She benefited immensely for her good manners.

Really, it was quite unexpected and an amazing benefit for a young girl for being so respectful and sociable. In fact, it was a true life story and I was a witness to it .And this was how it happened. My bosom friend Charles, his cousin from Denmark and my humble self attended a wedding ceremony in late December, 2020 at Stephenson Hotel,Agbor. As the MC(Master of Ceremony) announced that there was enough to eat and drink, this petite of a girl approached our table to ask what we should be served to us.She was not at all that pretty, she carries a square face with broad nose and sharp eyes. However she was smart, respectful, sociable and understandable.

She wrote down our requests and left and in three minutes she returned with two other girls that carried our menu. My friends cousin asked for a bottle of Eva water because the menu came with sachet water. The girl politely said,I will get it for you,then left and she came back with three bottles of 75cl Eva water. My friend’s cousin thanked her. Later this same girl again brought to our table three bottles of chilled red wine.She treated us as if we were special guests. Her respect and social attribute played out, my friend’s cousin instantly developed interest in the girl ,then beckoned on her to have a chat. She obliged and after a brief pleasantries, they exchanged phone numbers.

Through Charles’ cousin, we were made to know that she was from Ilah in Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State and a graduate of Mass Communication. She said she rounded up her NYSC programme in October 2020. Now my friend’s cousin is now making frantic arrangements for his marriage to her and also,all things being equal, to take her along with him to Denmark his base.c
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Ika News: She benefited immensely for her good manners.