And his eyes…They were shining like the moonlight.His gaze…Was deadly.

It held so many emotions that I couldn’t comprehend.His silence spoke millions of words.What did you expect me to do…?I still held the pestle with my left hand incase things went south…You know…But then…

When I took one step back… everything went dark.The lights went out…all thanks to NEPAMy good Lord decided to punish me for all my sins today.Then…

NEPA brought the light again!Finally,I saw him.Staring eye ball to eye ball.On a normal basis, I would just hit him and run …But today, it was just different.My guts were betraying me.I wanted to act tough in front of him,But a tear betrayed me.He was already seeing my weakness.Now I await my death.He gnawed at me.

He moved towards me…Slow and steady.And in one sharp move, he jumped on me…Disgusting rat.Clawing my legs, biting my foot, crawling up to my stomach, scratching my skin, tearing my shirt…Goodbye to planet earth… it’s time to meet my creator.It is finished.

I was going to get killed by a rat.I haven’t even lived up to half of life and my it was going to end right now.A rat was going to kill me.Wake up!Wake up!Tomorrow na JAMB and you don already sleep.Lazy girl.So this was all a dream.


©Nma Ewere.12-06-21
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