home to take cassava flour (Garri) and because there was no milk in the house at that particular time to’ go’ with the garri, hiy wife, asked him jokingly, if he would like to use her breast milk?

The husband, Mr Amose accepted and right from that day. It becomes a habit for him to be using his wife breast milk each time he wants to soak garri. He eventually got addicted to using the wife’s breast milk, which was mean’t for their baby for soaking garri instead of the normal milk. Now you can see that addiction impact in anything is bad! So be moderate!
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