A spectacle of shamefulness

The last day of the public holiday after Ramadan fast 2021,drew a spectacle of ovation at the Ogbeogonogo Market, Asaba,where two shameless ladies fight to a finish over a Casanova. This Casanova of a young man dating the two ladies who happened to be a students nurse of the State School of Midwifery, Asaba.

The combat was as a result of Mr Casanova dropping of the girl because she wasn’t so good in sexual bedmatic prowess.The jilted girl was not happy because she knew what she was getting from Mr Casanova. So, she decided to fight it out with her rival .

According to my source,” On that fateful day afternoon, the second day of the public holiday being Thursday, May 14, 2021,at about 3.15pm the jilted girl was coming out from Ogbeogonogo Market when she sighted her rival coming out of Mr Casanova car at the other side of the main road. She immediately crossed over and gripped her and the girls closed up in a serious fight. They were fighting as if there will be no tomorrow, tearing themselves to their panties. Thereby, exposing their succulent breasts. Mr Casanova who could not bear the ugly sight of shame the girls were exhibiting, rushed into his car and goomed off, leaving the waring ladies to their faith. The market women and people around watched with delight as the show of fight was raging. The fight came to an end when some uniformed men arrived at the scene and separated the girls.They were panting furiously for breath and looking foolish and stupid. Later, the uniform men were kind enough to send the ladies away to their different directions.

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